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Use Facebook as email

Use Facebook as email, sounds unusual. Well, the social networking giant Facebook can be also used like a email service. We guide you to know how to use Facebook as email.

1. Username

You must have a username. If you don’t have why not set one at Setting page. Your username is your email address. For example, my username is techinusrock then my Facebook email address will be

2. Usage

You can use your email address on various sites. The best example is subscribing for daily emails from TechInUs. Lets try it, open this page and type your in “Your email address” field.

3. Reading mails

For reading emails, go to Facebook > Messages > Other Messages. You will find a email from with subject line “Activate your Email Subscription to: TechInUs“. Click on expand and open the link in the email to get daily emails from TechInUs. You can also send the message to Inbox.

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WeeUp File Hosting

Recently, a new file hosting website has been released know as WeeUp. The service is good because you can upload files with one click. Your friends can download the file by justing clicking on the link they don’t have to wait to download the file.


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Review: Dell Inspiron 14R

Budget laptops can be stylish too – that’s what Dell’s new Insprion 14R and 15R are trying to prove. With a new design, rounded corners and changeable lids (Moon Silver is the default , but you can choose blue or red too), the new series starts at roughly Rs 35,000. These are full-function laptops — Windows 7 Home Basic is included, as is a tray-loading DVD drive and full-size keyboard.

To differentiate from the previous Inspiron 14R and 15R, Dell is just adding the ‘new’ moniker to the mix. Just as a cursory comparison of the new with the old, the new one has a much better keyboard with rounded keys and better tactility , better screens and an overall more pleasing design. As usual, you can choose to configure your machine, starting with the very basic 2nd gen Core i3/2GB RAM/320GB HDD all the way up to 3rd Gen Core i5/4GB RAM/500GB HDD and dedicated 1GB Nvidia GT630M graphics chip for Rs 43,490.

Depending on the configuration, you can use it for day-today computing, 3D gaming, HD video authoring/editing and image editing. Dell has included one year of their Complete Cover (including accidental damage) with every new Inspiron 14R/15R which can be extended if required. Other welcome additions are the USB 3.0 ports and Bluetooth 4.0. Battery life is a healthy 4 to 5 hours depending on use.

Some of the downsides include excessive use of lightweight plastic. For instance, if you take the lid off, it flexes too easily and seems like it’s made of cheap plastic. The silver painted plastic surround around the machine seems like it will scratch and wear off too quickly. Apart from the build quality, there’s not much else to complain about. If you’re looking for something sturdier at a low price, you can also consider HP’s ProBook 4530s (15.6-inch ) or 4430s (14-inch ) which are only marginally more expensive.

Price: Rs 34,990 (+ taxes) onwards

Specifications: Intel Core i3, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Windows 7 Basic, 14-inch (1366 x 768 pixel) LCD, Intel HD graphics 3000, DVD drive

Pros: Fresh design, switchable lids, USB 3.0, card reader, high quality display, included 1 yr Complete Cover

Cons: No backlit keyboard option, base version has 2nd Gen processor, suspect durability of some plastic parts

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How to make a Facebook Application

This article will help the reader to develop a simple Facebook application.

Facebook is almost everywhere in the world.

Getting Started

In order to make your own Facebook application, you need a Facebook account and Developer application installed in your account. This allows to you create your own Facebook applications. You will also need your own server space for hosting your app but If you don’t have you can get space from Facebook’s partner Heroku. We will be using PHP for the example below.


In this example we are making our own simple application. This is the code we have to add in the index.php page:

 require_once 'facebook.php';
 $appapikey = 'xxxxxxx';
 $appsecret = 'xxxxxxxx';
 $facebook = new Facebook($appapikey, $appsecret);
 $user_id = $facebook->require_login();

Replace the API Key and the Secret key in index.php with real values. After replacing it, add this HTML content to the below of ?> of index.php file:

 <a href="">
 <img src=""/></a>
 <a href="">
 <img src=""/></a>
<form method="get" id="searchform" action="">
 <input type="text" name="s" size="20" id="searchbox" />
 <input type="submit" value="Search" />

After adding this content your app will turn into a search app for articles on my blog TechInUs.

Areeb Majeed is the CEO and Founder of HackingTag Security. He writes for his blog TechInUs.

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The TechInUs Rewards!

