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CES 2013: Qualcomm Launches Flagship Snapdragon 800 Processor

Qualcomm used its first CES keynote to launch its new flagship mobile processor, the Snapdragon 800. Designed for the demands of high-end smartphones and tablets, the new chip boasts 75% better performance than Qualcomm’s previous top-of-the-line chip, the Snapdragon S4.

Qualcomm created the 800 to deliver the best mobile experience possible while still maintaining good battery life. Said to be capable of speeds up to 2.3 GHz, the 800 is built around the company’s quad-core Krait 400 CPU.

A new graphics processor, the Adreno 330 GPU is twice as powerful as its predecessor.

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Facebook puts mobile ads test on hold

Facebook said it is halting a test of placing ads in “apps” that synch to the leading social network, renewing questions on how it will boost revenues from members using smartphones or tablets.

“We are pausing our mobile ads test off of Facebook,” a company spokesman said in an email response to an AFP inquiry.

“While the results we have seen and the feedback from partners have been positive, our focus is on scaling ads in mobile news feed before ads off of Facebook.”

Facebook shares were down slightly on the news, slipping less than a percent to $27.60 in late afternoon trading on the Nasdaq exchange.

Facebook stock rallied in October after the company reported quarterly earnings that showed gains in tapping the mobile advertising market.

During an earnings call with analysts, founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said the company was “just getting started with our mobile product development and monetization.

Facebook went public in May with a resounding flop, its $38 initial public offering price immediately plunging to eventually less than half that.

That angered many investors who had built hopes that the company’s huge popularity would result in huge gains in the share price.

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UK Replaces Japan as World Leader in Mobile Use

The United Kingdom is now a global leader in the mobile market, with its residents who consume more data on their phones or tablets than any other country, according to an Of com report on mobile use.

The U.K. uses 424 megabytes of data each month. Second-runner-up Japan uses 392 megabytes per month, and the U.S. places sixth using 319 megabytes of data, The Guardian reports.

Were you surprised that U.K. residents are the highest users of mobile data? Let us know in comments below…

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How to optimize your blog for mobile

Why optimize your site for mobile? To encourage visitors to return! Have you ever tried to surf a site not optimized for mobile? They are often unreadable, and are often too hard to navigate. Optimization allows websites to adapt their ergonomics to make them more user-friendly and more fluid for use by mobile users. To optimize its SEO is another reason why you should make your blog optimized for mobile. There are mobile factors that are taken into account by search engines to determine the position of a website on the results page, and they are different depending on whether you are connecting from a desktop computer or a mobile device. For example, how the page is displayed on a laptop affects its indexing, but a site that is not optimized for searches via a mobile device will be at a disadvantage when competing for mobile device traffic.

A WordPress Blog

If your website/blog is developed in WordPress then there is nothing easier than optimizing it for mobile use. Install the plugin WP Touch and let yourself be guided during installation. The setting of preferences and graphics via this plugin is all you need to make your blog readable from any laptop or mobile device.

A Joomla Blog

Your website is developed in Joomla with their CMS (Content Management System), and you want it to be readable on Smartphone or tablet? You can download the extension “Joomla Mobile” that allows you to make it more readable on mobile devices. This is a custom-made plugin, so all you need to do is install it and follow its instructions.


If your website is developed hard with HTML and CSS, you must create a style that is uniquely for mobile reading. You will need to do this and name the file “mobile.css.” One of the most important things to do in order to optimize your site for a Smartphone is to create a style that is usable with a Smartphone, because you’re not going to want to display the same thing on a PC and a Smartphone. You are going to need to omit some things are like the sidebar, and some images. Other things you may need to add or change to make it perfect–this is why we must create a style sheet (mobile.css).

Adding the file to your host/server

Once you have created your style sheet, it needs to be added to your host or server, which may be done through embedding it into your current website and uploading pages. How you get your style sheet online is going to depend upon your own circumstances. You may be using HTML or your own CMS, so this is a part you will have to figure out yourself (for your own circumstances).

