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6 Best Enterprise apps for Android

In past, the people used mobile phone for only communication purpose but at present this situation has completely changed after the emergence of android smartphone. This android guy has brought many changes in our personal and professional lives. This handset comes with speedily growing application market named as Android market or Google play. From this store, every person can grab one application of his choice. However, it’s me who will today focus on enterprise applications. The main purpose of introducing these applications for android platform is to enhance the overall productivity level of employees and workers. So, let’s peep into the detail of famous and useful applications for corporate environment.

 1. Think Free Mobile

When you imagine an office, first thing which come into your mind is an office with table having many files. In old days, employees needed to compose and to store a lot of files physically but after android tablet and smartphone, they are capable to create, edit and store as much files as they want. For their assistance, android market comes with Think free mobile application. It’s a word processor that makes it simple for you to compose file and then to store them in your personal or public cloud storage. In addition, you can share between personal cloud and mobile devices.

2. Quick Office Pro

The employees need to work with presentations and different databases along with word files therefore; it’s Quick Office Pro that adds ease into their life. This enterprise application will make it simple for them to create, edit and share their Microsoft word, spreadsheets and presentations on the move. A businessman will definitely find it a handy application as he can check his office work while travelling.

3. Egnyte App

No matter where you actually are, this application allows you to access, edit, store and share files from any where any time. Just you need to have a smartphone for getting the most from this application. I really like the permission control feature of this application which permits the user to limit the access of files to only authorized people. One more special feature of it is file synchronization from smartphone with computer.

4. Critix Receiver

There are many enterprises which have started using critix receiver as it enhances efficiency of worker in a robust manner. This application permits the authorized users to access enterprise files, desktop and application from anywhere. Sharing of file through this receiver is indeed a delightful task.

5. Mango Apps

The real-time collaboration between employees is made possible with the help of Mango applications. When a company gets this application for employees, it becomes simple for every worker to get news and updates from the same platform. In addition, there is an instant messenger available on every interface just to make sure that employees can communicate with one another in an instant manner. They can make groups and then share files with their group members in a comfortable way. You can create the modules of your choice like collaborations, tasks, groups, files, applications, ideas, etc. The company can create private groups and projects for maintaining collaboration with customers and partners.

6. Yammer

It is one of the best enterprise applications available in Google play. This application lets you to create a private social network for your company. Co-workers can easily communicate with each other through a private social platform. They can update their status and get latest news of business right from here.

Kiran Khan is an expert business consultant. She advises entrepreneurs to download best enterprise applications for enhancing workforce productivity.

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Cool Smartphone Apps Supporting Charitable Causes

4 mobile ways to support your favorite nonprofits

So what’s your charitable cause? Is it animals like me? Or is it the homeless, women with breast cancer, children with learning disabilities, food for the elderly, or perhaps saving Mother Earth?

Regardless of the cause close to your heart, there is a charity to support it. It’s how you decide to give to your charity cause that really matters. Be it via volunteering, monetary donations, or maybe both, charities rely on the graciousness of other people in order to run and help those they represent. The good news is that your smartphone app can actually help you help your favorite charitable cause.

Here are four smartphone apps that you can download for free to support your favorite nonprofit.

1. VolunteerMatch (Free – for iPhone)

Any nonprofit organization will tell you that their volunteers are at the heart of their organization. Most charities don’t have the money or paid manpower to run charity events, get donations, and etc., so they depend on the goodness of volunteers to keep them lucrative. The VolunteerMatch app helps volunteers find charity opportunities in their area. And with more than 89,000 organizations and a variety of causes to give your time to, there’s no excuse not to get involved and start helping those in need of your special skills.

2. Global Giving (Free – for iPhone)

If you’re seeking specific grassroots organizations around the world in which to lend a hand (i.e., building homes for habitat for humanity) or give monetary donations then the Global Giving app can give you a global perspective. This app searches the map by theme so you can quickly find and donate to the cause of your choice. For those not sold on one particular charity, this app also features a different project regularly that you can explore and donate to if you deem them worthy. And a really neat feature is that once you give, you’ll receive updates on the progress that the charity has made so you can see the true impact of your kindness.

