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Apple applications takes care of users in a riot

Apple has surpassed itself once again by providing users with care and safety. After Apple’s medical applications such as the Depression checker and its collaboration with Mercedes Safety Collision design users thought that they had seen everything but Apple surprised them once again by issuing an application that sends help to users in a riot.

According to a technology reporter in Edinburgh, if you know where to run to in a riot it could potentially save your life. This application does just that for you. The application designed by Salvatore Laconesi is a blessing for Apple users. With rising riots all over the world and London’s very own riots last year were quite traumatic for the population and keeping that in mind the application has been designed to safeguard people. Necessity is the mother of inventions; that’s perfectly right and applicable to this situation as well.

The application although not publicly launched will combine data from differed social networking websites and take that information to its users by informing them which areas are suffering highly and which are still safe. Once users point their phones they will see a color interface that shows highly dangerous areas by lighting up in different colors.

If there is potential damage the interface will light up to the color red and warn its user to take other directions. The application was unveiled and demonstrated at the Technology, Entertainment and Design; TED and the application designer; Laconesi said that this application could help people stuck in riots and save quite many lives.

According to the little talk Laconesi had with BBC the application was built due to the increasing activist movements around the world. London, Syria, Egypt and many other countries have faced violent riots and although many people try to take part in it, many just want to stay in their homes, safe and sound but then you cant sit at your home the whole day. People have to work and buy necessity items and once a riot starts it feels as if you’re stuck in the worst possible nightmare. Laconesi told the British channel that they used the information available from the riots done in UK, Tunisia and Egypt and transformed the collected data into an application that would help Apple users stuck in a perilous situation.

Mr. Laconesi briefed that the data was collected from major social networking and other applications that shared their content on the internet. The basic information came from Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. As these portals are the major entertainment and social networking contenders in this time it is quite reasonable that data was collected from these information centers. Once a user writes a message about riots or anything related to that the application captures the information and processes it to give directions to its users stuck between them and tell them where the safe places are. Users can point their Iphones to any direction and whichever direction is dangerous the interface would light up red and whichever is safe would light up as green.

The system has already been checked during the UK riots that occurred last year as well as the student protests that took place in Milan and England. By checking the feasibility and validity of the application before hand, users will feel comfortable about using the application not only in the United Kingdom but in other countries around the world.

This application will certainly help Iphone users all around the world to stay safe once they’re stuck in a riot and find a safety haven from there.

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Konami offers Silent Hill HD Collection exchanges for Xbox 360 users

If your copy of Silent Hill HD Collection for the Xbox 360 is having issues and you’re still holding onto the receipt, Konami is ready to make a trade.

On the official Silent Hill Facebook page, Konami asked affected users to contact its customer service for purchase “verification and further details on how to exchange your product.” The initial posting does not say what Konami is offering in the exchange; however, in response to the question on Facebook, the proprietor of the Silent Hill page added: “The exchange is for other Konami titles or versions of titles.”

The offer is only valid for Xbox 360 versions of the Silent Hill HD Collection purchased “on or before” August 8, 2012, with requests for an exchange required to be submitted by October 7.

After the Silent Hill HD Collection launched earlier this year, some users complained of technical issues. Though Konami released a patch to correct problems in the PlayStation 3 version, the publisher announced it was unable to patch the Xbox 360 version due to “technical issues and resources.” Despite the flaw, Konami told Joystiq it will continue to sell the HD Collection for Xbox 360.

Joystiq has contacted Konami to find out what options users are being given in the exchange and will update this post when more information becomes available.

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Google to include information from Gmail accounts in search results

Google’s Internet search engine is getting more personal by highlighting information drawn from its users’ Gmail accounts on its main results page.

The feature announced Wednesday marks Google’s latest attempt to deliver data that people are seeking more quickly as it tries to maintain the dominance of its lucrative Internet search engine.

Google Inc. is initially testing the feature with 1 million Gmail users who must sign up to participate.

Gmail’s more than 425 million users already can search within their e-mail accounts to find something they need, such as an order from or an airline reservation.

Now, Gmail users who join the trial will be shown a list of relevant e-mails on Google’s main search results page if the correspondence contains a word entered in a search request.

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What’s Next after 4G Tech? Advance Review

Yes after early debut of 4G technology, we are now again facing another surprise from the developers of this technology. They call it 5G technologies which promise a faster mobile internet for the consumers.

If you can figure out internet options in your area, especially if it is 4G, don’t just be contented with the faster mobile internet that you can receive. Be mindful that as the sales of smartphone and tablet users increase, it would have a direct impact to the congestion of the wireless networks provided by the network companies.

Give it five years from now and you would feel the deterioration of your internet speed. This is the prediction of the network developers. That is why while you are enjoying the current comfort 4G is offering, they are busy in researching and developing a much faster mobile internet connection.

So what would you expect from 5G technology? Here are the facts that would excite you for the future.

Faster mobile internet connection


It would be an understatement to say that 5G offers faster mobile internet connection from 4G technology. However, according to the standard of the International Telecommunications Union, 5G technology would have a speed of one gigabyte per second. It’s a literal speed that can download an HD movie in less than a minute. Imagine the data that speed can offer you? Another shocking part is it can actually shared by the entire household. For example, if you are comfortable with slower mobile internet speed, then you can actually share the remaining bandwidth to your family members. And that’s what we call intelligent network.

