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How can Android Apps Increase Locksmith’s Efficiency?

These days, most of us use android smartphone for communication, browsing and streaming purpose while it’s not getting the most from this high-tech and well-designed gadget. United Kingdom and United States of America are considered developed countries because the mobile user of these territories uses android applications in their business lives. Last day, I checked android market and I explored a lot of applications those can make your business tasks quite comfortable. However, today I would like to talk about locksmith business applications. The reason is that the field workers of this small business have to handle different tasks at the same time. I just want to add a comfortable cushion in their busy lives. In addition, when a locksmith uses such applications then he will feel a boost in his work’ efficiency.  So, let’s start with the best applications of Android market.

Keep Full Control of Order through Locksmith Work Order

If you visit the nearest locksmith office in your area, you will be able to check how busy locksmith remains on the phone. They attend the call 24 hours a day and write down the orders in their registers and after that they send the mobile locksmith for the help of the business, home or car owners. They need to tackle with a lot of orders at the same time. In this condition, it’s android application “locksmith work order” that comes for the assistance of this professional. He is capable to note down every order in the electronically ready form and then to check the complete record of all orders at one place.

Get Instant Auto Info Through Auto Smith Pro

It’s a fact that a locksmith handles wide variety of automobiles in his routine. No matter how expert a locksmith is, he may forget the codes and programming of some auto keys. Therefore, it’s Auto Smith Pro which comes for the help of this expert. On this website, a professional can easily browse the automobiles key codes and programming methods by model or type. It’s simply a good source of information that allows the locksmith to find as much technical details as they want.

Manage Customer and Order via Locksmith Connect

It’s a paid application of Android market but trust me after getting this app, a locksmith will observe a boost in revenue. Actually, this application consists of a suite of software. It helps locksmith in different ways. He can get the technical information regarding the job from this application and side by side, he is capable to manage invoices and orders. Customer management is indeed a hard task for every business owner but thanks to locksmith connect, one can perform this task quite effortlessly.

Program Access Points through Stand alone Access Controls

Nowadays, we prefer to install standalone access control system at home and in office as this system increases the overall security level to a great extent. With the increasing demand of this system, different manufacturers come with their own kinds. So, sometimes programming of such system becomes difficult for the locksmith. In such cases, I recommend locksmith to go for Stand Alone Access Control app. An expert is capable to get the programming technical details right from this application whenever he stuck.

Know the Latest Lock info from How to Pick a lock

Gift of technological advancement comes in the form of advanced locks. It’s not possible for a locksmith to get picking information of every latest lock. Therefore, it’s advisable to get help from How to Pick a lock application. This application permits the mobile locksmith to instantly grab the picking information of every kind and type of lock.

I’m sure that when locksmiths will start using android application in their routine lives, they will notice a positive change. They don’t need to waste their time in remembering the difficult tech details, they just need to tap on an application for getting the data and thereby, they can complete the task in a timely manner.

Marry Jojo is an expert author and blogger. She loves to test different android application in her routine life. She is also managing Bellevue WA locksmith blog.

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Why your Christmas gadgets aren’t getting cheaper this year

Most of us eagerly wait for the festive seasons as it is accompanied by huge discounts over almost every consumer goods starting from clothes, watches, gadgets, computing devices, jewelries and many other such items. This trend of decline in the price of the consumer goods especially electronic goods has been recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics from the year 1998 i.e. the time from which the electronic goods began to be marketed at an affordable price that was acceptable to the consumers.

The Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in United States has closely studied this downward trend in the prices of the electronic goods and has come to the conclusion that from the year 1998 till 2005 the decline in the prices of the electronic goods amounted to as much as 85% of the initial price of these goods. However, after 2005 a noticeable change is visible in the percentage of decline. From 85% the price decline figure reduced to only 65% in a matter of just a year. Moreover, in the recent time the percentage of price decline has weakened further and presently it is merely 6% of the earlier price.

The drastic fall from 85% to about 6% within a time span of less than two decades has led the economist and market analyst to wander the probable reason behind such a trend and they have come up with the following conclusions.

Economies of scale

Firstly, analysts are of the opinion that the economies of scale theory was primarily responsible for the declining price of the electrical goods since 1997. According to this theory the price of the goods are bound to fall as the production of the number of units of the same good increases. This decrease in the price of good per unit is primarily triggered by increase in demand.

When the demand for goods increase, the amount of goods manufactured also increases and mass production leads to the reduction of the price of the product. This is exactly what contributed to the decreasing prices of the electronic gadgets like mobile phone, laptops and all the high tech devices.

Wifi enabled phones, Bluetooth enabled phones, iPods, pen drives and other device that were considered unaffordable at one point of time were commercialized. Once the common people began to understand their value and dynamic utility, the demand of the goods increased leading to decrease in the prices of the products.

