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‘Anonymous’ activists gather support

The global movement against curbs on Internet freedom seems to have taken roots in India.

After squatting on some public and corporate in the last few weeks, ‘Anonymous’ activists are spreading their influence in major cities.

The activists informed that similar protests would be held in Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata to bring home the message that restrictions on Internet freedom will not be tolerated. As if to mark the June 9 congregations, Anonymous activists had attacked MTNL Web site, denying services to the Web site users.

They have announced that they will hold a rally at Necklace Road and at Hi-Tech City in Hyderabad on June 9. The group ‘Occupy Hyderabad – Protest for Internet freedom’ has attracted 500 Facebook members. They have invited 7,400 more users on the social networking site to join the group and in the rally.

“The Government has censored a majority of media sharing Web sites. Anonymous – the faceless, region-less, leaderless organisation – has called for all citizens to hold peaceful demonstrations in every part of India,” the administrators of the group said.

Those who want to take part in the protest have been asked to come with the trademark mask of ‘Anonymous’ which has become a symbol of protest globally. The activists also asked the protestors not to disclose their identities at any cost. You just tell them: “we are Anonymous”.

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Anonymous gears up for June 9 nationwide protests‎

Tomorrow, the 9th of June, 2012 may be the weekend for some, but for others it is a date marked on their calendar under – Anonymous Protests. Throughout the nation, the popular hacktivist group will conduct a series of protests, voicing their opinions that are strongly against Internet censorship – a wave that has been trending in our country, since a while now. A press release, on the group’s blog further mentions that the protests will take place, as planned by 4PM IST, tomorrow. On the group’s official blog page, details about the protest have been listed down.


For one, the group has specified that it wants the protest to be a peaceful one and to this end it has listed down the following directives –
The protest is a Non-Violent one.
Protesters may not use vehicles to protest as this may cause accidents, please keep vehicles out of the protest crowd.
One shall not keep any harmful items like weapons, stones etc with oneself.
Those who can wear the Guy Fawkes Mask. Printable version is available on the web.
Please bring placards, banners etc that you can prepare so for the cause.
For whom it is possible bring cameras and record events. Use your smart phone to stream it online using ustream. This will give us proof if something bad is attempted at the protest.
Fire or burning at all of any figures or material is to NOT be done.
Please hand over anyone who causes violence to the police.
Protest well, our future may depend on it.

Interestingly, the Guy Fawkes Mask written about in the directive is up for sale across eBay and Amazon. Tomorrow, as aforementioned, across different cities in the country, the group will hold their now widely publicized peace protests. here’s a list of the cities and loactions where the protests will be held –

Occupy Mumbai – Azad Maidan, Mumbai. Volunteers Needed Join Now
Occupy Delhi – India Gate
Occupy Chandigarh – The Plaza, Sector 17, Chandigarh.
Occupy Indore – Regal Square.
Occupy Kolkata – South City Mall.
Occupy Hyderabad – Necklace Road.
Occupy Bangalore – M.G. Road.
Occupy Cochin – Marine Drive.
Occupy Calicut – Calicut Beach Opposite To Beach Hotel.
Occupy Nagpur – *tentative*
Occupy Pune – Shivaji Nagar.
Occupy Chennai – *tentative*
Occupy Ahmedabad – Vastrapur.
Occupy Jaipur – *tentative*
Occupy Thiruvananthapuram – *tentative*
Occupy Mysore – *tentative*
Occupy Manipal – Manipal.
Occupy Coimbatore

As the above list shows, while most protest locations have been confirmed, those in some cities are yet to be finalized. Those planning to join in the protests or wish to simply stay updated with the proceedings of the day can do so by visiting the group’s official page, here.

Regarding their upcoming June 9th protests, as the group’s official press release states – “On June 9th we will be organizing massive protests in multiple locations all over the country and we are calling every one who can be there to be there. We remind the Indian public that trusting a corrupt government to solve corruption and other problems is like expecting a serial killer to catch himself. The movements will assigned within the title of Occupy India that will be kicked off this June 9th. The Cities that are getting ready to take part are Bangalore Delhi Mumbai Culcutta Chennai Kochi Mumbai Hydrabad and many more. Any one who feels they need this movement needs to be in their city can start a FB page for the Occupy City movement and let us know about it. We call on the people to help spread this message and get your friends and family to join this noble cause.”

