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Kirby-themed bubblegum record blown away at PAX

In other news, 536 people blew bubblegum bubbles together. Also, it was a world record for simultaneous bubblegum blowing, which is lovely. The bubblegum blowers blew at PAX to celebrate Kirby’s 20th anniversary, and the upcoming release of Kirby’s Dream Collection on September 16

We were unsure Nintendo could rustle up enough blowers to blow a world record. But, like the bubblegum, we were blown away, as was the previous record of 304 achieved by Kirkwood Community College in 2010. We’re sorry, Kirkwood, but 304 to 536 just blows.

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This Unfinished Swan story trailer is delightful

This trailer for The Unfinished Swan from PAX 2012 delves into the Sony-published, Giant Sparrow-developed game’s mysterious plot. While no specific release date has been revealed for this PSN-exclusive game, the game’s official site indicates it will launch some time in 2012.

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