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New York Times: Steam Big Picture public beta starts Monday

Last August, we found out that Steam’s Big Picture interface would be moving into its beta phase “soon,” but we never expected it would be, like, soon. It is Valve after all, and our cold, dark hearts weren’t never figured that Big Picture’s public beta would be happen in our lifetimes, let alone on Monday, September 10, like the New York Times says.

For those of you who haven’t been following this song’s bouncing ball, allow us to refresh your memory: Steam’ Big Picture interface is a custom UI designed specifically to make Valve’s all-encompassing digital storefront more user-friendly on televisions. It’s being designed with controller-based navigation in mind and would represent Valve’s first primordial step into the living room. Whether Monday’s testing is truly public or invitation based like its Community beta remains to be seen.

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Snapshot strikes a pose on Steam

Snapshot is now available (surprisingly) on Steam. Retro Affect’s 2D puzzle-platformer has been in development for several years and stars a robot named Pic, who can change the environment around him by taking pictures and placing them in the environment. The creative game is also coming to the PS Vita and PS3 later this year.

Snapshot is the second project from Retro Affect ? the studio’s first effort was Depict1, a freeware game that came out of Global Game Jam 2010. Kyle Pulver, one of the members of Retro Affect, also recently launched his solo project Offspring Fling, a fun-yet-evil game about throwing babies around.

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Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack coming to Steam August 15

DrinkBox Studios’ roly poly platformer Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack was widely recognized as the PS Vita’s best early release, and now it’s going to get access to an even bigger audience. DrinkBox has announced in the gibberish-ridden teaser trailer above that the game is headed to Steam, with the Vita’s touch controls translated right over to the mouse and keyboard.

The team is seeking beta testers right now, and the game will be out on August 15. Oh, and if you have a PS Vita and live in the EU but haven’t played the game yet, it’s on sale right now there as well.

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Civilization V: Gods & Kings demo now on Steam

Who can afford to blindly purchase games they think may be good? Not in this economy, buster – free demos are a necessity. Today, a demo for Civilization V: Gods & Kings is available for download on Steam.

Gods & Kings launched earlier this month – we enjoyed it – and is currently available as a $29.99 expansion. Of course, you must already own Civilization V to play.

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Origin’s DeMartini: Steam sales ‘cheapen intellectual property’

EA’s Senior Vice President of Global Ecommerce David DeMartini said that deep-discounting of games on Valve’s Steam service “cheapens intellectual property” in an interview with . As head of EA’s Origin digital distribution service, DeMartini suggested an alternative to Steam’s approach in dealing with “aging inventory.” “We don’t believe in the drop-it-down, spring-it-up, 75 percent off approach, but we’ve got something else that we do believe in that we’ll be rolling out,” he said, without revealing the company’s plans outright. DeMartini also commented on the company’s recent announcement to waive distribution fees for crowd-funded titles, saying it was “the first thing Origin did that no one could complain about.” Fully-funded games that hit Origin’s virtual shelves will not be subject to the service’s fees for the first 90 days. He added, “We figured this is something we could do that is going to please the hardcore; it’s going to please the independent development community.”


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My liege, Civilization V is free to play on Steam this weekend

The time of being born into power is coming to a close, as democracy sweeps across this world of ours. Now, if you want to be a leader of a country, you need to be smart – a student of conquest and diplomacy – and this weekend you can study up in Civilization V on Steam, free of charge.

You can install the game through Steam and play until you bring the world around to your type of thinking, up until 1pm PT on Sunday. And if you like Civilization V, it just so happens you can also purchase it at a 75% discount this weekend, which brings the price down to $7.49. A good ruler must also be able to spot a good bit of marketing. The expansion, Gods and Kings, is a little more than a month away, after all.

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