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Ubisoft’s RockSmith – First Look

In a declining music game industry, Ubisoft took everyone by surprise with the release of a revolutionary new music game, RockSmith. With RockSmith, Ubisoft proved that this genre of games may be down but it’s still in the picture by coming out with a game that ended up becoming not just a source of entertainment but also a great learning tool.


At first, the announcement of RockSmith seemed strange considering the recent scrapping of the sensational Guitar Hero by Activision. The music game industry was at an all time low. Gone were the days when music games were performing even better than sports games. But when RockSmith debuted in the US in October 2011, it delighted both critics and users alike. Even before the game had become a huge hit, Ubisoft’s senior VP of marketing, Tony Key, was touting it as the most addictive game ever created.


Unlike the other games in the category, RockSmith requires the use of real guitars. Previous games allowed users to plug in plastic guitars that had buttons on them but RockSmith changed that allowing users to plug in any real guitar. According to its website, RockSmith has been tested and proven to teach you how to play the guitar and go on to master it. A consumer survey of RockSmith users proved that 95% of players experienced an improvement in their guitar playing abilities by playing RockSmith. Users can plug in any guitar or bass in their PS3, Xbox 360 or PC and practice their guitar skills while playing.


Also launched along with the game was a large music library with songs from many genres including those by popular rock bands like Nirvana and the Rolling Stones. Users can choose their favorite songs and eventually go on to mastering them. Other than the regular gameplay, there are tons of mini games that allow players to polish specific sets of skills like finger dexterity, and scales. The difficulty settings on the game automatically adapt to your ability and you can go on to playing complex chords gradually.


Once users have learnt a particular song, RockSmith encourages them to play by memory without the help of the on-screen notes. Advanced users can transform their gaming console into an amplifier and get the sound they’re looking for.


According to Ubisoft, the response of gamers in US has been extremely positive. Guitar owners have thanked Ubisoft for finally enabling them to master the guitar that they had lying around for years. RockSmith has certainly taken music game genre one step further by incorporating the use of an actual guitar. RockSmith’s gaming cum education formula has appealed to all age groups.


If there’s one musical instrument that the maximum number of people find themselves attracted to, it’s the guitar. Guitar Hero’s resounding success proved just that. But Ubisoft went further and created something that not only entertains but also proves itself to be incredibly useful in the process. Ubisoft’s brilliant idea of using a real guitar is a sure shot recipe of success despite all initial skepticism. 


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