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10 Simple Steps To Save Money On Mobile Phones

In this generation of new gadgets and innovation in technology one cannot leave the things which are useful and beneficial in their daily life. One among them is a mobile phone and it is an essential part of everyone’s life. Through a mobile phone you can make a call to your near and dear ones how far you can be and even you can text, mail and also browse internet. It will make your work effortless and help you to stay connected with your loved one always.

You can do multiple tasks on this device as they are smartphones. They are fully loaded with different amazing applications which can make your work better and in your daily life. There are different types of mobile phones available on the market with different price tags. It is a bit difficult to spend cash for purchasing your desired phone as the prices are increasing every day so there are fewer possibilities of having a smartphone for the common man.

Below are some of the steps which can make you buy the best mobile phone within a desired price and can save some bucks.

  1. Purchase a phone and unlock it: If you are going to buy a mobile phone then you need to look for the best phone which suites your budget. If you buy on contracts then it will cost you more so you can go for SIM-free device and unlock it as will be carried with the less amounts.
  2. Go for Online deals: Instead of going and searching in the market you can search online as there are numerous online deals for everything. If you purchase your device through online then you can get in fewer amounts and save your money & time as well.
  3. Mobile Phone Insurance: If you purchase your favourite smartphone then you need to secure that device with insurance; go for mobile phone insurance. These things should be done when you are purchasing a phone. It can cost you some extra cash but your device will be secured. If your device gets theft or lost somewhere then you can avail this benefit of insurance.
  4. Go for Less Tariff: If you buy a phone which is of high price then you can’t save anything on that so you can opt for the less tariff rates. If your tariff rates are high then you can switch to the fewer tariff rates and can save some bucks on this plan. It will be a good experience.
  5. Avoid Expensive downloads: Your mobile eat a lot of your money but you need to control the expenses with fewer packages and downloads. Try to avoid expensive downloads from websites that costs you much, search for the same applications on the other sites where you can find the same application with less amounts which can save your money.
  6. PAYG: If you need to call your dear ones and you are on long time speaking then you can ultimately go for the pay-as-you-go phone, which will cost you less compared to other packages. This package can be helpful for the students and they can save some bucks by this package.
  7. Check for Roaming Packages: If you are moving somewhere from your native then you need to carry the phone with you so it’s better to check with the roaming packages with your operator and go for it instead of balance reductions and troubles you can go for this package this can save some bucks for you.
  8. Get for Free services: These days there are fewer operators who give free calls to emergency numbers. You can go for the free services like Free411 or Google’s goog-411. This number can be used or call from anywhere by the given code. It is free of cost and very reliable.
  9. Business related packages: If you are a business entrepreneur then you come across lot of work with calls, text and mails. Try to ask for fewer packages which do not cost you much which is common with the every mobile user.
  10. Get free from old devices: If you want to purchase the new handset then you can get rid of your old one. Try selling at the online shopping markets or you can auction it to your friends and can save some bucks which can use to buy a new mobile phone.

About the Author:
My name is Maria, a content writer from Manchester.  I am into Health, Travel, Technology, and Finance.  I am researching on PPI claims and its impact on personal finances.  Catch me @financeport

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Samsung to ship first Windows Phone 8 in Q4

BERLIN: Samsung will ship its first Windows Phone 8 model in the fourth quarter, a company spokesman said, after the firm unexpectedly unveiling the device on the sidelines of Europe’s top consumer electronics fair in Berlin.

The South Korean firm has come under pressure to innovate after losing a US patent battle with Apple Inc.

A US federal jury last week found Samsung had copied critical features of the iPhone and awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages. Apple is now seeking speedy bans on the sale of eight Samsung phones, moving swiftly to turn legal victory into tangible business gain.

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RIM to launch new PlayBook line next week

TORONTO: Canada’s Research In Motion has chosen its home country to launch a PlayBook tablet with built-in support for cellular networks, a crucial feature missing from its poor-selling initial models.

The BlackBerry maker said on Thursday it would launch the new tablets in Canada next week and roll them out in coming months in the United States, Europe, South Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The PlayBook tablet, introduced more than a year ago, is strategically important for RIM as it is the first product to use the QNX operating system that RIM is adapting for a new generation of BlackBerry phones designed to compete with sexier devices already on the market.

