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Hands on with the latest iPhone 5

Do you think selling a scientific calculator and Volkwagen van raising $1300 will result in a 100-billion-dollar-a-year company? Steve Wozinak and Steve Jobs, young but highly enthusiast tech geeks sold their most prized possessions to start a small company. Though both of them were apprehensive about getting into a business rather than choosing a safe paycheck job, they joked that if they fail they can at least boast to their grand kids about a company they started once-upon-a-time. The company is not the past as they thought it might become but the present and future of the tech world. It developed into Apple Inc. and has become the manufactures of the most lusted after devices.

Today, Apple is the most talked about and people follow every step Apple makes, eagerly awaiting their next creations. iPhone 4s felt more like an upgrade than a new version. It did bring novel additions, but many thought Apple has opened doors for competitors with their feeble upgrade. Apple was under the ‘expectations’ pressure and they don’t seem to have disappointed the millions of Apple followers with their iPhone 5.

The design:

The phone has come with a bang with 16:9 inch screen making it bigger and sleeker than the previous designs. With its 4-inch retina display and resolution of 1136×640 pixels, iPhone 5 offers High Definition screen display. Apple has not disappointed when it comes to the overall design. The phone looks sleek and stylish and yet retaining the company’s ‘simple’ motto. The phone is fashionable thin with curved edges with Apple’s logo on the rear. The phone comes in typical black and silver which is unchanged from the previous models.


The standout is definitely iOS6 used for the phone. Maps sharper, quicker and brighter and has been upgraded with a few cool features like 3D Flyover which enables you to zoom into a location and swivel around landmarks. It also offers turn-by-turn navigation.

Siri is another feature that is upgraded. You can now update Facebook and launch apps using voice-commands. Camera is another feature that has refurbished a lot in this latest series. It’s been rebranded as iSight. Though it offers the same 8 mp lens, it has enhanced HDR and photo sharing options. Video is also the same 1080p, but the highlight is the panoramic mode that allows you to stitch images in real time and craft an image of up to 28 megapixels.

Apple’s drawback has always been the earphones. Thankfully they have upgraded to EarPods which looks interesting and a huge leap when it comes to design.


Another show stopper for iPhone 5 is the A6 chip. It is going to influence the fastness of iPhone operation. The videos so look smoother and apps can be operated more smoothly.

Apple has said that the phone is capable of providing 8 hours browsing time and talk time and 10 hours of playback time. We have to wait and see if this is true. The models are going to be launched in 16, 32 and 64 GB.

Will the iPhone be a hit?

Definitely! Apple doesn’t need super models showing off their devices to get recognition. All they have to do is print their logo on a device and it will sell like hot cakes. This is not just because of the Apple ‘brand’, it is also because of the competent and highly innovative features and applications supported by a worthy design that makes each owner proud to carry an iPhone!

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OnLive spun off into new company, service ‘will continue to operate’

Cloud streaming business OnLive confirmed its sale and subsequent restructuring “into a newly formed company” this afternoon, and said both its game and desktop services “will continue to operate.” That includes “all of OnLive’s apps and devices.”

According to the statement, OnLive, Inc. is now a new company “backed by substantial funding” ? enough funding to hire “a large percentage of OnLive, Inc.’s staff across all departments.” Furthermore, there are plans to “hire substantially more people, including additional OnLive employees.” The statement also said that its various plans for the future, including “products and services” that are still in development, will be unaffected by the spin off.

The statement doesn’t address how many employees were affected by today’s news. Reports from former employees put the layoff numbers at 50 percent or more of OnLive’s total staff.

When asked whether CEO Steve Perlman was still heading the company, an OnLive rep confirmed that the company’s management team “remains intact.”

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Using Twitter To Build Brand Integrity

Using Twitter To Build Brand Integrity
A company’s ability to humanize itself gives its reputation an endearing appeal to the public. High-ranking executives who take time to interact with ground-level clients and customers are assets to a company’s marketing and advertising goals.

With the advent of enterprise blogging, companies can now use social media to reach out to their potential customers just by using a social media platform. Twitter is at the forefront of the microblogging trend where people share thoughts and information real-time.

Here are some pointers on how to make the most out of your Twitter account to build a solid relationship with your clients and develop a humanized image of your company:

Be Present and Active For Your Twitter Followers in the UK and around the world

1. Put yourself out there and really share honest, personal information about your company. You are not expected to tweet your own personal issues in your life, but giving your followers real-time updates about company activities will make your business more relatable.

2. Share what you can about yourself. Do not just have an image of being the company head-—how about sending a tweet or two about a funny encounter you had at the mall? Your clients want to know that they are not just reading updates from a company representative who churns out boring updates—-they want to know that there is an actual interesting human being behind your Twitter account.

The CEO of Zappos takes this tip to heart. Not only does he talk to his employees and customers about company issues, but he also shares mundane, amusing things he sees while travelling. Recently, Seth Godin was critiqued for his lack of interaction with his followers. His Twitter is not subscribed to anyone else, and he doesn’t respond to his followers. Godin argues that he lacks the time to reply to his subscribers and maintain an interactive series of tweets on his account.

If you find that you don’t have time to maintain a good Twitter relationship with your customers, get the services of an employee that will do this job for you. It is better for your followers to build a fun relationship with your employee than a boring relationship with busy you.