Explanation behind current stagnancy

So the question that is certainly going to crop up in our mind is: What are the factors that have contributed to the stagnancy in the prices of the electronic goods? The analysts are of the opinion that, in the recent time stagnancy is noticeable in the prices of the electronic goods because the manufacturers of these brands have reached the bottom line as far as their profit margin is concerned. The prices at which they are selling the electronic products right now are giving them the minimum profit. Therefore, there is no scope for further reduction in the prices.

These are the two important factors that have been pointed out by which have contributed to the stagnancy of the prices of the electronic goods this Christmas.

If you have planned to invest in a gadget, then do it right away because this is the best price at which the electronic goods are being offered to the consumers.

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Amazing Things You Can Do With WordPress

WordPress is not limited to blogging only. WordPress is a blogging software written in PHP but being Content Management System as well, it can do nearly anything. Like a Photo Gallery, Wiki, Forum, Web Directory, Job Board, Classified Ads,  Article Website and many more.

There many things you can do with WordPress but here are top 10 ones!


Directory Website

A Directory is just a listing of sites, categorized. Today, people still like directories because unlike a search engine, with million of results. A good directory has great sites categorized by exactly the topic you’re looking for. You can use WP Link Directory Plugin and Open Directory Links.


Classified Website

You can start a classifieds site for your business. Use WP Classifieds WordPress Plugin to creat a classified website.

It’s comes with post dates and view counts, and even a submit form. Users can add contact information, an image, and they have a text editor for ads. Spam is controlled by Captcha.

Another is WordPress Classifieds Plugin. It has good layout and the ability to charge for listings.


Article Directory

Creating an article directory is a great way to get free content and traffic, and there are lots of scripts that help in making of article directory.

Using the Article Directory Plugin you can easily setup an aricle repository in your WordPress. It allows you to accept articles submissions.





Image Gallery

Are you a photographer? NextGen Gallery is the plugin for photo management in WordPress. With it you can display random pictures in your sidebar. It has the ability to manage thousands of photos. You can upload an entire zip file with pictures for inclusion, and it features a integrated flash slideshow.

You can also use Page Flip Image Gallery and Lazyest Gallery Plugin.



A discussion forum is really a great thing to start with WordPress. I gathered a plugin for you:

Simple:Press Forum allows you to create an fully featured threaded discussion forum within WordPress itself. It has search, user registration, RSS feeds, pagination, breadcrumbs, full stats, fine grained user control.


eCommerce Site

There are some plugins that allow you to sell single items using PayPal. You can use ArtPal Plugin for this. You create a post with a few custom fields. This plugin is mainly used to sell art but can be used for selling anything you want.

You can also use: Fat Free Cart and eShop Plugin.


This guest post is by Areeb Majeed from HackingTag Security.

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First Windows 8 TV Spot

Windows 8 is officially launching on October 26, but does the first TV spot entice you? Microsoft totally changed things up and went in the opposite direction of the standard calm, look-at-how–interesting-this-is approach. The TV spot is loud, crazy and very exciting. There are exploding lap tops, a punk metal soundtrack and a nearly-rabid cartoon dog.

It’s only 30 seconds long but Microsoft packs a lot into a New York minute. There are images of people using Windows 8 but just as many images of seemingly unrelated things. It’s like an SEO company developed an advertisement filled with unicorns and glitter. It will get your attention, but does it get the job done?

What the Critics Say

Some critics are hoping that Microsoft will tone down the ads in the future because Windows 8 is confusing. It’s not the most user-friendly version Microsoft has ever dished up and there are huge differences from Windows 7. Getting people to understand how to use and appreciate Windows 8 will be critical for success and adaption. Not even the start menu is the same.

Windows 8 replaces the familiar start tab with a full start screen complete with tabs. It has a universal search feature, side-by-side app snapping and is geared to be used on tablets and mobile devices as well as PCs. It’s estimated that Microsoft will spend $1.5 billion on advertising, but this preview has critics wary. Windows 8 is like nothing Microsoft has done before and it has some explaining to do.

Why Should I Buy This?

The non-tech crowd will be completely confused with Windows 8. Anyone who hasn’t been loyally following the impending launch and reading every article available on the features will be faced with an alien object. Windows 8 needs to explain why a laptop-cum-tablet hybrid is important and benefits every consumer. There’s no mention why Windows 8 is better than Android or Apple.

Of course, Android and Apple are the competition. In order to take on these players, Windows will seriously need to step up the marketing. Going back to basics, especially with a completely new product, is necessary. This wild ad does nothing to ease consumers into a new system.

On the Other Hand…

Some people are raving about the latest TV spot. It’s high-energy, bright, colorful and (some say) obviously hinting at the touch-screen capabilities. Windows 8 was designed with touchscreen platforms in mind even though it’s also available for old school use. However, there’s no mention of the XBOX or Windows Phone.

