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iPhone 5S rumours surface

According to Jeffries analyst Peter Misek, Apple may be releasing a new iPhone in the next six months. Misek, who spoke to Business Insider, stated that the phone would be known as the iPhone 5S. Like Intel, Apple commonly operates on a Tick-Tock strategy with one major revision (iPhone 4, iPhone 5) and one minor upgrade (iPhone 4S), so the iPhone 5S would make sense as being the next revision.

These minor upgrade cycles often include hardware changes, and that is reportedly true here as well. Misek claims that we’ll see an improved camera and NFC. An improved camera is definitely likely; it’s rare that Apple does not upgrade the camera in some way in a new iPhone. The iPhone 5S might be the first iPhone to come with a 12 or 13 megapixel sensor, but other smaller changes are also possible. NFC has always been a contentious point for Apple, but with the rise of many NFC iPhone 5 accessories they may have finally decided to include the functionality in the phone itself.

The analyst also suggested that for the first time, we’d see the iPhone come in colours other than black and white. With the rise of blue and white versions of the Galaxy S3 and the bold colours of Windows Phone 8X and Lumia 920 handsets, Apple may finally expand their chromatic range. They already produce iPod Touch models in a wide range of colours, so it’s definitely possible for them to do so.

According to Misek, there are also a number of iPhone 6 prototypes floating around, including a model with an Android-matching 4.8″ Retina+ IGZO display, an A7 quad-core processor and a new form factor with no home button. Of course, we’ve been hearing similarly outlandish rumours for some time now; without proof it seems a bit too much to believe – even for a phone that may be released more than a year from now.

What do you think – has this analyst got it right? I’m still wary, but on the whole the upgrades mentioned – camera, NFC, colours – are fairly safe bets and could well pan out. With Misek pinning the launch in June 2013, we won’t have too long to find out for sure.

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