Check on your efforts

Once you are sure that you have created and uploaded your mobile website, you are going to have to check to see if it works. There are online tools that will help you to check the functionality of your mobile website. They are good if you want to thoroughly check every feature, but if you just want a brief overview of whether it functions or not, you need simply to access your site via a smart phone. Explore your mobile website and check any of its tools and a few of its links. If you are happy with it then you can leave it for now and run a full online analysis the next time you update it.

Duplicate content

The rules on this are a little bit blurry, but many people are saying that if your mobile website has the same content (duplicate) as your desktop website–it will be considered duplicate content. This means that one or both of your websites are going to be punished. How true this is–is unknown, but it does not seem like a risk worth taking.

Author Bio:

My name is Sonia Jackson. I represent the Australian web-site We’ll help you to solve all problems with writing different essays and research papers according to the rules of the universities and colleges in Australia.

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Booming Binary Options Due to Mobile Efforts

Binary options trading is apparently booming in the market, and comes with this is a number of newly developed technologies that cater to it. Just take for example the binary options mobile trading which has only been introduced recently, and yet, is now a great demand especially in Japan. According to MarketsPulse, a leading binary options technology provider, the mobile trading has generally increased its realms in the financial markets—hitting about 20% mark with its clients. This is a surprising fact, since this figure is considerably higher than in any financial market. The main reason for this is that the binary trading product is relatively simple, and with lesser requirement functions, it could fit very well to mobile devices. This is fueling the growth of binary options trading.

After analyzing the feedbacks of their customers and with the surge of the percentage of users of their traditional iPhone and Android applications, MarketsPulse, the pioneer in in launching binary options mobile trading native app, has released an HTML5-based platform trading that is compatible with iPad.

Mobile Trading Made Possible

Since the release of their traditional trading apps, MarketsPulse has seen an incremental increase in the volumes of their mobile binary option trading. Shay Hamama, the Vice President of Business Development for MarketsPulse, even says that through the release of their mobile platform, exponential growth in the trading volumes has been seen, to the point that “it is now 20% of the total volume.” He further says that they “believe that the addition of next generation tablet support will help broker clients increase volumes even more” and “are delighted to launch this brand-new tablet trading solution.”

Like what Hamama said, the profitability of binary options brokers was taken into consideration when this tablet trading solution was released in the market. The customers of MarketsPulse are already getting much satisfaction through getting the highest average lifetime earnings per trader, and the added tablet support is a beneficial addition.

MarketsPulse leads the market in trading technology, and is said to be the only one offering a platform that will cater to customer’s desires by providing tailor-made trading websites. Numerous operations on the platform could be performed, such as controlling of trading definitions in the system, choosing assets, defining option schedules, managing risks, and many others.

MarketsPulse also claims that with its newly released advanced tablet trading solution, traders can further increase their profitability by having an option to trade on another device. Now that it is made compatible with iPad, the people of MarketsPulse have their hopes high regarding their customers’ trading capability being enhanced. More earnings per trading is also being expected through the use of the platform.

Binary Options Made Available Online

Established in 2008, MarketsPulse has taken the lead since in providing binary options technology with the use of comprehensive web engineering and extensive comprehension of financial markets on a global scale. It offers various technology solutions for binary options guide and operations ranging from stand-alone and ones that are integrated and installed on-site. It has established itself as well in significant market places such as New York, London, Tokyo and the Middle East.

Nowadays, it is not hard to tell why even financial markets prefer going mobile when it comes to their operations. Apparently, convenience is not being compromised and portability is offered with much ease.

About the Author: Jason is a professional Forex and binary options trader and broker. He’s been trading commodities such as Gold and Platinum for over five years and he also knows quite a lot about shares and stock trading.

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10 Simple Steps To Save Money On Mobile Phones

In this generation of new gadgets and innovation in technology one cannot leave the things which are useful and beneficial in their daily life. One among them is a mobile phone and it is an essential part of everyone’s life. Through a mobile phone you can make a call to your near and dear ones how far you can be and even you can text, mail and also browse internet. It will make your work effortless and help you to stay connected with your loved one always.