This might be because these devices are getting their own Windows 8-themed commercial. If not, that’s a huge oversight for Microsoft. The bottom line is, whether you love it or hate it, the ad marks the influx of tech-themed holidays.

Michael is a full-time blogger who has passions in all corners of the online world. In his down time he enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and blogging on everything from technology, to business, to marketing, and beyond.

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Facebook Stock hits $25

The Social Networking Giant, Facebook’s Stock today hit $25 for the first time since July!

Facebook stock opened at $24.94 a share on Monday and rose more than $25 in early trading, this is the first time the stock has traded above that price since the end of July.

Image courtesy of Flickr, deneyterrio.

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Technology that helps car safety (and could lower car insurance)

Car technology has come a long way since the first car was built by Karl Benz 1886. As cars become more complex and technologically advanced, the need for increased safety measures has become paramount, especially for the car insurance industry. The more dangerous cars become, the more accidents they cause, which results in a higher car insurance premium for the rest of us. These new safety features should make our cars safer, leading to less collisions and therefore lowering our prices.

Self-driving car

This is the big new thing in the auto world. Google’s sensor-laden motor is able to check its surroundings for any potential hazards and respond accordingly, allowing it to drive, brake and manoeuvre without any human input whatsoever. So far, the Google driverless car has only been involved in a single collision, and that was when it was being driven by a person. If all cars have this tech built-in, then in theory it should stop all car-on-car collisions. If that’s the case, would we still need car insurance at all?

Pedestrian Airbag

So car-on-car collisions could be a thing of the past, but what about pedestrians? As sophisticated as the driverless car is, it still might not stop in time when a pedestrian shoots out in front of it. Luckily, Volvo have come up with a system that, if a collision with a pedestrian is unavoidable, at least softens the blow of impact. The new Volvo V40 has a specially designed airbag hidden beneath the bonnet of the car. Sensors on the front of the car detect if there’s an impact and if so it lifts the bonnet and deploys the airbag. The airbag cushions the pedestrian’s head and decreases the chances of a serious or fatal injury.

Emergency braking system

Based on a system initially designed for the Volkswagen Up!, the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system uses a combination of radar and cameras to sense the relative distance of hazards, allowing the car to automatically brake if the driver fails to react in time. This system has also been adopted by Ford, Volvo and Nissan. The technology is so successful that the Association of British Insurers (ABI) are looking to give discounts on car insurance premiums to people who have AEB systems equipped.

Haptic feedback

One of the causes of road accident is driver distractions, and one of these distractions is when you stare at the sat nav to find out when your next turning is. Honda have integrated an older technology – haptic feedback (where the steering wheel vibrates whenever you drift outside of the lane markings) – and sat-nav technology to create a system that’ll give you directions through touch rather than sight and sound. This should enable drivers to keep their eyes on the road more often, lowering the rate of accidents caused by distraction.

Black box telematics

Black box tech is in its infancy, so it’ll take a little while before we truly see the benefits of this. Telematics is a device that fits into your car and tracks your speed, braking and cornering as you drive. You can also track where and when you drive, and it works out how good a driver you are based on these factors. If you can prove to your insurer that you’re a safe driver then surely you should be entitled to a lower premium? Some car insurance companies are already using telematics technology as part of their standard policies, enabling drivers to be rated according to their driving habits rather than their demographic.

Jamie Gibbs is the resident blogger for car insurance comparison site


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Is an Xbox 360 or PS3 a better media hub?

People don’t just use video game consoles to escape to a virtual reality world and fight bad guys. Modern systems connect users with other media platforms, to stream and enjoy different content all through one device.

Though the Xbox 360 is over seven years old and the PS3 will be six soon, both systems have recently seen new versions and improvements. These devices do have significant differences in how they connect and with regard to what content is available from each. Options are never a bad thing, as they allow users to decide which console offers a better experience.

Sports streaming

Microsoft found one of the biggest partners possible to bring sports to the Xbox 360 when it paired with ESPN in 2010. The downloadable app gives viewers access to ESPN 3 and live broadcasts from the sports network.

The PS3 may not be able to stream content from ESPN, but still features plenty of apps to watch some of the most popular sports including apps from the NBA, NHL and NFL on Sony’s console. Users may not be able to access highlights and recaps, but some may enjoy having more live games available.

Movies & TV

PS3’s can stream content from Hulu Plus, Amazon, and Netflix. The device also features a Blu-ray player, so movie lovers that don’t subscribe to any services can still watch their favorite films in the highest possible definition.

While the Xbox 360 might only have a DVD player, it matches the PS3’s services for streaming movies. Also, HBO Go is an Xbox Live exclusive, allowing any HBO subscriber to access the channel’s programming and movie library.