But the PlayBook was widely criticized at launch for lacking basic features such as email, and it has failed to wow consumers despite sharp discounts and a major software upgrade.

RIM has so far only sold Wi-Fi capable PlayBook devices and this has played a role in making the device less attractive to potential buyers, as users would need access to a Wi-Fi network or to tether the device to the BlackBerry to use the Internet.

The new device will run on the latest 4G LTE networks that offer high-speed data downloads capabilities. Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is being widely deployed by carriers both in North America and overseas, as smartphone adoption has increased and boosted demand for wireless data downloads.

The 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will come with 32 gigabytes of memory and will be available from major Canadian carriers like BCE Inc’s Bell, Rogers Communications Inc and Telus Corp in Canada on Aug. 9.

Variants of the tablet supporting various cellular networks are expected to be available in the coming months from carriers in other countries, RIM said.

The company did not release pricing details on the new PlayBook.

HEAVY DISCOUNTS Over the last year RIM has been forced to offer heavy discounts to boost flagging sales, as the PlayBook runs on the QNX operating system that will power RIM’s next generation of smartphones, due early next year.

The Waterloo, Ontario-based company needs to have more applications available before the new phones, powered by QNX software called BlackBerry 10, hit the market. It hopes greater PlayBook adoption will encourage developers to create apps for the new devices.

RIM has struggled to compete against Apple Inc’s iPhone and iPad, and a host of devices smartphone and tablet devices powered by Google’s Android. The one-time technology giant’s fate now rests almost completely on the success or failure of its new line of BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Shares of RIM were down 2 percent at $6.97 on Thursday afternoon on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Nokia scraps software project meant to rival Google Android phones: Report

Struggling Finnish cellphone maker Nokia has scrapped a software project which it had hoped would compete with mass-market Google Android phones, three sources with direct knowledge of the company’s plans said.

Nokia was hoping the Linux-based software platform, code-named Meltemi, would replace its ageing Series 40 software in more advanced feature phones, but has killed the project as part of its massive cost-cutting drive.

Scrapping the platform means loss-making Nokia will risk losing its strong position in the mass-market — where phones are priced at $100-$200. Nokia controlled more than 20 percent of this market in the first quarter, according to research firm IDC.

Nokia’s Chief Executive Stephen Elop flagged Meltemi in a leaked video in mid-2011, but Nokia has never officially confirmed Meltemi existed. It declined to comment on Thursday.

In June, Nokia said it would cut 10,000 jobs – one in five staff in its phone business – as it aims to pull the company out of the red. Talks over job cuts are scheduled to end this week in Finland.

One of the sources, who works at a supplier, said the original plan was for the first feature phones using Meltemi should to be on the market by now.

Smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone which offer a platform for third-party application developers, is where the industry’s strongest growth is. But simpler feature phones, with limited support for third-party software, still account for most units sold.

Nokia’s Series 40 platform are in around 2 billion cellphones, making it the most ubiquitous software in the market. But it lacks the smartphone-like experience Meltemi could have offered.

Google’s Android platform has stormed the smartphone market in its first few years. Last quarter it was used in roughly 60 percent of all smartphones sold.

Nokia last year dumped its own smartphone software platforms in favour of Microsoft’s Windows Phone, which has so far had a limited impact, in part due to the high prices of phones using it.

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Phones that double as projectors

How about using your mobile phone to beam an image or a presentation? There are phones that can be used as mini projectors.

This is an emerging technology and is catching on fast. However, big companies are yet to invest in this segment, save for Samsung.

There are many options from small handset companies such as Maxx, GFive and Intex. They may offer cheaper alternatives but they are not built very well. Here are some of the good options in this segment.

Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung should perhaps change its tagline to “We have a phone for everything”. At Rs 27,000 the phone packs in a lot. It is a fully functional smartphone running on Android 2.1, and its 12.1 mm frame can pack a lamp with 15 lumens. It is ideal for a quick business presentation.