Web censorship has been a topic of debate in recent times. The gravity of the issue came to light only recently when incidents of hacking in retaliation to web censorship became a frequent occurrence. With the government on one side taking an increasingly active stance in tightening the reins on the way we access content on the web, groups like Anonymous are on the other hand citing free speech. OpIndia is against the banning of entire websites, if only a part of the website infringes copyrights.

Recently, Reliance acquired John Doe orders to safeguard copyrights of its films. Then, Chennai-based Copyright Labs also acquired the same for movies like Dhammu and 3. This led to the complete blocking of websites, like The Pirate Bay and Vimeo. All this hasn’t gone well with Anonymous, which stands by online freedom. Hence, the protest.




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‘Anonymous’ says they will protest at Jantar Mantar on June 9

TelecomTiger received a letter from the Anonymous Group which is believed to be behind the attack on MTNL website on Wednesday. We are publishing it as it is.

Dear India Press 

The recent attack on the Freedom of Speech and expression in India was done by misuse of Madras High Court order which required blocking of certain content.

The HC Madras never issued any list of websites to be blocked, the DoT never issued a list of websites to be censored. Why is that ISPs are forced to block file sharing websites? Why is that instead of blocking few links the whole domain was blocked? The blocking of these websites is wrong and unjustified.”

“Torrents are widely used to distribute open source and free software such as Linux distributions, and many other books and publications that are in the public domain. Video hosting sites like Vimeo are used by millions of people every day. You no longer have access to this content even though it is perfectly legal.”

We are against this Internet Censorship in disguise.

Our objective is to repeal the ban on entire websites, where only a section of the content infringes on copyrights, and to contest the ‘intermediary guideline rules that have been effect since April 2011, besides annulment of section 69 of the amended Information Technology Act, 2008.

The April 2011 rules, an update to India”s Information Technology Act (IT Act) of 2000 (amended in 2008), popularly known as the “intermediary guidelines,” instruct online “intermediaries” — companies that provide Internet access, host online content, websites, or search services — to remove, within 36 hours, any material deemed to be “grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous,” “ethnically objectionable,” or “disparaging” by any Internet user who submits a formal objection letter to that intermediary. Under the guidelines, any resident of India can compel Google, at the risk of criminal and/or civil liability, to remove content from its site that the resident finds politically, religiously, or otherwise “objectionable.”

Hence GOI, with certain individuals misuse this act, can access any content, seek it’s removal and invade into privacy of citizens. This IT Act is taking away citizen’s legitimate right to privacy and freedom of speech and expression. Speech censorship is illegal and contradicts freedom of speech guaranteed by Constitution of India.

We are organizing a peaceful protest on Saturday June 9, 2012 between 1600 hrs and 1900 hrs at Jantar Mantar, Delhi to express our opposition to Internet Censorship and invasion of our Privacy by Government.

We seek removal of blocks on websites and call for amendment of Information Technology Act so as to protect privacy of Indian citizens.

We do not have a country, name or face. Our cause is our only identity. We are ANONYMOUS.

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Anonymous and India: 5 recent hacks‎

ncidents that occurred through the past year have markedly changed the way in which we have been perceiving the Internet, all this while. Those of us who thought of it as a place to ink down our thoughts, be it happy, sad or even a platform to vent out anger, were made to think otherwise. Hacking, which was once a foreign word, extending concerns against threat from other nations or malicious minds trying to steal some critical information government/military info or making malicious ways to make money online by targeting leading companies. 2012 dawned and we received another blow as we got ourselves, for the first time, acquainted to the phenomenon of blocking of websites. Soon enough, hacktivists had no choice, but to turn their attention to the ongoing scene, in a bid to combat those who are trying to restrict/limit our freedom on the Internet. Here are the 5 most recent hacks by Anonymous to protest against Internet censorship.