Intelligent network


The developers of this technology do not only focus on the speed. They also put emphasis on the reliability and usefulness of this technology which is not seen in the 4G. With intelligent capability to distinguish priority connections, consumers can now put machines into their internet. For example, you could actually set your thermostat in plus 20 degrees hotter even if you are still driving two miles away from your home. When you are in an emergency, this technology allows you to prioritize emergency calls using VoIP than your social media sites. They predicted that this technology in internet connectivity will be more inclined in the introduction of IP based machines, instruments and appliances. Would this be true, we don’t really know. What is cleat though is that it can make human lives more convenient.



5G technology has been predicted to be much cheaper compared to its ancestors. This is because data caps will be avoided and companies will now charge its consumers in a much affordable price. Indirectly, people can save from the costly internet bill because of the 5G’s capacity to share. From the point of view of consumers, this technology is the best way to do things like watching TV, using the telephone and watching expensive movies in the cinemas in a single billed internet service. Now, you can save more from those expensive cable and telephone bills.

Review by: Jashon Wills

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Facebook user base soars to 50 million in India

HYDERABAD: Facebook has said its user base in India has grown from 8 million in 2010 to 50 million now and most of the people access the site through mobile phones, prompting it to rethink its business model.

While for other countries it was the desktop which was first used to get in to the portal, in case of India it was the mobile phone, said Kirthiga Reddy, Facebook Director – online operations and head of office – India.

Most of the people in the US started on desktop and moved to mobile, she said, adding that India is causing the company to rethink its model.

“Because many people are going to Facebook first on mobile and they might never go to desktop again,” Reddy said.

The situation has prompted Facebook to come out with many innovations so that the site can be accessed through any mobile phone, she added.

“Facebook had a user-base of 8 million when it started its office in India in 2010. It has grown to 50 million users since then,” Reddy said, adding that currently translation in India is available in eight languages.

“Globally, we have many users that contributed for translation of local languages. Translate tool is open for a few other languages,” she said.

Replying to a query, she said as per studies children below 13 tend to access Facebook when their parents are using the site.

“Our policy is that children below 13 years of age are not allowed… we have taken that very seriously. Anytime someone is being reported being under 13 (of age), we immediately look into that and take action. There is a lot of education and initiatives we engage in,” she added.

According to the information available in Facebook official site, it had 901 million active users at the end of March 2012, and approximately 80 per cent of these monthly active users were outside the US and Canada.

Facebook is available in more than 70 languages.

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Phone app allows US users to film police activity discreetly

NEW YORK: A US civil rights advocacy group has launched a free mobile phone application that allows users to record police activity discreetly, saying it will help boost police force accountability.

The New Jersey branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) explains that “Police Tape,” available to the public since Tuesday, “allows people to securely and discreetly record and store interactions with police.”

The Android phone application, available for download on the website of the ACLU of New Jersey, is “an essential tool for police accountability,” said the office’s executive director Deborah Jacobs.

“Too often, incidents of serious misconduct go unreported because citizens don’t feel that they will be believed.”

Unlike traditional smartphone recording apps, “Police Tape” disappears from the screen once it is launched, minimizing the possibility that police will notice the recorder.

The application allows users to send the file to the ACLU for safe-keeping and analysis.

“Police Tape” also contains legal advice on the rights of citizens confronted by police.

The ACLU of New Jersey website cites several court rulings that recognized citizens’ rights to film police activity.

A similar application for iPhone will be available later this summer, the site says.

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Facebook to ask users phone details

LONDON: Facebook will ask its more than 900 million users to provide it with their mobile phone numbers, Daily Mail reported Friday.

The move is part of a drive to improve security on Facebook, and comes in the wake of password hacks at other networking sites including LinkedIn and eHarmony.

Millions of Facebook users have already seen a link at the top of their desktop news feed requesting them to follow “simple security tips”.

They are then requested to provide their phone number for secure account recovery.

The social network would then send a text message to the user informing that their password has been changed.

This, the site reasons, would be preferable to sending the user an email because many of these are ignored as assumed junk and get deleted.

Facebook Friday said the desktop security message, already seen by millions of users in the US, will be on all accounts in the next few days.

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Facebook says users are owners of content

NEW DELHI: US-based Facebook Inc, accused of hosting allegedly objectionable content, on Tuesday told a court here that the content on its website Facebook is owned by its users while it is only an intermediary.

“Facebook Inc is an intermediary that acts as a host and permits its users to post their messages, photos, content and other information on

“The content on is owned and controlled by users and Facebook Inc only acts as a host for such content on the Internet,” the company said in a written statement filed before the court of Administrative Civil Judge Praveen Singh.

The company filed the statement in a suit filed by Mufti Aijaz Arshad Quasmi against it and other websites like Google, Youtube for hosting alleged objectionable content.

It also said the users of the website are the necessary parties to the suit as they post content on the site and as such the suit is not maintainable for non-joining of necessary parties.

It said it only allows users to post their content and share it with other users and sets privacy controls to protect such content but does not sell the same.

“Facebook Inc is an intermediary and merely provides services by hosting content and is, therefore, protected under the Information Technology Act.

“The present suit is not maintainable as facebook Inc is not liable for any third party information, data or communication link made available or hosted on its website,” it said in the statement.

It said the suit has been filed with a malafide intention.

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