You can do multiple tasks on this device as they are smartphones. They are fully loaded with different amazing applications which can make your work better and in your daily life. There are different types of mobile phones available on the market with different price tags. It is a bit difficult to spend cash for purchasing your desired phone as the prices are increasing every day so there are fewer possibilities of having a smartphone for the common man.

Below are some of the steps which can make you buy the best mobile phone within a desired price and can save some bucks.

  1. Purchase a phone and unlock it: If you are going to buy a mobile phone then you need to look for the best phone which suites your budget. If you buy on contracts then it will cost you more so you can go for SIM-free device and unlock it as will be carried with the less amounts.
  2. Go for Online deals: Instead of going and searching in the market you can search online as there are numerous online deals for everything. If you purchase your device through online then you can get in fewer amounts and save your money & time as well.
  3. Mobile Phone Insurance: If you purchase your favourite smartphone then you need to secure that device with insurance; go for mobile phone insurance. These things should be done when you are purchasing a phone. It can cost you some extra cash but your device will be secured. If your device gets theft or lost somewhere then you can avail this benefit of insurance.
  4. Go for Less Tariff: If you buy a phone which is of high price then you can’t save anything on that so you can opt for the less tariff rates. If your tariff rates are high then you can switch to the fewer tariff rates and can save some bucks on this plan. It will be a good experience.
  5. Avoid Expensive downloads: Your mobile eat a lot of your money but you need to control the expenses with fewer packages and downloads. Try to avoid expensive downloads from websites that costs you much, search for the same applications on the other sites where you can find the same application with less amounts which can save your money.
  6. PAYG: If you need to call your dear ones and you are on long time speaking then you can ultimately go for the pay-as-you-go phone, which will cost you less compared to other packages. This package can be helpful for the students and they can save some bucks by this package.
  7. Check for Roaming Packages: If you are moving somewhere from your native then you need to carry the phone with you so it’s better to check with the roaming packages with your operator and go for it instead of balance reductions and troubles you can go for this package this can save some bucks for you.
  8. Get for Free services: These days there are fewer operators who give free calls to emergency numbers. You can go for the free services like Free411 or Google’s goog-411. This number can be used or call from anywhere by the given code. It is free of cost and very reliable.
  9. Business related packages: If you are a business entrepreneur then you come across lot of work with calls, text and mails. Try to ask for fewer packages which do not cost you much which is common with the every mobile user.
  10. Get free from old devices: If you want to purchase the new handset then you can get rid of your old one. Try selling at the online shopping markets or you can auction it to your friends and can save some bucks which can use to buy a new mobile phone.

About the Author:
My name is Maria, a content writer from Manchester.  I am into Health, Travel, Technology, and Finance.  I am researching on PPI claims and its impact on personal finances.  Catch me @financeport

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Best Android Mobile Apps for Personal Branding

For every blogger, writer, branding expert, celebrity and other professionals into personal branding, you just can’t avoid that you’re always on-the-go. Whether you’re called at a meeting, seminar, or training, it’s important that you keep yourself updated in the Internet arena. Boosting your personal brand might be hard to manage alone, but here are some mobile apps for smart phones that you can use to keep in touch with your audience:


For Blog Management:



Automattic, Inc.

A new application for your Android phone where you can write new posts, comments and update your WordPress blog. It is free that a lot of people now are using this to show the world what they are up to, their likes and interests. You can also use this app to view stats and even write comments on several blogs.



Google Inc.

An easier and new way to start your blog! This app is quite popular now for those people who are into blogging because it allows the blogger to post pictures and local information faster and easier. It is so convenient that it allows you to view multiple blogs or accounts. Blogger app is simply helpful for having a blog that is always on the go.



Google Inc.

Browse the Internet with Chrome. It is a new web browser app for your Android phone that is much easier and faster. Chrome also allows you to sign in and sync to your personalized Chrome and enjoy it anywhere you go.


For Communication:


Facebook Messenger


A new evolution in sending messages. It is now faster and reliable that you can easily send messages to your friends and family with the new Facebook Messenger. It is like chatting with them as if they are in front of you. It can be used either through phone, web or tablet.


