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How can Android Apps Increase Locksmith’s Efficiency?

These days, most of us use android smartphone for communication, browsing and streaming purpose while it’s not getting the most from this high-tech and well-designed gadget. United Kingdom and United States of America are considered developed countries because the mobile user of these territories uses android applications in their business lives. Last day, I checked android market and I explored a lot of applications those can make your business tasks quite comfortable. However, today I would like to talk about locksmith business applications. The reason is that the field workers of this small business have to handle different tasks at the same time. I just want to add a comfortable cushion in their busy lives. In addition, when a locksmith uses such applications then he will feel a boost in his work’ efficiency.  So, let’s start with the best applications of Android market.

Keep Full Control of Order through Locksmith Work Order

If you visit the nearest locksmith office in your area, you will be able to check how busy locksmith remains on the phone. They attend the call 24 hours a day and write down the orders in their registers and after that they send the mobile locksmith for the help of the business, home or car owners. They need to tackle with a lot of orders at the same time. In this condition, it’s android application “locksmith work order” that comes for the assistance of this professional. He is capable to note down every order in the electronically ready form and then to check the complete record of all orders at one place.

Get Instant Auto Info Through Auto Smith Pro

It’s a fact that a locksmith handles wide variety of automobiles in his routine. No matter how expert a locksmith is, he may forget the codes and programming of some auto keys. Therefore, it’s Auto Smith Pro which comes for the help of this expert. On this website, a professional can easily browse the automobiles key codes and programming methods by model or type. It’s simply a good source of information that allows the locksmith to find as much technical details as they want.

Manage Customer and Order via Locksmith Connect

It’s a paid application of Android market but trust me after getting this app, a locksmith will observe a boost in revenue. Actually, this application consists of a suite of software. It helps locksmith in different ways. He can get the technical information regarding the job from this application and side by side, he is capable to manage invoices and orders. Customer management is indeed a hard task for every business owner but thanks to locksmith connect, one can perform this task quite effortlessly.

Program Access Points through Stand alone Access Controls

Nowadays, we prefer to install standalone access control system at home and in office as this system increases the overall security level to a great extent. With the increasing demand of this system, different manufacturers come with their own kinds. So, sometimes programming of such system becomes difficult for the locksmith. In such cases, I recommend locksmith to go for Stand Alone Access Control app. An expert is capable to get the programming technical details right from this application whenever he stuck.

Know the Latest Lock info from How to Pick a lock

Gift of technological advancement comes in the form of advanced locks. It’s not possible for a locksmith to get picking information of every latest lock. Therefore, it’s advisable to get help from How to Pick a lock application. This application permits the mobile locksmith to instantly grab the picking information of every kind and type of lock.

I’m sure that when locksmiths will start using android application in their routine lives, they will notice a positive change. They don’t need to waste their time in remembering the difficult tech details, they just need to tap on an application for getting the data and thereby, they can complete the task in a timely manner.

Marry Jojo is an expert author and blogger. She loves to test different android application in her routine life. She is also managing Bellevue WA locksmith blog.

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How Cloud Software Can Cut Down Your Business Costs

In a troubled economy businesses are trying to minimize their spending and cloud software offers an excellent way to achieve that. But the problem is not many businesses are aware of the advantages offered by cloud software. So if you are one of the first to embrace these technologies you can gain a significant advantage over your competitors. Mentioned below are some ways web based software can save you money.

Subscription Model

Most web based software provides you with a pay as you go option. So you don’t have to spend a huge amount upfront to make use of the software. This also enables you to test the software without making a long term commitment. Additionally cloud based solutions are much cheaper compared to traditional desktop software. For example a web based Visio alternative like Creately costs 5$ per month compared to a 300-400$ Visio license.

Reduced Maintenance/Installation Costs

Because cloud software resides in vendor servers they are platform independent. Only thing you need to access them is a modern browser which can be easily downloaded for free. This means you don’t have to worry about downloads, installing the software, doing compatibility test before installing and upgrading, creating disk space for installations and a whole lot more. Basically you let the vendor handle the maintenance and upgrading while you use the software.