TechInUs Rewards are here with exciting rewards. Now get rewards by completing some easy requirements. You will get WordPress themes, Scripts, softwares and many more thing for free. We give rewards to everyone who complete the requirements. Now get your own rewards at

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TechInUs Review: HTC One V

Cost: Rs 19,999

Rating: 4 Stars ****

Specifications: 3.7-inch touchscreen (800 x 480 pixels), 1Ghz processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB + microSD, 5MP rear camera, Android 4.0, 115 grams

Positives: Unibody construction, fantastic display, great camera, outstanding audio output

Negatives: Average battery life, no front camera, no TV-out, only 1GB storage accessible for user

NEW DELHI: For the One V, HTC chose to go with unibody metal construction, which not only makes the phone sturdier but also makes it look much better than the usual glossy phones. Taking a cue from the design of the HTC Hero and Legend, the One V also has a pronounced lip. The battery is not user removable while the SIM and microSD slot are under a small slide-out cover on the lower half of the device.

Up front you have a beautiful 3.7-inch display with excellent touch response and sharp output – quite like the more expensive HTC One X. In fact, the One V also has the same Sense 4.0 interface as the One X, which, in our opinion, is one of the best user interfaces for Android.

Where performance is concerned, the One V is great for day-to-day use, but it isn’t meant for power users and serious multi-taskers. We felt a slight sluggishness creep in when a lot of apps were running in the background – a common issue with many Android smartphones with 512MB RAM. Also, out of the built in 4GB storage, only 1GB is user accessible. Multimedia audio output is fantastic thanks to the integrated Beats Audio technology.

The 5MP shooter on the rear takes beautiful images in daytime as well as in low light situations. Because it has a similar camera interface as the One X, the One V is also capable of shooting images quickly in burst mode, simultaneously shooting images and videos and has many photo effects to play around with. Video recording is top notch as well and can be done at 720p HD resolution. The 1500mAh battery lasts just a day, similar to most other Android smartphones Overall, HTC’s One V is a great option if you are looking for a sub Rs 20,000 smartphone. It scores on looks, build quality, display, multimedia performance and camera quality. For about the same price, you can consider LG’s Optimus L7 (Rs 19,000) that runs Android 4.0 on a similar hardware but offers a larger 4.3-inch display, NFC connectivity, front camera and a larger 1700mAh battery.

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Guest Post

TechInUs is looking for guest bloggers. We are looking for original posts on the following topics.

  • Technology
  • Gaming


Posting here will help generate traffic for your own blog. TechInUs is slowly expanding in influence. Established in January 2012. As of June 2012 here are a few brief stats.

Average Monthly Unique Visits :
07,000+ (and growing steadily)

Twitter Followers (@hackingtag):

Facebook Fans:

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‎TechInUs Review: Toshiba Excite 10

Toshiba announces Excite 10, 7.7 and 13 tablets, Thrive slates on their way out
Toshiba Excite 10 ICS tablet goes on sale, prices start at $450 for 16GB model
Toshiba AT200 review

In the tablet market, big as it is, one notion generally holds true: thinner equals better. Toshiba, for example, surely tried to equate a svelte silhouette with a premium product in its super-slim Excite 10 LE. And indeed, its 1.18-pound body and solid Honeycomb experience add up to tablet that puts Toshiba’s earlier Thrives to shame. That $530 model is definitely priced like a high-end tablet, but it’s accompanied by a new, lower-priced Toshiba slate, the Excite 10.

For $450, you get a tablet with a tad more meat on its bones, but that increase in weight and thickness comes with some more powerful specs: a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor with 1GB of RAM — not to mention Ice Cream Sandwich. While you can probably guess which of these slates makes a stronger contender (hint: the one without the “LE”), figuring out the Toshiba Excite 10’s place in the grand hierarchy of tablets takes a little more exploration. Luckily, that’s what we’re here for, so join us past the break as we do our best to get through the review without a single “excite” pun.


If you’ve ever had your hands on — let alone glimpsed — the Toshiba Thrive 10, the first thing that will strike you about the Excite 10 tablet is the slimmer silhouette. While the Thrive measures 0.6 inches (15.24mm) thick, the Excite is whittled down to 0.35 inches (8.89mm). Similarly, Toshiba has cut down on weight: the Excite 10 weighs 1.32 pounds (21.12 ounces) compared to 1.6 (25.6 ounces) for the Thrive 10. This, of course, makes it much more comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

Toshiba clearly went back to the drawing board to improve upon the chintzy build quality of its Thrive slates. In addition to slimming down the design, the company opted for more premium materials. The Excite 10 ditches the Thrive’s rubberized cover for a classier aluminum backing. It doesn’t sacrifice a good grip, thanks to a dimpled texture. While the slate is comfortable to hold, it bears mentioning that the design doesn’t feel very sturdy — if you press on the back, you’ll notice a bit of flex.


