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EA files ‘Jet Set Detectives’ trademarks

Electronic Arts has filed trademarks for “Jet Set Detectives” with the US Patent and Trademark Office and, frankly, your guess is as good as ours as to what it’s all about. Fusible dug up the trademark applications, as well as a matching domain, registered by a company that EA uses for such services.

Based on the title, our brains obviously go to something involving Jet Set Radio, but that makes almost no sense, since the spray-paint actioner is a Sega property. How about an augmented reality mobile game that uses GPS information?

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Modded Sega Genesis does what Nintendon’t: administers electric shocks

Dyak and Furrtek, for reasons unknown, decided to mod a Sega Genesis with parts of a shock collar meant for dogs. The result is the Genezap, which delivers an electric charge of a modifiable intensity whenever the player takes damage in Sonic, Mega Bomberman, or other games.

They did this on purpose.

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Dress like the Jet Set with new Sega clothing line

Whether you’re spray-painting police officers in Shibuya-cho or bundling up for a Sakuragaoka afternoon of investigating what happened on the day the snow turned into rain, UK-based Insert Coin Clothing has styles to suit you.

The company’s “Sega Reloaded” line features authentic recreations of both Beat and Gum’s t-shirts from Jet Set Radio (which amusingly bear the characters’ own names), and both shirts and hoodies based on the tiger-adorned leather jacket worn by Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki. Other Sega designs reference Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe and Sonic.

Another upcoming offering by the company is inspired by Sega even more literally, complete with bags matching the approximate shape and appearance of Dreamcast and Mega Drive consoles.

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