Collaboration Features to Improve Productivity

The collaboration features including real-time collaboration makes it very easy for teams to work together. Additionally they help people working from remote locations and independent contractors to easily share and edit documents. In real-time collaboration you can share a document with multiple persons and edit them simultaneously. You can instantly see the changes made by each other so there is little chance of someone getting confused. A good example of this is working with your accountants using a web based accounting tool like Freshbooks. Because both parties can see the changes instantly you can suggest modification, give explanations for some expenses etc. Another example is discussing your website layout with a web design company. You can share a UI mock-up and collaboratively edit it until both parties are satisfied about the design. These are just two examples, the possibilities are limitless.

Anywhere Access to Quickly Retrieve Data

Another big benefit of cloud software is you can access them from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Instant access to data makes it very easy to take decisions and act faster according to the data. It is important to note that some cloud based vendors provide offline access as well, so you’re not handicapped when working in remote areas that don’t have Internet access. HTML5, On-premise installations are some of the things vendors provide to give offline access.

Other Ways Cloud Software Saves You Money

Mentioned above are some of the main ways cloud software helps your business save money. But there are plenty more. Because of online collaboration you dramatically reduce the number of meetings and the time spend on meetings. You cut down travel costs because now you no longer need to go to the client or vendor to discuss your plans. There are plenty of other little benefits that add up to make a significant difference.

With all these benefits it would be foolish not to give cloud software a try. Most of them offer a free trial so you have nothing to lose.

Nishadha Silva is a tech evangelist working for Creately, a web based diagram software to draw business process diagrams, flowcharts, organization charts, network diagrams and much more. Give it a try and feel the difference.

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Managing the Security Requirements in Agile Projects

Address to the security requirements even at early phases of development is the most effective method of preventing security bugs. The major part of security requirements are related to non-functional requirements (NFR). Non-functional requirements generally describe such aspects of software system as reliability, security, response time and some other significant qualities of an application. Remember, that functional requirements describe what should the system do in response to the certain user action.

Active attention to the non-functional requirements and likewise security in particular is not usual within Agile. Non-functional requirements are often linked with large number of limitations. It can be really difficult to work with a huge set of limitations connected with non-functional requirements. If to add also some additional NFR limitations such as ease of access, the list of limitations might grow too rapidly for developers. After the list becomes really huge, developers often ignore it at all. They simply rely on their memory in the application of NFR limitations. In such areas as security of applications, the quantity of non-functional requirements significantly increases, and that makes cognitive load on developers’ brains really considerable.

Of course there are effective solutions to the problems with immense NFR restrictions. It is possible to cope with the problem of numerous NFR limitations the following ways.

1.Prioritization. If NFR restrictions will have various priorities, it will be easier to divide the scope of work into parts and to relieve brain a little. It is possible to assign different priorities to limitations so as it is usually done for defects and user stories. It is possible to designate priorities like this: “Low”, “Middle” or “High”. It can also be convenient to evaluate priorities using numerical scale from one to ten.

2.Filtration. By utilizing simple criteria you can decrease or just liquidate large scope of NFR restrictions for certain user story. By using the system of tags or just Excel filters you can successfully perform this. Here are some examples of filters which can be used for web applications:

– Does the user story utilize the input data supplied by the user?

– Does the user story use some kind of confidential data such as credit cards, passwords or even some kind of non-public financial data?

Mainly prioritization and filtration can significantly simplify and help to systematize the daily work connected with NFR restrictions. And, of course, it is better to remember about issue tracking system which will help to monitor the most important processes and data during workflows.

Author Byline

Hi, my name’s Jannet Sparts and I’m working as an editor of Online Issues. I write for several blogs sharing my experience and observations. I have worked as a project manager in several companies. So I have tried different PM tools, collaboration programs, including tracker and task management software solutions. For the moment PM software is my primary field of interest.

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Point of Sale Software: How It’s Improved Over the Years

A POS system has come a long way from the trusty cash drawer that was opened with a lock and key. Today, new POS software technologies run rampant as more tools are introduced to support different business models.