The Excite 10 has the right idea when it comes to ports. The left side of the slate houses a headphone jack, micro-HDMI connection, micro-USB 2.0 and a full-size SD card slot that lets you add up to 128GB of external storage (and theoretically more). The left side sports the power button, a lever for locking screen orientation and a volume rocker, while the top has the 2-megapixel front camera and 5-megapixel rear-facing shooter.

Moving on to the display, we have a 10.1-inch Corning Gorilla Glass panel with a 1280 x 800 resolution. At 149ppi, that pixel density isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but the screen at least delivers good viewing angles and accurate colors. One pitfall, though, is that the display exhibits some backlight bleeding. This is most noticeable when you’re viewing darker screens, and while it doesn’t make it impossible to enjoy movies and YouTube clips on the tablet, it does separate the Excite 10 from higher-end slates.



The Excite 10 runs Ice Cream Sandwich (build 4.0.3, to be exact), and as with past tablets, Toshiba didn’t tamper with Google’s interface. Yep, it’s pretty much stock Android here, and that’s not a bad thing. Ice Cream Sandwich’s streamlined interface shines on the 1280 x 800 display, and the tablet isn’t bogged down by obtrusive bloatware.

Toshiba pre-loaded the full host of Google apps — including Calendar, Gmail, Play Market, Search, Voice and YouTube– along with its own branded utilities. There’s Media Player for playing music and watching videos, File Manager for keeping tabs on your media and News Place for, well, catching up on the headlines. The third-party apps are for the most part useful; you get Adobe Reader, Netflix, Quickoffice and the Zinio e-magazine reader. Sure, there are five games, including Backgammon and Solitaire, pre-installed, but these are pretty inoffensive.


Like most tablets, the Excite 10 is no point-and-shoot camera replacement, and the 5-megapixel shooter won’t deliver any frame-worthy shots. In fact, the camera is downright bad — images look fuzzy and lack detail, and zooming in only makes matters worse. Expect the washed-out colors that come standard on mid-range tablets’ cameras. No vivid reds and blues here; pics we snapped on the street looked dull and overexposed. Moreover, images show pixelation and, even when we pinpointed our focus spot, not very sharp.


The Excite 10 is capable of capturing 1080p video, though the muted hues and lack of image stabilization don’t add up to great HD footage. Still, video is pretty fluid — especially if you’re not moving it around too much — and the tablet does a good job at capturing ambient sound.
Configuration options and the competition

For $450, you can get an Excite 10 tablet with 16GB of storage. Stepping up to 32GB will cost you $530, while the top-of-the-line 64GB version goes for $650. It’s not the most expensive tablet out there — ergo, it falls short of the new iPad — but it’s priced along the lines of the Acer Iconia Tab A510 ($450) and the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 ($379). The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 may be $50 cheaper, but that slate trailed behind other similarly priced options when we ran it through our benchmark tests.

Taking a closer look at those competitors, we have a strong contender in the Iconia Tab A510. Like the Excite 10, that slate starts at $450 and runs a Tegra 3 processor, and it offers excellent performance and long battery life (10:23 hours) in a slightly heftier package than the Excite 10 (1.5 pounds versus 1.3). Then there’s the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 ($379), which offers solid performance of its own and stellar longevity when you add in the keyboard dock. And though the Android purists among you can skip past this sentence, it’s worth mentioning that the iPad 2 is now priced more competitively than the Excite 10 ($400 versus $450).

Toshiba hasn’t exactly positioned the Excite 10 as a high-end tablet, and its $450 starting price is par for the course for a mid-range product. We’d choose the Excite 10 over the $530 Excite 10 LE in a heartbeat, as it offers much better performance and Ice Cream Sandwich in a package that’s only slightly bulkier. And compared to Toshiba’s earlier Thrive tablets, not to mention most other competitors, the Excite 10 has an attractive, streamlined design.