Skype – free IM & video calls


The most convenient way to communicate with your loved ones is through Skype. It allows the user to contact their loved ones anywhere in the world for free even using the android phone, tablet or computer. Phone calls, video calls, conference and IM are some of its features.



Google Inc.

An easier way to access all your emails and documents whenever you are on the go! Gmail is more reliable and efficient to use. It also allows you to reply or answer all your online of offline conversations right away and search and find emails. Gmail also allows you to manage all accounts, view attachments and other tasks.


For Note Taking:



Evernote Corp.

Evernote is an app where you can stay updated anywhere you go. It allows you to take notes, take photos, make to-do-list, and remind you in everything you need to do. In short, Evernote is the app best for all the people who are always on the go!


Catch Notes

The application that helps you to stay creative even during your busiest time. Catch Notes allows you to stay on the ideas that you had and even discover more. It also enables you to make your ideas into action together with your friends by just using your phone.


Voice Recorder

Mamoru Tokashiki

Fond of voice recorder? Well, Mamoru Tokashiki is the best app for you! It is very handy that you can use it everywhere. It allows you to send data thru Gmail, even set recordings as your ringtones, time recording and even allows you to search items by title and date.

For Productivity:


Business Calendar

Appgenix Software

It is synchronized to your Google calendars that enables you to remind you about everything that you have to do. It is so accessible and reliable app for the people who are always busy having different business meetings.



Fog Creek Software

This app allows you to stay on track. It will remind you about the surprise party you are planning for your friend, things to do for the weekend, tracking the items on sale of your favorite boutique or anything that you want to be reminded of. It is like an event alarm clock.



Dropbox, Inc.

You don’t have to save photos to your computer and your phone in different time. With Dropbox app, once you saved a photo, it automatically saves the photo to your computer as well. It is like an app connected to your computer. With Dropbox, you can bring or carry around your photos everywhere you go.


With these advanced applications for your phone, you can do tasks that you usually do with your laptops or computers. These apps will enable you to do the same things anywhere and everywhere you go. Multitasking is as easy as 1, 2, and 3 with the help of these apps.


Author Bio

Alexis Trinidad is a technology freak who owns an Asus Nexus 7 on Android JellyBean. She is inspired to create her own personal brand because of Martin Lindstrom, a branding consultant and author of bestselling Brandwashed and Buyology.

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Are You Protecting Your Mobile Identity Fully?

Identity theft has been a threat to credit worthiness of ordinary and unsuspecting people for decades. Unfortunately, the devastation from that crime is growing as uses of mobile devices escalate.

Whether the victim is an infant, adolescent or a mature adult, don’t let your finances and credit be destroyed. Protect your identity in the mobile world as you do in the terrestrial world.

• Mobile Device Storage
While your service provider knows who you are, where you live and your mobile habits, use of your mobile device as a credit card storage device is not entirely a good idea. If you have a payment app that stores your credit cards and your billing address, more than merchants gain access to that information.

If you use a credit card through Near-Field Communication or NFC software, for instance, your mobile’s signal is transmitted to more than a scanner. Anyone nearby may be able to ‘share’ in its receipt. It should be encrypted, which can deter someone from easily viewing it, but receipt is still possible. It takes only a moment – a mere blink of an eye – to steal a mobile phone. You set it down on a table while you lean to scratch an ankle or dig in a bag. When you sit upright again, your mobile’s gone. Unfortunately, all the information you stored in your device is gone as well.

Thieves know how to counter GPS tracking and shield signals. Apps and provider intervention is possible in many cases, but it’s not always productive in finding your stolen device and find it before your stored data is copied.

• Mobile Surfing
When you log into any web page account – email, banking, service provider, electronic storefront, etc., do so very carefully: Watch viewing angles, screen brightness and crowded conditions. Remember that anyone who can physically see your mobile handset has line of sight and can snap a picture or take a video of your entry and/or your finger positions. Once captured, who’s to stop that person from analyzing the motions to determine your log-in information later?

• Data Miners
Each time you purchase something with a bank or credit card, whether it’s in the real world or the ether world, the merchant gets your information. Credit card companies sell, rent or lease out purchase histories and tendencies to data mining companies and organizations who pay the fees. Data miners compile information about you, about your purchased products and the preferred purchase method. They sort that information into various consumer lists and sell that information to their clients who, in turn, consider you fair game for spam, sales letters and “special offers.”

