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NANASA flinging Portal 2’s Wheatley into space, sort of

Wheatley, the adorably dumb and delightfully devious Space Core in Portal 2, is making a real-life trip to space. Kind of.

An anonymous tech at NASA got away with laser-engraving the above image of Wheatley with the quote “In spaaaaaaace!” on the Japanese HTV-3 resupply craft to the ISS. Wheatley and the craft are set to launch on Friday, July 27, at 10:06 EST. You can watch the launch beginning at 9:15 EST on Friday at the NASA TV website.

“NASA in no way officially endorses secretly laser-engraving characters from Portal onto their spacecraft,” the Portal 2 blog writes. “Believe it or not, they don’t even officially endorse Portal 2, despite the fact that it’s a really excellent game.” But someone (or some robot) at NASA obviously respects quality entertainment.

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