As it becomes easier to find a good sub-$500 slate, it’s also becoming more common to see quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processors on the spec list. That’s all good news for you, dear readers, and the Toshiba Excite 10 has many of the makings of a great Android tablet. The thin and comfortable design, full-size SD card slot, clean build of Ice Cream Sandwich and Tegra 3 power all add up to a good user experience, but shortcomings like backlight bleeding and occasional performance glitches hold this tablet back from earning a glowing endorsement. While $450 is not chump change, the Excite 10 might be worth it if you have your heart set on a 10-incher running Android. However, for the same price, you can get Android tablets from Acer and ASUS that provide longer battery life and equal — if not better — performance.





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Anonymous gears up for June 9 nationwide protests‎

Tomorrow, the 9th of June, 2012 may be the weekend for some, but for others it is a date marked on their calendar under – Anonymous Protests. Throughout the nation, the popular hacktivist group will conduct a series of protests, voicing their opinions that are strongly against Internet censorship – a wave that has been trending in our country, since a while now. A press release, on the group’s blog further mentions that the protests will take place, as planned by 4PM IST, tomorrow. On the group’s official blog page, details about the protest have been listed down.


For one, the group has specified that it wants the protest to be a peaceful one and to this end it has listed down the following directives –
The protest is a Non-Violent one.
Protesters may not use vehicles to protest as this may cause accidents, please keep vehicles out of the protest crowd.
One shall not keep any harmful items like weapons, stones etc with oneself.
Those who can wear the Guy Fawkes Mask. Printable version is available on the web.
Please bring placards, banners etc that you can prepare so for the cause.
For whom it is possible bring cameras and record events. Use your smart phone to stream it online using ustream. This will give us proof if something bad is attempted at the protest.
Fire or burning at all of any figures or material is to NOT be done.
Please hand over anyone who causes violence to the police.
Protest well, our future may depend on it.

Interestingly, the Guy Fawkes Mask written about in the directive is up for sale across eBay and Amazon. Tomorrow, as aforementioned, across different cities in the country, the group will hold their now widely publicized peace protests. here’s a list of the cities and loactions where the protests will be held –

Occupy Mumbai – Azad Maidan, Mumbai. Volunteers Needed Join Now
Occupy Delhi – India Gate
Occupy Chandigarh – The Plaza, Sector 17, Chandigarh.
Occupy Indore – Regal Square.
Occupy Kolkata – South City Mall.
Occupy Hyderabad – Necklace Road.
Occupy Bangalore – M.G. Road.
Occupy Cochin – Marine Drive.
Occupy Calicut – Calicut Beach Opposite To Beach Hotel.
Occupy Nagpur – *tentative*
Occupy Pune – Shivaji Nagar.
Occupy Chennai – *tentative*
Occupy Ahmedabad – Vastrapur.
Occupy Jaipur – *tentative*
Occupy Thiruvananthapuram – *tentative*
Occupy Mysore – *tentative*
Occupy Manipal – Manipal.
Occupy Coimbatore

As the above list shows, while most protest locations have been confirmed, those in some cities are yet to be finalized. Those planning to join in the protests or wish to simply stay updated with the proceedings of the day can do so by visiting the group’s official page, here.

Regarding their upcoming June 9th protests, as the group’s official press release states – “On June 9th we will be organizing massive protests in multiple locations all over the country and we are calling every one who can be there to be there. We remind the Indian public that trusting a corrupt government to solve corruption and other problems is like expecting a serial killer to catch himself. The movements will assigned within the title of Occupy India that will be kicked off this June 9th. The Cities that are getting ready to take part are Bangalore Delhi Mumbai Culcutta Chennai Kochi Mumbai Hydrabad and many more. Any one who feels they need this movement needs to be in their city can start a FB page for the Occupy City movement and let us know about it. We call on the people to help spread this message and get your friends and family to join this noble cause.”

Web censorship has been a topic of debate in recent times. The gravity of the issue came to light only recently when incidents of hacking in retaliation to web censorship became a frequent occurrence. With the government on one side taking an increasingly active stance in tightening the reins on the way we access content on the web, groups like Anonymous are on the other hand citing free speech. OpIndia is against the banning of entire websites, if only a part of the website infringes copyrights.

Recently, Reliance acquired John Doe orders to safeguard copyrights of its films. Then, Chennai-based Copyright Labs also acquired the same for movies like Dhammu and 3. This led to the complete blocking of websites, like The Pirate Bay and Vimeo. All this hasn’t gone well with Anonymous, which stands by online freedom. Hence, the protest.




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