The following are some of the most prominent advancements that have made POS software a huge help for businesses:

Tablet-Compatible Cash Drawers

Customers and employees want mobile POS systems technologies. In fact, 50% of customers surveyed in a recent Honeywell survey agreed that using a mobile POS station will save time; 43% believed that paperless receipts sent via e-mail were beneficial to both customers and businesses.

That’s why business owners should start thinking about POS system software such as iRegister. It’s a new POS tablet that can save small business owners a lot of money because they won’t need to purchase a complete POS system.

The register costs $999 and can be used stationary when docked at a cash drawer in conjunction with a keyboard and thermal receipt printer, similar to a traditional POS station. For added convenience, employees can remove the tablet from the docking station for mobile transactions, to reduce long lines, or print customer receipts away from the register.

Multi-Location Management

New point of sale software allows business owners with several retail locations to manage reports in real-time using one complete system. All customer transactions in multiple retail stores can be accessed with multi-level security encoding to control records, sales, and inventory without having to step foot in the actual store.

This type of on-site and off-site management will allow a business owner to track customer sales to improve day-to-day efficiency and productivity – regardless of the size of business.

POS E-Commerce Storefront

For retail stores that also sell products online, POS software now provides e-commerce solutions for all business types and sizes.

E-commerce POS software can be customized to meet a business’s unique needs, allowing brick-and-mortar retail stores to expand their reach to a larger customer demographic by selling products online. This type of streamlined POS software will enable a retail store to expedite customer orders placed online, while continuing to track inventory and sales for both in-store and Internet purchases.

Clearly, standard POS systems are raising the bar by introducing new, functional technologies that benefit a wide variety of business models. Whether you own a retail store, a restaurant, or a fast food chain, using an updated POS system will make it easier to expedite customer transactions to improve sales and step up your level of customer service.

Sylvia Rosen is an online writer who enjoys writing about the latest business technology trends.

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How to bypass office software rules

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Dell aims to create $5 billion software business

SAN FRANCISCO: Dell Inc’s new software chief plans to increase the size of the business five-fold, a target that could eventually account for at least 25 percent of the No. 3 personal computer maker’s profits.

John Swainson, the former chief executive of CA Technologies who joined Dell in February, said software is a higher margin business than most of the company’s other units, but is not big enough to make a difference right now.

Dell has been actively diversifying its products and business away from personal computers, a market whose growth is slowing as Apple Inc’s iPad and other mobile devices pull customers away. The company has said it sees software and services as key growth areas.

Swainson wants Dell’s software business to make a “meaningful contribution” to its bottom line. “As you get to a number like $5 billion, it starts to become a meaningful number on the bottom line,” he told Reuters in an interview. “If you were at $5 billion software business with 30 percent margins, that would be roughly $1.5 billion in net income.”

Dell’s software business currently generates about $1.2 billion of its $ 60.2 billion annual revenue. Swainson did not give a time frame for when he hopes to achieve the target revenues, but said the $2.4 billion acquisition of Quest software was one of the building blocks to getting there.

Software is one part of the Round Rock, Texas-based company’s strategy to transform the corporation from just a PC company to a one-stop shop for all the IT needs of corporations. But the company has been lagging larger rivals such as Hewlett-Packard Co and International Business Machines Corp in the race to become the preferred vendor for corporate information technology needs.

Acquisitions that broaden its offerings, such as IT services company Perot Systems and security company SonicWall, have underpinned Dell’s diversification plan. Dell, however, is not planning to buy any more software companies of Quest’s size in the near-term, but will continue to “actively” look for good buys, Swainson said.

The company is also focusing on emerging markets for growth. Chief Executive Officer Michael Dell said earlier this week he remains upbeat about areas such as China, its largest market outside the United States, despite “challenges” and a business slowdown.

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Opera Software bets big on digitisation wave in India

NEW DELHI: Betting big on Indian government’s digitisation drive, Norway-based Opera Software today said it looks to partner with set top box (STB) manufactures, which will help DTH, IPTV and cable subscribers to access Internet from their television sets.

Browsers such as Opera, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are used for accessing Internet.