3. Charity Miles (Free – for Android)

If you like to walk, run, bike, or swim for charity then the Charity Miles app is right up your alley. So strap on those sneakers and use this tool to track how many miles you bike, run or walk and earn 25 cents per mile (for walking and running) and 10 cents a mile (for biking). The user can then apply their earning toward a charity. Organizations can sign up to be a part of the app by contacting Charity Miles. Currently this app is for iPhones on any service provider and on most Android devices, including the Android tablet from T-Mobile. The app is free and is constantly adding new charities and organizations to their list.

4. Instead (Free – for Android & iPhone)

If you don’t know what a micro-donation is, but have always wanted to give something other than cold hard cash to charities, check out Instead. This app asks for a different kind of monetary donations—items like coffee, food, toys, or any other such items. The reasoning behind Instead is that if you give coffee as your donation, you’ll give up your $5 frappacinno every day, and instead give that amount to your favorite charity. The same would go for eating out if you give food and buying expensive kid’s toys if you want to see your donation go to needy children. To use Instead, just fill out your credit card information to use the one-click donate button. My mom and I do this right from our T-mobile Samsung cell phones. This app really puts what we want and what we need in perspective.

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Android extends dominance in smartphones worldwide

NEW YORK: Research firm IDC says Google’s Android operating system has extended its dominance in the smartphone market largely because of the success of Samsung’s line of phones that run the software.

IDC says Samsung Electronics Co. and other phone makers shipped nearly 105 million Android smartphones in the second quarter. Android had 68 percent of the worldwide market, up from 47 percent a year earlier.

The gains come largely at the expense of BlackBerry phones made by Research in Motion Ltd. and Symbian phones used mostly by Nokia Corp. Each saw its market share drop below 5 percent.

The market share for Apple Inc.’s iPhone fell slightly to 17 percent, but the company shipped more units than a year ago. Apple is the No. 2 smartphone maker, behind Samsung.

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What’s Next after 4G Tech? Advance Review

Yes after early debut of 4G technology, we are now again facing another surprise from the developers of this technology. They call it 5G technologies which promise a faster mobile internet for the consumers.

If you can figure out internet options in your area, especially if it is 4G, don’t just be contented with the faster mobile internet that you can receive. Be mindful that as the sales of smartphone and tablet users increase, it would have a direct impact to the congestion of the wireless networks provided by the network companies.

Give it five years from now and you would feel the deterioration of your internet speed. This is the prediction of the network developers. That is why while you are enjoying the current comfort 4G is offering, they are busy in researching and developing a much faster mobile internet connection.

So what would you expect from 5G technology? Here are the facts that would excite you for the future.

Faster mobile internet connection


It would be an understatement to say that 5G offers faster mobile internet connection from 4G technology. However, according to the standard of the International Telecommunications Union, 5G technology would have a speed of one gigabyte per second. It’s a literal speed that can download an HD movie in less than a minute. Imagine the data that speed can offer you? Another shocking part is it can actually shared by the entire household. For example, if you are comfortable with slower mobile internet speed, then you can actually share the remaining bandwidth to your family members. And that’s what we call intelligent network.

Intelligent network


The developers of this technology do not only focus on the speed. They also put emphasis on the reliability and usefulness of this technology which is not seen in the 4G. With intelligent capability to distinguish priority connections, consumers can now put machines into their internet. For example, you could actually set your thermostat in plus 20 degrees hotter even if you are still driving two miles away from your home. When you are in an emergency, this technology allows you to prioritize emergency calls using VoIP than your social media sites. They predicted that this technology in internet connectivity will be more inclined in the introduction of IP based machines, instruments and appliances. Would this be true, we don’t really know. What is cleat though is that it can make human lives more convenient.