Even though both systems use different hardware, gaming experiences are very similar, according to CNET. Considering that some of the most popular games, like the Madden football series and Call of Duty, are available on both, there isn’t a lot of space for the consoles to differentiate themselves.

Going online

The PlayStation Network is completely free, so PS3 users can access all of the device’s content as long as they have subscriptions to those services. Xbox Live requires a subscription, but it is discounted based on the length of a consumer’s plan.

Microsoft and Sony have added so many partners and services to their gaming consoles, making the decision between the two more difficult for shoppers. When you’re looking at a new media hub, what features attract you? Are ESPN and HBO reasons enough to buy an Xbox 360, or is the free PlayStation Network too budget-friendly to pass up?

Summary: People don’t just use video game consoles to escape to a virtual reality world and fight bad guys.

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Facebook and Cyberstalking

Many of us use the term “Facebook Stalking”. Facebook stalking can become a problem, however, when stalking is less casual. A recent survey reveals that 88% of us regularly check our ex’s profiles and a full 70% of us spy from a mutual friend’s account.

Even if you’re not causing anyone any harm, if cyberstalking disrupts your life in noticeable ways, you may have a problem. Social media addiction is linked not only to extending heartbreak, but contributing to long term depression and low self esteem issues. So, it may be time to step away from the computer.

Cyberstalking Infographic

This article was originally published on Online College Courses.

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Google unveils the new Samsung Chromebook at $249

ChromeBooksSamsung on Thursday a new budget Chromebook laptop known as  “the computer for everyone.” The 11.6-inch Samsung Chromebook, priced at $249 and is available for preorder now from Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers. It runs on Chrome OS and is very slim, measuring only 0.8 inches thick and weighing 2.5 pounds.

The device packs a Samsung-made ARM Cortex-A15 processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of flash storage. The screen resolution is 1,366 x 768, and the computer supports 1080p video playback as well as Bluetooth 3.0. It also comes with one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port, is rated at hours of battery life and includes 100GB of free cloud storage on Google Drive.

The machine is less powerful than the Chromebooks Google unveiled earlier this year.

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Why Ford Is Developing Technology to Avoid Traffic Jams

Ford Motor Company is an American automobile maker having it’s headquarter in Michigan, Dearborn which is recognized as a suburb of Detroit. The company sells it automobiles under two brand names Lincoln and Ford. Ford Motor Company is investigating, exploring and developing intellectual, next-generation driving technologies specifically designed to facilitate address future mobility challenges that draws closer with fast urbanization and population growth all over the world. The company is doing it as a blueprint for mobility and to meet up with the mobility challenges due to the overcrowded cities and streets.

The company is expanding its sector and investigating on Traffic Jam Assist which is an intelligent driving aspect that puts into everything from technology to features that are already available in all the cars recognized under this brand. Ford already holds features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Park Assist, Ford Powershift transmission and Lane Keeping Aid to keep up the same pace with the other leading automakers.

The company’s other prototypes such as an advanced version of active park assist and Traffic Jam Assist came up to provide perpendicular hands free parking. It is basically designed in such a manner so that it can interact with the surroundings of the vehicle, lessen the stress of the driver and facilitate you to reduce traffic gridlock.

The Ford’s chief technical executive and the vice president in Research and Innovation Paul Mascarenas said that developing these kinds of technologies is a part of the first step in any journey toward a more connected and improved future. It’s an undertaking that is believed to save much of time, conserve the resources, lower emissions, enhance safety and help reduce driver stress.

To further emphasize on the significance that Ford is giving on enhancing the safety for the drivers together with the passengers, the company will be the very first automaker to initiate seatbelt airbags on a conventional car. This kind of safety feature opportunity will be present in the future Ford Mondeo model that will come up for sale in Europe in the year 2013.

The thought unites the conventional seatbelt together with the airbag technology in turn to put forward an additional level of protection guard for rear-seat inhabitants. The data that was released by the brand Ford features that the inflatable lap belt set up in 40 milliseconds and stretches the crash force above an area is five times bigger than the conventional seatbelts.

The Traffic Jam Assist technology makes use of radar as well as camera to help the auto keep proper pace with the other vehicles in case there is traffic and offers automated steering control to keep the driver stress free.

Joseph Urhahne, engineer with Ford Research and Innovation said “that the drivers use up more than 30 percent of their time in heavy traffic on any busy roads. Traffic Jam Assist could help make traveling through congested roads a more comforting experience and by keeping tempo with the flow of traffic potentially will help reduce road congestion.”

The new innovative system will help to keep the drivers calm and allow them to focus on their driving. Thus, you can reach your destination much faster.

About the Author:

Jad is associated with many car and technology communities including this automobile blog and love to write articles about Cars and Bikes.He is passionate about cars like Jaguar, BMW and you can check his blog for more details.

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