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Mobile Options for the Traveling Businessman

For most travelling businessmen, some things are preset. There are some services and products that enable a traveler to work on the road while still maintaining organization and efficiency. According to a survey conducted by Travel Tech Consulting, Inc., 16% of travelers use their smartphones and mobile broadband in booking trips. That number increases to 18% between travelers aged 18 to 35 years old and to 33% amongst regular travelers.

It should not be surprising that nowadays, travelers depend on their internet services using mobile broadband in order to do things and finish their work on time even while travelling. Keeping connected is crucial in coping with business events and the way to do it is in looking for the best and simplest way to do all these even while on travel. Here are some things to remember about the things you will need to do all your homework on the road. We will talk about mobile broadband and other indispensable tools you will need for business.

Mobile Broadband

Among the best methods to keep connected with the outside world is using a mobile broadband, which is undeniably now a need. For instance, a traveler subscribed to a T-mobile broadband can untilize a 4G HotSpot in order to stay connected with numerous Wi-Fi devices such as e-book readers, tablets, laptops and others. This way, the devices can access the internet from anywhere.

Travelers can also prefer using the more conventional Wi-Fi. If you happen to travel in a strange city, a Wi-Fi Finder application is a great tool for your tablet or smartphone. The app can show you hundreds of thousands of both paid and free Wi-Fi locations in 144 different countries all over the world. The application has the capacity to function offline and online and can therefore be a lifesaver in times when you need desperately need to send emails or check with your colleagues at work.

Aside from a mobile broadband, common travelers should be wise enough to be ready with other applications that will come in handy for staying in touch.


The app enables easy sharing of photos, contact information and useful applications with other Bump users. The sharing can be done simply by bumping two phones together. After bumping, you can then keep forwarding or sending messages whenever and wherever and this is almost like free texts.


This app organizes your plans and keeps it in one place. It organizes and divides travel details and information in order to generate an itinerary that can be saved in your tablet or smartphone, linked with your PC and online anytime you need it.


Most of us are familiar with Skype and unless it is installed as an app in your smartphone, you can’t use its full capacity. For those who are unfamiliar with the application, Skype lets you make video and voice calls to other users. Skype therefore has become an important tool for frequent travelers. Staying in touch with clients, coworkers and family members makes attending meetings always possible. Skype can work with various mobile platforms so there really is no worry about the person at the other end of the line.

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