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Mass Effect 3′ for Nintendo Wii U

Mass Effect (video game)

Mass Effect (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We must say, it’s celebration time for the loyal Nintendo fans, who have waited patiently for the release of the Wii U. Along with it comes another reason to indulge in – the debut of some of the best games for the Wii U console. With a range of titles such as Arkham City, FIFA 13, Super Mario Bros and others flooding the market, the holiday season is just going to turn into fanfare. Out of all, the game we managed to lay our hands on headfirst is – Mass Effect 3: Special Edition.

True to its name, the franchise is indeed a special one, as this is the first time the title is coming in to a brand new console. This means a lot of rookies and new-to-school gamers are going to lay their hands on the title and to support them, the developers have added in a revamped version of the Genesis comic. This is more of a recap of the previous episodes of the saga (plays for 20 minutes) and gives the freshers an insight into the Mass Effect universe and the life and times of Shepherd in the game. The package also includes some of the add-ons and DLC’s of ME3 such as Resurgence, Earth and Rebellion that takes us much deeper into the game. A good way to start!

In case you didn’t know, the entire concept and storyline revolves around the Commander Shepherd and his braving encounters against an ancient race of aliens. The aliens have woken up and only to cause devastation to the universe. With the clan devouring in the universe, it is time for the Commander to take charge, lead the team and restore momentum to the galaxy.

One of the most anticipated features of the Wii U – the GamePad, works well for the Mass Effect 3. The gamepad extracts more participation from the gamers and is quite fascinating with its features like the ability to draw paths for the commander’s robotic comrades, track enemy locations, identify your current in-game location and invoke the map. Combating using the Gamepad is just pleasurable, with its ability to perform some free-form moves and actions. The Pro Controller also works well for the game and is equally exciting, though we didn’t use it much to play the game.

Technically, the game managed to impress us with its visuals and renditions. However, the only glitch we felt was during the load sessions, where the console truly tested our patience and determination towards its play. Though the visuals and graphics on the rival consoles gain an extra edge over the Wii U, we still felt the game looked great for a debut.

The game, apart from its primary campaign also offers a co-op mode called the “Horde Mode” that allows players to team up with other players and carry out a unified battle against the ever-spawning hoard of enemies and aliens. A perfect mode to have a time-out from the main campaign, kill some aliens with friends and reconnect with Shepherd again.

The Verdict:

Mass Effect 3 from Bioware makes a great debut and is sure to woo the Wii fans. However, if you’re playing the game to experience the essence of Mass Effect 3, try playing it in the other consoles. And if you’re intention is to experience the Wii, go ahead with the title!
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First look at Alpha-152 in Dead or Alive 5

The nail biting phase of waiting has finally come to an end. The agonizing wait, the endless rumors, and the expectations are thankfully over with the much awaited release of the latest in the Dead or Alive series’ on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. And what’s more, there is a sneak peak at Alpha-152. The screen shot of Alpha-152, a playable character, has popped up on the internet recently. This new image is what we, the hardcore Dead or Alive fighting game fans, have been waiting for. And may we add that the image has only managed to multiply our excitement! Alpha-152 was introduced as the final boss in the 4th part of Dead or Alive series. She is the product of the cloning experiment that was based on Kasumi.

We’ll get to the part of Alpha-152 in just a minute. Let’s first talk about Dead or Alive 5 in particular and the series in general. DOA 5 is visually very impressive. The upgraded character models and restructuring facial structure of the characters is certainly welcome. Although the character model upgradation is a welcome move, the most awaited aspect of DOA 5 is its game play. Since the game play is not designed as a hardcore fighting game it may irk some of its fans. Dead or Alive 5 merges its now-famous fighting style with mixed martial arts to bring about an interesting game play for fans.

Let’s now talk about Alpha-152. Who can forget Helena’s words to Kasumi about Alpha-152? Alpha-152 is based on the DNA of Kasumi. And that Alpha-152 is in the last proto culture phase. Alpha-152 is born with an innate, untarnished, completely boundless hatred for the entire world. And most of all, Alpha-152 has the power to destroy the whole world with its hatred and unmatched power.

After the chilling reminder of what to expect from Alpha-152, let’s look at what the final boss and the ultimate product of Project Alpha looks like. In the beginning, Alpha-152 was to be a normal clone of Kasumi. It was to be called Kasumi Alpha. It was created by Donavan and the DOATEC. But in the second part of the project, Alpha-2, Alpha-152’s genes are changed and modified to result in Alpha-152 becoming a powerful and unbeatable creature. She is made to become the ultimate fighting weapon to be unleashed by the DOATEC.

The reason why Kasumi’s DNA was chosen was because Kasumi won the DOA tournament defeating one of the most powerful fighter’s of all time, Raidou. She was captured by the DOATEC after the end of the first DOA Tournament.

How does Alpha-152 look like? It’s natural to wonder how Alpha-152 will look like. Let’s talk about what she is not and then come to what she is. She’s not like all the other clones that were perfect photocopies of Kasumi. Alpha-152 shares the body shape of Kasumi and the resemblances end there. She is greenish blue in color, completely transparent. She shimmers like she is made of water or gel. She has a glow and a shine that makes her look almost angelic until you look at her eyes. Her eyes have absolutely no pupils that look like 2 white slits. She has the power to annihilate every little thing that has the misfortune of coming in its path. She would attack anyone with or without provocation. It’s still not known whether DOATEC has any control over the powers of Alpha-152. Unlike Kasumi-Alpha who is known to feel few human emotions of laughter, Alpha-152 knows only hatred.