Reliance Communications
The year 2012 brought in a wave of combat against ISPs who have been blocking file hosting websites and Reliance Communications was hit with the first blow. Reliance Entertainment had acquired John Doe orders for its films, which had prompted many ISPs to block file hosting sites. A John Doe order means a court order, which is against a party whose true identity is not known. Websites, like The Pirate Bay and Vimeo (we wonder why?) were blocked, which left many perturbed. A hacker, who called himself Isac and his friend hackthis29 were irked by this move and attacked the major Internet service provider, Reliance. He claimed to have hacked Reliance’s ‘very very vulnerable’ netsweeper panel in about 5 minutes. Reliance passed the order last month for its upcoming film, and is believed to have acquired such John Doe orders earlier, too.

Supreme Court

It was around the mid of last month when ISPs starting blocking sites, like Vimeo, The Pirate Bay and many others, as per orders by the DoT. It was not only Reliance, who had acquired the John Doe order, but also Copyright Labs, a Chennai based firm, who had acquired these orders for movies – Dhammu and 3. This miffed the keepers of global Internet freedom, Anonymous, and the Supreme Court and Congress websites ended up being victims of a hack. Websites, like, and were rendered inaccessible. The attacks were carried out by OpIndia (Operations in India) and they, in a series of tweets revealed on micro-blogging site, Twitter that – “#Government must understand. #INTERNET belongs to us! #TANGODOWN –> &”, and in another tweet stated – “@Anon_Central Another #TANGODOWN –>> Department of telecom, You should’ve expected us! ~ #opindia.”

As ISPs continue to block websites, Anonymous seems to be in no mood to spare anyone. The next in our list and the most recent target by Anonymous is MTNL. The MTNL website was taken down by the hacktivist group yesterday. Although MTNL’s Internet services weren’t affected, the MTNL website ( was rendered inaccessible. The site serves as a gateway for a number of services for MTNL, which include bill payment and schemes on their services. Anonymous hasn’t damaged any data on site, except for the main home page from the look of things. So, it’s clear, that it is just a protest against Internet censorship. MTNL is one of the ISPs that’s been blocking torrent and other file sharing sites.

Andhra Pradesh Power Development Company
Last year, unidentified hackers attempted to break into different websites of the Andhra Pradesh government, even as a security audit was being conducted at the State Data Centre. This time, however, it was the Andhra Pradesh Power Development company’s site that was under attack, not by some unidentified name, but Anonymous. The reason for the previous attacks may have been unclear, but Anonymous was quite clear, and did leave a message behind. The URL to the website would route users to another site that was defaced with the famous Anonymous messages – “We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. You should have expected us!” So, if the government plans to block other websites, Anonymous shows its protest by hacking government websites.

BJP Website
Even by the end of the last month, ISPs continued to block websites and Anonymous, this time targeted a political party. It defaced the website of one of the most prominent parties of the nation. The BJP website was reportedly hacked for not protesting against their opposition party, Congress on the topic of Internet censorship. On their Twitter account (‏@opindia_back), the hacktivist group made this public in a series of tweets; some reading – “Young guns of #India —> We owned to display a message to you all. So kindly read it. #opindia”, among others in succession. Further posts on Twitter that serve as a probable explanation to the hacks, read – “BJP are the opposition they should have f****n stopped this or should have organised a protest they didn’t do any.”

Moreover Anonymous, on its Facebook page has asked users to vote for either of the two ISPs – Reliance and Airtel. The group have asked their Facebook followers to Like the post, if they are in favour of Reliance’s website/services being hacked or Share the post if their choice is Airtel.

Image Credit: Getty Images

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Anonymous takes down MTNL website

Anonymous, a hactivists’ conglomeration which is opposing the internet censorship has claimed to have taken down the Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) website using the technique of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Wednesday. A posting by Anonymous on its webpage claimed that it hit the website ‘’ with a massive DDoS attack. Attempts to log onto the website returned pages with error messages saying the requested URL could not be retrieved. Anonymous has called for non-violent protests across several cities in India on June 9 to protest against what it alleges as ‘censorship’ of the internet. It accused the department of telecom of instructing the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block file-sharing websites unilaterally, while the courts had ordered blocking of certain websites. The group had earlier targeted websites of the government and also of corporates and political parties which they accused of supporting the ‘illegal’ ban. The Anonymous group has called upon netizens to wear ‘Guy Fawkes’ masks, which have become synonymous with Occupy Wall Street protests, during the June 9 protests.

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