5G technology has been predicted to be much cheaper compared to its ancestors. This is because data caps will be avoided and companies will now charge its consumers in a much affordable price. Indirectly, people can save from the costly internet bill because of the 5G’s capacity to share. From the point of view of consumers, this technology is the best way to do things like watching TV, using the telephone and watching expensive movies in the cinemas in a single billed internet service. Now, you can save more from those expensive cable and telephone bills.

Review by: Jashon Wills

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Apple and Samsung take Australian legal patent battle to the ‘hot tub’

SYDNEY: Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd are embroiled in a high-stakes patent battle in several countries around the world, but only in Australia are they also engaged in “hot tubbing.”

Rather than a gaggle of lawyers hammering out their differences in the jacuzzi, the term refers to expert witnesses giving evidence in court together – rather than one by one – in the witness box.

Officially known by the more staid legal term of “concurrent evidence”, the practice has become increasingly common in Australia in complex, technical trials such as the Apple-Samsung patent dispute.

Proponents argue that it saves time and resources and, importantly, restrains experts hired by litigants from overstating their case as they can immediately be questioned not only by the judge and lawyers, but by their peers.

“I think in a case like this it’s quite a good approach,” said Mark Summerfield, a patent lawyer and senior associate at Melbourne-based law firm Watermark.

Australia is one several countries where Apple and Samsung are in battle over patents. Apple has accused Samsung of copying the design and function of some of its tablet and smartphone devices, while Samsung has counter-sued Apple for allegedly breaching patents related to wireless transmission technology. A U.S. Federal Court began its own high profile case last week.

The hot tub approach temporarily switches Australia’s adversarial court system into more of an inquisitorial system that is widely followed in Europe and Asia.

“The basic theory is that if an expert is in a position like that … they will be more upfront about what they really think and they’ll be more willing to discuss the nuances of points,” said Summerfield. “It also tempers the tendency of barristers to be aggressive in questioning.”

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Can Smartphone Apps Help You Increase Your Fitness Level?

Our smart phones can do many different things these days, but one thing that most people don’t think about is their ability to help you stay fit. In an age when technology appears to be making us more sedentary, there is actually much to praise in the app industry as regards tools for fitness! Here is a list of a few free, or at least very cheap, apps that I highly recommend for you to consider:

1. Garmin Fit: This app is at the number one place for a reason. Garmin Fit allows you to keep track of all the logistics of your workout, such as distance, elevation, heart rate, route traveled, and number of calories you burned in the process. This app then processes that information, allowing you to observe your growth, improvement, and general trends. On top of all that, it helps you choose a good workout playlist. This data is stored at the Garmin Connect Website so that you can review it at any time and scan your development over the course of long periods. Anyone who has struggled with maintaining a long term routine knows how difficult it is to keep up a strong vision for fitness when you don’t keep track of your progress. This app does just that, and more!

2. Get Running (Couch to 5k): Get Running is perfect for those would-be runners who have the desire, but perhaps lack the know how and motivation to lace up the shoes and head out the door. The app acts as a sort of personal running coach and offers a 9-week training program to get you going “from couch to 5k.” Many runners say that the most difficult phase in a runner’s journey is building from zero stamina to being able to run for 30 minutes without stopping. Get Running targets this period of a runner’s journey and has helped numerous people get out on the trail. Get Running also helps you record your progress and even offers to post your newest data on Facebook and Twitter for your friends and relatives to keep up with your journey to becoming a runner.

3. All-In Fitness: I’m pretty excited about this app. What do you think is the main reason people choose not to start working out? It’s actually the fact that they don’t know what to do! This great app takes all the guess work out of starting a routine. With All-In Fitness, your phone will contain 1,000 exercises all featured in HD videos, 100 complete workouts, and input from real personal trainers to offer you the full introduction to fitness straight from your phone! If you are a longtime fitness guru, however, the sheer volume of available exercises is sure to beef up your repertoire and help you keep your body guessing.

4. Strava: Strava is like a social network for your training partners and competitors. We all know that competition makes exercise more fun, and with this app, you can create a virtual record board for your local trail, circuit, or track. You can upload your newest bests, and challenge your friends to step up to the plate! Strava includes multiple metric devises to record your essential information as well, such as: elevation, heart-rate, distance covered, and calories burned.

5. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker: MyFitnessPal has created a great product that allows you to manage the half of fitness training and weight loss that most people ignore: your diet! Calorie Counter enables you to scan barcodes to download nutritional info, record your recent meals and intake, and keep yourself accountable for what you decide to indulge in. Any exercise system that says you can eat whatever you want is a scam, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours every day crunching numbers and obsessing over calories. This app does it all for you!
Author Bio: Zachary James writes for, a boxing gear site for both the boxing and health enthusiast.

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Nokia-born startup to launch MeeGo smartphone

HELSINKI: A Finnish startup, formed by former Nokia employees and using technology ditched by the handset maker, plans to launch its first smartphone later this year, entering an already crowded market.

The startup, Jolla Ltd, will use MeeGo software, created by Nokia and Intel in 2010-2011, for its products.

Linux-based MeeGo has found use in netbooks and car infotainment systems, but so far has been deployed in just one smartphone model, the Nokia N9.

Finland’s Nokia last year swapped its own software platforms, MeeGo and Symbian, for Microsoft’s untried Windows Phone – a move that has hit its sales and sent its share price crashing. It has yet to disclose N9 sales figures.

“The Jolla team is formed by directors and core professionals from Nokia’s MeeGo N9 organisation, together with some of the best minds working on MeeGo in the communities,” the startup said in a statement.

Jolla said it would focus on designing, developing and selling new MeeGo-based smartphones and unveil the first model later this year, together with international private investors and partners.

Analysts said the new company would struggle to break into the highly competitive smartphone market, which is dominated by Google and Apple.

“The art is not to create one cool phone, the challenge is to create a sustainable business. And when you have got all that in place you have to bring your product to the market,” said John Strand, founder of Danish telecoms consultancy Strand Consult.

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External device causes smartphone fire: Samsung

SEOUL: Samsung Electronics Co on Saturday cited a report by fire investigators as saying an external energy source had caused one of its flagship Galaxy S III smartphones to catch fire in Ireland last month.

The world’s top smartphone maker said an investigation by Fire Investigations (UK) had stated that the Samsung device was not responsible for the cause of the fire, and that an “external energy source was responsible for generating the heat”.

The new Galaxy S series, the strongest rival for Apple’s iPhone, was launched in Europe in late May and in the United States last month.

A Dublin-based consumer posted comments and photos on a web site in June, saying his Galaxy phone had “exploded” while mounted on his car dashboard.

He wrote that while he was driving, “suddenly a white flame, sparks and a bang came out of the phone.”

The South Korean electronics giant said it had contracted FI-UK, an independent British provider of consultancy services into fires and explosions, to determine the cause of the fire.

Samsung added it had provided FI-UK with several Galaxy S III phones, including the burnt smartphone, for a series of tests.

“Additionally, the investigation results state, ‘The only way it was possible to produce damage similarly to the damage recorded within the owner’s damaged device was to place the devices or component parts with a domestic microwave,'” Samsung said on its official global blog (

It also showed the unnamed user’s latest comments posted on a web site, saying the phone had been recovered from water and the damage “occurred due to a large amount of external energy” which apparently was used to dry out the device.

“This was not a deliberate act but a stupid mistake,” the user added, according to the Samsung blog.

There have been other reports of Samsung smartphones overheating. In March, a Korean schoolboy reported that a spare battery for his Galaxy S II exploded in his back pocket. Samsung said then that the cause was massive external pressure or force.

Heat issues have been reported with other devices. In March, influential consumer watchdog Consumer Reports said Apple’s latest iPad tablet threw off a lot more heat than the previous version, lending weight to complaints on Internet forums that the device could get uncomfortably warm after heavy use.

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33% of digital content will be on ‘cloud’ by 2016

NEW DELHI: Your e-mail has been on the internet cloud ever since you started using one. Now brace up to store more content on the cloud-with the convenience of being able to access it anywhere, anytime on any connected device. That’s the promise of cloud computing and this trend will only accelerate over the coming years.

