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HTC Windows Phone 8 Receives its First OS Update

Microsoft has rolled out its first OS update to its Windows Phone 8 offered by HTC. There aren’t many changes but it has a few bug fixes and enhancements in features that you will love. You might scroll up to see the name given to the update once you read through to the end of the article. Yea, update 8.0.10211.204 isn’t something you will want to try memorizing. It could have been something simple like Windows 8.01 or just Windows 8.1 so that we can remember what changes were made to which version. However, having heard that the update has come, we can’t wait to explore what has changed. So, let’s dive right in and check out what’s new about Windows 8.0.10211.204 or what’s called in other words as Portico Update. I hope Portico will be easy for you to remember.

The update will occupy 50MB of space and can be done only from your phone. However, you can do it over Wi-Fi or a mobile network. To update your phone’s OS, access Phone Update under Settings and activate the ‘Notify me when updates are available for my phone’ option.

Answer calls with a message:

The update enables you to answer calls with a pre-typed message. For instance, if you get a call while driving, you can send a message that you are driving instead of answering the call. You can save messages like these as templates and use them whenever necessary. It will be really helpful when you’re in meetings, driving, and so on.

Edit Messages:

You can edit the text messages before forwarding them. Those who were using the old version could not do it and they could only forward the text messages they received just as they were. This is one of the tweaks expected by many users.

Bulk Messaging:

The Portico update enables you to send the same message to multiple numbers in a few taps. You can enter multiple contacts in the recipients field and send it to many people at the same time.

Save Unsent Messages:

If the message you send is not delivered to some recipients, it will automatically save those messages as drafts so that you can send it later.

Delete Browsing History:

You can delete select items from the browsing history. Until now, users had to delete the whole history or keep it as it is. The update lets them delete only the items they want to delete.

Reduced Data Usage:

The Portico update stops the Internet Explorer from automatically downloading pictures, helping you minimize data usage. So, hereon, accessing pictures won’t be counted as downloads.

Advanced Wi-Fi Settings:

The OS can learn from how often you connect it to which Wi-Fi network and automatically make connections when it is taken into the range according to the priority. This will save you a lot of time and you needn’t wait until the phone connects to a Wi-Fi network.

Though these are not major changes, this update addresses the stability issues that many devices had. HTC users can enter the New Year with this update and enjoy sending New Year wishes to many people at the same time.

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Microsoft aims for Guinness world record

MUMBAI: Microsoft is aiming to create to a new Guinness world record by bringing together the maximum number of people under one roof to build apps for its new Windows 8 operating system (OS) releasing in October.

The site for this hackathon or codefest will be Bangalore, the city which is probably home to the largest number of coders across the world. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s first OS that will work across tablets, smartphones and computers.

The former king of consumer software is betting big on its return to glory after ceding place to Apple and Google’s Android. The success of the OS will to a large extent depend on the apps that are available on it.

The 18-hour, non-stop jam will happen on September 21-22 and is open to everyone, including developers from outside India. Developers will code non-stop during this period and will have access to special Microsoft mentors from over the world, the software firm said. If 3500 or more developers participate in the codefest, Microsoft will create a new Guinness record.

Apps can be submitted in more than 20 categories that range from food, finance productivity, books, social, photo, music and video and shopping, Microsoft said. “The Windows 8 App Fest is an international opportunity, for developers to build their apps, which will then be available for download across the world through the Windows 8 marketplace,” it added.

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Why Android OS for Apps and Game Development?

Android operating system has revolutionized the smartphone/tablet market. Google’s highly flexible OS, Android is heaven for mobile application and game developers. Launched in 2008, it has, in last four years, successfully captured the lion’s share of smartphone industry. Almost all famous smartphone/tablet makers are now using Android OS to offer their customers world-class services.

Google Play Store (previously known as “Android Market”) is one of the largest applications and games marketplaces. There are more than 240,000 apps and games in Android market and most of these applications are free, while some of them are paid. Companies like Rovio, makes thousands of dollars by selling games like “Angry Birds.”

If you are working at a web programming company and want to enter the mobile application development industry, Android is your ticket. Here are some of the factors that make Android a better OS than any other mobile operating system.

1. Low Entry Barrier – Don’t have enough money to pay the license fee? Don’t worry; Android is not going to ask you for license fee or development tools. You can develop an app or a game without spending a single penny.

2. Open Source Platform – You can customize your application in any way your prefer because Android does not levy any strict rules for customization. Google also regularly updates this powerful operating system and informs developers about new features in advance. So, you can upgrade your current applications to match updated OS standards. App developers can also provide feedback to the Google Android development team and suggest new improvements.

3. Great Platform for Java Programmers – Android applications are developed using Java. Therefore, if you know Java, you can start developing an Android application comfortably.

4. Variety of Distribution Platform – Unlike some “high end” operating systems like iOS and Blackberry, you can distribute an Android application in different application stores (Google Play and Blackberry App World). Besides that, you can also develop your own app distribution channels. It’s true that third party app markets have their own app publication rules, but because there is no single and controlled market, you will always find a platform to release your application.

5. Best Inter Application Integration – This is one the biggest benefits of Android OS. If you want to create a suite of applications like MS Office, Android is there to help you. You can develop an inter-process architecture and integrate different applications for better user experience.

Android is the ideal platform for every app developer. If your app gains popularity in the application markets, you can be successful and rich within a very short span of time.

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