Be Fast and Fun

Twitter is lauded for its ability to break news stories real-time. The social media is being used to coordinate vast amounts of activities, share information from seminar speakers and government officials’ speeches, and at the same time blast out opinions about these information sources— on real-time or within seconds. Be a fast Twitter user and utilize this sharing speed to your company’s advantage.

And while you’re at it, you may also want to inject a bit of spice into your daily tweets by starting Twitter games. Initiate fun hashtags such as #myfavoritesongofalltime or #theinsecticantstandis and watch as your followers get on this bandwagon. You may also want to include your company name or product in these hashtags so as to generate more popularity both from the trending topics list and the retweets that your account will get.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Help

Are you about to name your next product? Try sending a tweet blast to ask for name suggestions from your followers. They will love the fact that you trust them enough to actually value their opinion in your product-naming. Showing your followers that you trust them will encourage them to trust you even more in return. They may even share your products to their own followers by retweeting you. After all, retweeting is the high-tech version of “word of mouth”.

Make Yourself Known in Conferences

Participants of seminars and conferences now have the habit of quoting speakers and sending out tweets about the information these experts are saying. Should you happen to find yourself in a panel or conference, use this opportunity to say only tweet-worthy statements. However, this route to popularity is a double-edged sword—-should you so much as say one senseless thought, the whole world will immediately know about it, too.

Make Use of Tools to Track Your Progress

The following tools will help you know more about your followers’ activities and other relevant statistics:

TweetStats – produces multi-colored graphs on hourly and daily tweets, people being replied to the most, monthly Twitter use, and exposure of autobots.
Tweet Clouds – gives information about the topics being talked about the most by a Twitter user.
Intwition – gives a list of the current and future popular links on Twitter.
Twitterverse – produces information about the most-talked about topic of your users for the day.

Twitter is a very powerful tool to establish rapport with your employees and customers. When all the factors above are put into strategic use, you will find your brand rising in popularity and credibility in no time.

This article was provided by Steve at, a UK based Twitter marketing agency.

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21 Tips To Gain Followers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best social media sites out there and here are some tips on how to gain followers.

1. Share the photos you have on Instagram on other social sites like Facebook, twitter, Tumblr. I try to post a photo on networks like twitter to create awareness of the fact that we are on Instagram and I try to make sure that it is a special photo.

2. Most of us link our companies to our Facebook and twitter accounts but only a few of us get to do the same with Instagram. You can do this by adding some of your Instagram photos on your blogs with links leading to your Instagram account.

3. Try and follow users who have interests which are similar to yours. You can do this by clicking “find friends” and then picking “suggested users”.

4. If you are looking to get more followers then your photos should not be private. The “photos are private” option should thus be off.

5. You should invite your friends from the rest of the social media sites.

6. Make sure that the photos you post are unique and eye-catching. Go for quality rather than quantity and this will attract more followers. You can get guidance from our article “3 Newbie Tips For Better Instagram Photos.”

7. It is a good idea to put descriptions on your images by commenting.

8. Use hashtags to tag your photos and this will increase the odds of your images being viewed by others. Examples include images like #sky, # cat or even # dog.

8b. There is a “Notes” application where you can store the common hashtags or the most important ones. This is also a good way for you to learn how to use them.

9. Try and be active by following others and commenting on their photos objectively. This will earn you followers especially if your comments are authentic.

10. Geotagging is another aspect which is as important as hashtags. This can help in categorizing data and content according to the location. This information has its own page which includes maps of different locations and the photos taken there.

11. You can make an announcement through email to your customers letting them know you are available on the photo sharing app.

11a. You can add Instagram on your website the same way you have Facebook or Twitter icons on your website page.

12. You can participate in the various photo contests available. Jessica Zollman (@jayzombie) is an Instagram team member who has a contest where people try to snap a photo related to a certain hashtag. Being active in the contests will earn you popularity.

13. Do not be afraid to comment on celebrity photos but make sure your comments are genuine.

14. Try to like photos by other people and they will feel the need to return the favor. However, try not to overdo it because some people may stop following you.

15. You should only seek to follow the iphonegraphers you enjoy. You will have more fun this way and you can build your own circle of friends.

16. There is a service known as which makes it easier for people to follow you from outside the Instagram application. You can sign up for this service to make it easier for them to follow you.

17. You can make use of analytics services such as which helps you track different photos you have posted and gives you how many likes and comments they received over a certain period of time. You can then be able to gather ideas according to the trends and know how to capitalize

18. If you have a good sense of humor with your comments it will add you more followers. This is because people appreciate a good laugh.

19. Share tips and tricks and you will draw followers who are looking to learn. I started sharing about applications and how to use them and it got me more followers.

20. Thank people at the end of the day for their comments and this will make them feel recognized and appreciated. They will want to keep commenting and this will add you followers.

21. Try and be genuine with your likes and comments. Enjoy the network and encourage others to be genuine too.


Holding a photo contest is another way of gaining more followers. You can come up with a gift for the winner and people who want to compete have to follow you first. You need to participate in photo contests before trying to host one so as to get a feel of how it works.

Steve writes for Buy Instagram Followers – a website designed to help boost your Instagram likes and instagram profile artificially.

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