Although Alpha-152 is powerful, she is also very predictable. Once you know what you are up against, you can counter her attacks easily. It remains to be seen how well you use all your attacking techniques to defeat Alpha-152.


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The Different Airsoft Video Games

Playing video games, especially the first person shooter ones, for a long time might give you a craving for real gun-toting action. The adrenaline rush that one feels by playing a video game, though exhilarating, might leave you craving for more adrenaline. Airsoft games, with the real world scenarios, puts you in a situation where you can indulge your trigger happy side without putting yourself in any sort of real danger.

Video games, no matter how advanced, can never be a proper substitute for the real world adventure that airsoft games entail. There is something about the exertion that you put yourself through while hunting down your opponent in the real world with an airsoft gun; that can not be recreated while sitting on your comfortable gaming chair and shooting down programmed simulations of terrorists, aliens or zombies. Airsoft games are not limited by the game physics of a video game either; these games and their excitement are only limited by the imagination and commitment of you and your fellow players. This article will discuss about some very entertaining airsoft games that you can play with your friends.

Kill The Zombie


There would be two distinctive groups of players in this game: humans and zombies. At the onset of the game, zombies would be fielded at a slightly higher ratio than humans, namely 4:1. The objective of this group in the game would be to ‘infect’ as many humans as possible, by touching them with their hands. On the other hand, the humans are further divided into two further subsets: civilian survivors and military survivors. Civilian survivors are allowed to carry small arms and semi-automatic weapons, with a limited stock of ammo, on the other hand military survivors can carry more advanced weapons but quite like the civilians, they too are required to have a limited cache of ammo. The limited cache of ammo serves to notch up the thrill factor of the game.

The players who make up the group of zombies wearing Halloween masks, are ‘unkillable’ but can be immobilized for 30 seconds in case of a head shot or three consecutive hits. Once a ‘zombie’ infects a survivor, the survivor becomes immobilized for two minute, after which he/she returns to the game wearing a Halloween mask and joins the zombie team. The terrain where the game is taking place would be interspersed with various ‘cure items’; and the game ends when either the survivors uncover all the cure items, or when every single player is turned into a zombie.

Last Player Standing Death-match

This airsoft game promises to be the most thrilling where everyone is against everyone. Players can divide themselves up among teams and design different objectives like ‘capture the flag’, ‘assassinating’ the rival team’s leader or even an all out and no holds barred death-match, where players go solo and hunt each other down. Since there are no particular rules to the game, players can carry any type of airsoft arms and the winner is the player or team who remains the sole person(s) to be ‘alive’ at the end of the day.

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A promotional video for YouTube can act as an effective marketing tool

In recent years YouTube has gained popularity as a video sharing website on which users can upload, view and share videos. It displays a wide variety of videos including movie clips, TV clips and other types of videos. Individuals as well as organizations can upload contents on the YouTube but they have to be registered for the same. After starting to upload a video, you may edit the details directly on the page. YouTube ensures to protect the interests of all parties including partners, users and advertisers. The videos which are submitted for monetization must comply with the terms of service and community guidelines of YouTube. Many companies upload their existing videos on YouTube which is at a low-cost and needs low-effort but is a big way to make their videos get noticed by many and helps in marketing.  But for this, they must edit the videos to make give them a professional look as well as it should match with the message of the company.

For making a good and attractive video for yourself or for your company, you may hire the service of a professional company who produce Video for YouTube and can satisfy the unique video needs of all sized businesses. They can produce effective and affordable videos for efficient video marketing and advertising products. They have experienced and expert videographers who caters to all types of requests of the customers efficiently and affordably. Their creative team understands the effectiveness of a good video and work with you from beginning to end to make your experience an impressive and memorable one. Effective and attractive YouTube videos can help to enhance marketing, advertising and mobile lead generation efforts to grow your business. Their level of commitment and accuracy can save your valuable time and provide you total satisfaction with the quality of job. A unique and creative video not only attracts customers but also enhance the reputation of a company.

A professional company who produce Video for YouTube should be able to understand your business and guide you through the entire process of making the video. Their friendly and experienced team will handle all the tricky bits to deliver the best results which can give you real peace of mind. They will get the file format and technical details right to be visually and stylistically interesting to the YouTube viewers. They will shoot the video as per the default video size of YouTube to give it more clarity. Not only this, they use quality equipments to shoot the video and also have facilities for quality video editing. They always embrace professional production techniques and always keep focus on the main subject of the video to ensure that it should have the look and feel to convey the message of your company in a right manner.

It is always advisable to produce promotional Videos for YouTube since it less expensive and will get noticed by a wide variety of people. It can act as an exciting internet marketing tool for both large and small businesses. It can also advertise your business advantages to potential customers and boost your marketing strategy.

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Awesomenauts soundtrack now available, win it on vinyl Ne

The Awesomenauts soundtrack, created by Sonic Picnic, is now available separately. The entire soundtrack can be sampled for free right here , and you can purchase a download of your own for the pay-what-you-want price of $2 or more. In addition, those who spend at least $5 will get a chance to win the Awesomenauts soundtrack on vinyl (as seen in the video above). That won’t be your only chance to win a copy of the vinyl soundtrack either. We managed to snag a few copies ourselves, so keep your eye on Joystiq for a giveaway soon.

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