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FB asked to stop ads

Facebook should stop advertising to users in Nordic countries or face legal action, the Norwegian consumer agency said on Thursday.

The agency, like its counterparts in the Nordic region, wants to put an end to the advertisements that appear on users’ news feeds.

It has sent a letter to the European Commission to determine whether Facebook is in line with the EU’s directive on privacy and electronic communication — and possibly to make amendments to rules drawn up before Facebook was founded.

“It is prohibited to send electronic advertisements to consumers who haven’t given their consent, either by email or SMS,” consumer mediator Gry Nergaard told AFP.

“We think that some of the advertising that Facebook calls ‘Sponsored Stories’ is beginning to look like unsolicited electronic messages,” she said.

Facebook is struggling to generate advertising revenue, claims it is abiding by European and Norwegian laws.

Its spokesman in northern Europe, Jan Fredriksson, said users could choose to block this type of advertising in their settings.

But Nergaard said it was not enough to provide an “opt out” option, the key issue was that Facebook did not have users’ prior consent.

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Effective Guest Blogging Tips to Attract More Traffic

Over the year, because of the rush for website traffic, webmasters engage in a wide variety of link-building strategies to the extent that many have become spammy in nature. Possibly, you have been made to believe that the more backlinks your blog has, the higher will it be ranked in search engines, most especially Google.


As a result, most webmasters build links upon links anywhere they see a cheap opportunity whether it is good or not. When Google updated its algorithm, many websites or blogs lost their placement in the search results. If your site is affected, you can still solve the problem by the power of guest blogging.


Today, the quantity of links you build for your site does not make so much difference, but rather the quality of those links. The quality of a link is a function of quality content. Google now places much value on relevance of your content around which you want to build your links for traffic.


More so, you have to realize that guest blogging is now an effective traffic strategy that you must incorporate into your blog or site promotion. This is what you really need to ease the harsh effects of the Panda and Penguin updates.


So, here are tips to note in doing your guest blogging:


1.      Set a long-range goal for quality traffic. The reason why many webmasters are guilty of spam is because they want instant traffic, but you should admit the fact that getting pre-qualified traffic through guest blogging takes time.


Content writing is time-consuming, even it takes time to eventually get webmasters who may be interested in your posts. It also takes much time to post content on those blogs. That’s why you may need to hire guest blogging service from individuals or a firm.


In all, you may observe that the overall traffic your site receives from those blogs may be quite small, say 5 visitors per blog; and thus the more the blogs and the more the posts you make, the more the traffic you will get.Far more than that, you are gradually building traffic because your site’s relevance will eventually increase over the year, and this could amount to thousands of visitors.


On the other hand, if you wish to post on popular and high ranked blogs, your site will get lots of traffic, but then it’s really hard to be chosen as a guest blogger since such webmasters receive 100s of requests on guest blogging every month. Alternatively, you may pay them for contextual link placements, but it is advisable you opt for small, established blogs to get traffic in a long-term range.


2.      In your efforts to do an effective guest blogging, only seek blogs that are related to your niche. It’s unfortunate that there are people who have 1000s of backlinks in non-relevant places online. If your site is on health, post quality content on health-related blogs.


3.      Discreetly insert your links into the posts. Depending on your preferences or the policy of the webmasters, you can insert your link in the main body of the post or in your bio. Either way, it works well for you.


Lastly, don’t forget that quality and relevance are the core values you should seek for your site or blog. Since it takes time, exercise patience as it’ll take several months before you’ll begin to see the positive result that effective guest blogging can give you.



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