According to research firm Gartner the desire to share content and to access it on multiple devices will motivate consumers to start storing a third of their digital content in the cloud by 2016. Gartner said that just seven percent of consumer content was stored in the cloud in 2011, but this will grow to 36% in 2016.

“Historically, consumers have stored content on their PCs, but as we enter the post-PC era, consumers are using multiple connected devices, the majority of which are equipped with cameras. This is leading to a massive increase in new user-generated content that requires storage,” said Shalini Verma, principal research analyst at Gartner. “With the emergence of the personal cloud, this fast-growing consumer digital content will quickly get disaggregated from connected devices.”

The increased adoption of camera-equipped smartphones and tablets is allowing users to capture huge amounts of photos and videos. Gartner predicts that worldwide consumer digital storage needs will grow from 329 exabytes in 2011 to 4.1 zettabytes in 2016. This includes digital content stored in PCs, smartphones, tablets, hard-disk drives (HDDs), network attached storage (NAS) and cloud repositories.

The bulk of the cloud storage needs of consumers in the near term will be met by social media sites such as Facebook, which offer free storage space for uploading photos and videos for social sharing. The Gartner analyst said that while online backup services are the most well-known cloud storage providers, their total storage allocated to consumers and ‘prosumers’ is small relative to that maintained by social media sites.

Average storage per household will grow from 464 gigabytes in 2011 to 3.3 terabytes in 2016. In 2012, Gartner believes that the adoption of camera-equipped tablets and smartphones will drive consumer storage needs. In the first half of 2012, a shortage in supply of HDDs as a result of the floods in Thailand provided an impetus for cloud storage adoption, leading to an unusual overall growth rate between 2011 and 2012. The future is definitely on the cloud!

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Nokia launches 808 Pureview @ Rs 33,000

NEW DELHI: Nokia on Wednesday launched its much-awaited cameraphone 808 Pureview in India. It will be sold at a ‘Best Buy price’ of Rs 33,000.

The smartphone has a four-inch wide screen and runs on Symbian Belle. It boasts of 41 MP sensor and the most advanced imaging innovation featuring Nokia’s award-winning PureView technology and Carl Zeiss optics.

Nokia has a tie-up with Dolby Laboratories that has helped it introduce a rich cinematic sound output in 808 PureView which features both Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Headphones technology. In addition, Nokia is bundling a Dolby Headphone with PureView 808.

Besides, Pureview has two microphones that capture a near perfect sound recording to make the videos with rich CD-like audio recording enabled by Nokia Rich Recording, earlier only possible with external microphones.

Above all, its new pixel oversampling technology, superior low-light performance and the ability to save in compact file sizes for sharing in email, MMS, and on social networks, the Nokia 808 PureView promises the users to capture high-quality images in any conditions. PureView also has full HD 1080p video recording and playback with 4X lossless zoom.

Significantly, a software upgrade promised by Nokia with the latest Belle feature pack software upgrade for its other smartphones will add cinematic 5.1 Dolby surround sound for better music and movies experience to handsets like Nokia 700, 701 and Nokia 603.

With Dolby technologies in its smartphones, Nokia claims to turn them into devices which can deliver high-definition (HD) content with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1-channel surround sound to HDTVs, audio/video receivers, and home theater systems.

PureView 808 comes in only black and white colours and will be available across Nokia retail outlets starting Thursday with an MRP of Rs 33,899. It is powered by a single core 1.3Ghz microprocessor which seems inadequate but according to Nokia, the phone has another processor dedicated to the camera function, thus ensuring a reasonably good performance. It has a 16GB internal storage, expendable up to 32GB with a microSD card. The RAM seems rather low at 512MB.

Speaking at the launch, Vipul Mehrotra, director and head of smart devices, Nokia India said, “Nokia has always been known for its imaging legacy. What started off with a simple objective to create the most advanced imaging device, the Nokia 808 PureView has evolved into something extremely revolutionary.”

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