Obviously with a projector packed into the device, the battery life does take a beating, but the specs say the phone can run 14 hours on 2G network and about 7 hours on 3G network. With the projector, it’s safe to assume the phone can run up to about 3 hours on a full charge.

The phone comes with a tripod and you would probably have to use office supplies to make a stand or keep it at the edge of the table, but it does come with an impromptu portable screen maker.

The telescopic rod extends out and has a small clip where one can place a sheet of paper and the base can support it during presentations. The sheet can be placed in landscape mode or portrait mode depending on your presentation.

The projector also tops up as a torch; and the intensity can be changed using the volume buttons and so too the colours. (Try beating Nokia 1100.)

Micromax X40

Micromax competes in this segment as always with a low-cost alternative. The X40 is a dual SIM phone and the projector’s lamp is rated at 20 lumens. It is good value for money though the construction could be a bit more elegant.

The phone also comes with a tripod, so that should make presentations a bit more easy. The projector lens is also analog and the image can be focussed using a dial near the lens.

However, there are some glaring problems with the projector. The image is beamed at 90 degrees and anti-clockwise, and there is no default program to correct this and one would have to tilt their heads to navigate to the file.

The image corrects itself once the video being played goes into full screen. It also runs on a rather old Java-based OS. Better luck next time Micromax.

Spice M9000 Popkorn

The problems that plague Micromax are present in Spice as well; and a lot more too. It can play videos in 3GP format and the projector is not that great. The image projected is a pain in the neck (literally) and projects is projected at 90 degrees and anti-clockwise.

The build feels cheap and plastic. There are vents in the side to keep the projector cool. The phone includes a tripod, which is even more cumbersome than the one Micromax has, and includes an external speaker; no marks again for the quality of the speakers.

There were alarming reviews about the battery life. The phone’s price varies from Rs 6,700 to Rs 5,700; keep an eye out for bargains.


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Facebook to ask users phone details

LONDON: Facebook will ask its more than 900 million users to provide it with their mobile phone numbers, Daily Mail reported Friday.

The move is part of a drive to improve security on Facebook, and comes in the wake of password hacks at other networking sites including LinkedIn and eHarmony.

Millions of Facebook users have already seen a link at the top of their desktop news feed requesting them to follow “simple security tips”.

They are then requested to provide their phone number for secure account recovery.

The social network would then send a text message to the user informing that their password has been changed.

This, the site reasons, would be preferable to sending the user an email because many of these are ignored as assumed junk and get deleted.

Facebook Friday said the desktop security message, already seen by millions of users in the US, will be on all accounts in the next few days.

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Nokia unveils cheap touch screen models

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5 latest dual core smartphones in India

Introduced first in early 2011, dual core chipsets are no longer exclusive to the superphone category. Listed here are ten recent smartphones with dual core CPUs, starting at mid-range prices.

HTC announces new Sensation XE with Beats Audio integration

Well, HTC has been quite silent about this, but the Taiwanese manufacturer has officially revealed its first smartphone with Beats Audio technology. We just would quickly like to remind you that HTC had recently acquired a part 51 per cent controlling stake at Beats Audio.

This new smartphone from HTC would simple be called the Sensation XE, which will be powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and would carry a similar design to that of the original HTC Sensation. One of the visible changes in the render appears to be the red backlit touch-sensitive keys.

The device will include 1GB of built-in storage, 768MB RAM, 8 megapixel rear camera, front facing VGA camera and a 4.3-inch qHD display. The device will come with its own customized Beats headsets and will also be able to identify when Beats headsets are plugged to improved the experience.

There is now word about the pricing for this smartphone. However what we know for now is that the device won’t take much time to hit the stores as it is expected to come to Asia and EMEA towards the end of September. Hopefully, India would be included.

The LG Optimus 3D

The LG Optimus 3D is just a phone in a league of its own. It’s just a sin to call it a superphone. This is the first of its kind. The LG Optimus 3D is a HYPERPHONE!

The 4.3 inch LCD capacitive touchscreen transforms into a glasses-free 3D experience. It’s beyond dual core technology, as its got tri-dual technology power packed in it. The phone runs on Android 2.2.2 Froyo and an upgrade to the 2.3 Gingerbread is available.