“It is a good time to get into this (digital devices space)…We would look at partnering someone like say Huawei to built our browser onto their platform,” Opera Software Sales Director (India and SAARC) Sunil Kamath told reporters.

He, however, added that no such deals have been signed as of now but the company, which offers Opera Web browser, is exploring the option. The company offers browsers for computers, mobiles and tablets and other devices.

The government has declared that analogue cable service would be phased out and complete digitisation will usher in cable sector in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata by November 2012.

To implement this decision, STBs have to be installed in households subscribing to cable service. According to estimates, there are at over 103 lakh subscribers in the four metros alone.

IT peripherals maker Amkette had recently launched a new device ‘EvoTV’ priced at Rs 9,995, which allows users to surf Internet on their television sets. Globally, Apple and Google have also introduced similar offerings.

Opera has also partnered with telecom companies like Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular to distribute a co-branded version of Opera Mini, its mobile phone browser. Many handsets, especially those from domestic handset makers, come embedded with Opera browser.

“Such tie-ups help us reach out to more consumers and gives us another distribution channel,” Kamath said, adding that Opera Mini has close to 179 million users globally.

Though he declined to comment on India-specific numbers, Kamath said its userbase in the country has grown 4-5 times over past two years.

“India is a strategic market for us. We support 14 Indian languages and we are confident that we will continue to see the strong growth that we have seen in the last few months,” he added.

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China’s software industry grows at slightly faster pace

Beijing: China’s software industry grew slightly faster in the first five months of this year, boosted by government’s preferential tax policies.

The industry’s revenues rose 27.2 per cent year-on-year to 860.8 billion yuan (USD 136.4 billion) in the January-May period, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said in a statement.

The growth was 1.2 percentage points higher than that in the January-April period, although it was still one percentage point slower than that of the same period of last year, the statement said.

In May, revenues increased 30.8 per cent year-on-year to 208.8 billion yuan, up 5.6 percentage points from April.

In the first five months, software exports rose 11.5 per cent to USD 13.4 billion, 1.3 percentage points faster than the growth in the first four months, Xinhua news agency reported.

Intensifying competition and weak external demand had dragged down the growth of China’s software industry before the government in May announced preferential tax policies for software and integrated circuit (IC) enterprises to spur technological innovation and industrial upgrades.

Backdated to Jan 1, 2011 and effective until Dec 31, 2017, enterprises that manufacture IC lines thinner than 0.8 microns will be approved for two-year corporate tax exemptions once they make a profit, according to a government statement issued in May.

Companies producing IC lines thinner than 0.25 microns or that have investment exceeding eight billion yuan will be taxed at a discounted rate of 15 per cent, the statement said.

China’s current corporate income tax rate is set at 25 per cent.

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Software identifies censored China microblog posts

HONG KONG: Hong Kong researchers have developed software able to identify censored posts on China’s main microblog, they said Thursday.

Called “WeiboScope”, the programme developed as a project at the University of Hong Kong is able to detect politically sensitive posts deleted by Chinese censors on Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.

Beijing regularly blocks Internet searches under a vast online censorship system known as the Great Firewall of China, but the growing popularity of microblogs such as Sina Weibo has posed the authorities a new challenge.

The Hong Kong programme helps researchers “look at the (microblogging) impact on Chinese society”, lead researcher and journalism professor Fu King-wa told AFP.

The study showed posts including names such as disgraced Chongqing Communist Party boss Bo Xilai and dissident Chen Guangcheng, who left China for the US in May after fleeing house arrest, had been frequently deleted in the past few months.

Fu said the programme can currently only show a “small snapshot of the whole universe of Sina Weibo”, since it is only tracking 300,000 users who have more than 1,000 followers out of 300 million Weibo users.

The programme downloads the posts of these users throughout the day and identifies the censored posts by comparing their profile from time to time. Posts censored by the authorities will show up with a “permission denied” message.

Fu expressed hope that the programme would soon cover more of Weibo’s user base.

Chinese authorities announced plans earlier this month to tighten control of microblogs, including making its users register with their real names.

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