This phone is definitely a magical experience. People will just want it when it finally launches in India. The reason why I call it a hyperphone is because of its glasses-free 3D experience.

Gaming on this phone is just one great experience and the depth offered is brilliant. The easy access to 3D is also offered by a quick 3D space icon on the homescreen itself. The camera quality is brilliant as it’s capable of doing 720p HD video in 3D mode.

The 8GB internal memory makes you just go on and on shooting 3D content. To share all your 3D videos, there is a 3D YouTube channel icon pre-installed on the phone. The battery life on the phone is not that great, but it just manages a day somehow. The old Android 2.2.2 Froyo OS is also a bit of turn-off at present.

LG will soon be launching this phone in India and I am sure the pricing won’t be less than 35,000 INR. LG Optimus 3D has surely opened up a new league of phones that will just make the likes of Samsung Galaxy S2 and even the iPhones for a matter of fact, bite dust.

Motorola RAZR launched in India

As expected, Motorola has finally launched the much awaited Motorola RAZR in the Indian market. We have already talked quite a lot about this new smartphone from Motorola and now that it is finally available, we sure are excited.

The Motorola RAZR is priced at 33,990 INR and is a smartphone which is just 7.1mm thick and comes with incredible battery life.

The device sports a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED qHD display protected by Gorilla Glass, it has Kevlar Fabric on the back and it is splash proof smartphone. It is based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread (upgradable to Android 4.0 ICS early-2012) and is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor from Texas Instruments.

There is an 8 megapixel camera on the rear and a secondary front facing camera. Well, it sure has some sexy looks and good performance. However, as mentioned before, it has amazing battery life. The Motorola RAZR is rated to provide up to 12 hours of talktime using its 1780 mAh battery.

Samsung unveils new Galaxy R smartphone

Samsung has now introduced a new Galaxy smartphone and it is simply called the Galaxy R. The device was unveiled in Sweden is it is supposed to be a smartphone which fits between the original Galaxy S and the new Galaxy S2.

In regards to the specifications the Samsung Galaxy R boasts a 4.2-inch WVGA Super Clear LCD and is powered by a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. It runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread topped with Samsung proprietary TouchWiz UI, includes a 5 megapixel rear camera and has 8GB of in-built storage.

The availability of the device in other markets has not yet been confirmed, but we are quite hopeful that the device will eventually hit the Indian stores as a slightly affordable version of the Samsung Galaxy S2, and a possible competitor to the Optimus 2x.

The GALAXY R features:

1) Tegra 2 super chip.

2) 4.19″ WVGA Super Clear LCD touchscreen.

3) Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system.

4) 720p HD video capture and 1080p Full HD playback(Divx, WMV, MP4, H.264 B/P only).

5) Built-in memory of 8GB and support for 32GB Micro SD.

6) Size: 125.7 x 66.7 x 9.55 mm.

7) Weight: 131 grams.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The all new Galaxy Note from Samsung is a monstrous looking phone and yet is has definitely some x-factor, you can’t deny the love for it on first sight. The Galaxy Note represents the middle-ground between a slate and a smartphone, and is a category in itself.

Additionally, this hybrid also comes with something called the Smart Pen which gives the user a more old school user input. As it has handwriting recognition, you can make memos in your very own handwriting! The Galaxy Note features the world’s first 5.3 inch HD Super AMOLED display (800×1280 pixels), the largest yet!

It also houses a massive 1.4 GHz dual core processor, beating its own Galaxy S2 in computing power. The Note runs on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Memory is at 16GB internally, with a microSD that can expand up to 32GB. The specs on the Samsung Galaxy Note are brilliant not just on paper but in real-world usage as well.

At the back, it has an 8-megapixel camera that does full 1080p HD video along with a front facing 2-megapixel camera for video calling. The video quality is superb, the videos shot from the Galaxy Note are totally broadcast quality! The Samsung Galaxy Note also comes with a capacitive pen for finer control.

For Rs. 35,000 you might as well go ahead buy a tablet. Right now, it’s a no buy for me just because of its price and somewhat because of its size too. Wait for its prices to go down and then it might be a good option.

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