Data miners get your name, billing address, card information and more, and not all clients treat your information as “hands off” territory.

• Care and Safety First
Not surfing on the Internet, not making a quick purchase and not using mobile devices is often inconvenient and unsatisfactory. The devices make life easier after all. You don’t have to stop those actions or change those habits. Just be very aware of your surroundings as you surf and buy. Know who, where, how far and what’s possible as you pull out your electronic wallet or sign into your online bank account, for instance.

Have fun. Be productive. Just be careful as you do so.

About the Guest Author:

By Jaye Ryan, a freelance author who fully enjoys writing about mobile safety for

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Mobile Options for the Traveling Businessman

For most travelling businessmen, some things are preset. There are some services and products that enable a traveler to work on the road while still maintaining organization and efficiency. According to a survey conducted by Travel Tech Consulting, Inc., 16% of travelers use their smartphones and mobile broadband in booking trips. That number increases to 18% between travelers aged 18 to 35 years old and to 33% amongst regular travelers.

It should not be surprising that nowadays, travelers depend on their internet services using mobile broadband in order to do things and finish their work on time even while travelling. Keeping connected is crucial in coping with business events and the way to do it is in looking for the best and simplest way to do all these even while on travel. Here are some things to remember about the things you will need to do all your homework on the road. We will talk about mobile broadband and other indispensable tools you will need for business.

Mobile Broadband

Among the best methods to keep connected with the outside world is using a mobile broadband, which is undeniably now a need. For instance, a traveler subscribed to a T-mobile broadband can untilize a 4G HotSpot in order to stay connected with numerous Wi-Fi devices such as e-book readers, tablets, laptops and others. This way, the devices can access the internet from anywhere.

Travelers can also prefer using the more conventional Wi-Fi. If you happen to travel in a strange city, a Wi-Fi Finder application is a great tool for your tablet or smartphone. The app can show you hundreds of thousands of both paid and free Wi-Fi locations in 144 different countries all over the world. The application has the capacity to function offline and online and can therefore be a lifesaver in times when you need desperately need to send emails or check with your colleagues at work.

Aside from a mobile broadband, common travelers should be wise enough to be ready with other applications that will come in handy for staying in touch.


The app enables easy sharing of photos, contact information and useful applications with other Bump users. The sharing can be done simply by bumping two phones together. After bumping, you can then keep forwarding or sending messages whenever and wherever and this is almost like free texts.


This app organizes your plans and keeps it in one place. It organizes and divides travel details and information in order to generate an itinerary that can be saved in your tablet or smartphone, linked with your PC and online anytime you need it.


Most of us are familiar with Skype and unless it is installed as an app in your smartphone, you can’t use its full capacity. For those who are unfamiliar with the application, Skype lets you make video and voice calls to other users. Skype therefore has become an important tool for frequent travelers. Staying in touch with clients, coworkers and family members makes attending meetings always possible. Skype can work with various mobile platforms so there really is no worry about the person at the other end of the line.

About The Author 

Daphne enjoys writing on all things technical for Broadband Expert. Her daily routine consists of drinking coffee, keeping up on the latest news in technology, as well as blogging and guest posting.

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RedLynx imperils plushies in ‘Nutty Fluffies’ for iOS

Trials and MotoHeroz developer RedLynx is now exacting its familiar physics-driven punishment on soft, defenseless plushies. Its new iOS game, which is genuinely called Nutty Fluffies, reveals what booth toys get up to when the fairground shuts down: they ride the roller coasters and get horribly mangled when you don’t keep the vehicle right-side up.

Alright, the cartoonish visuals don’t exactly convey that level of imagined horror, but it’s hard to brush off roller coaster accidents when they involve little stuffed creatures. Nutty Fluffies is an instinctual test of momentum and speed ? and instead of balancing a bike, as you did in Trials, you’re trying to keep a string of connected cars in tune with the track, even as it leaves momentarily to collect hearts. Succeeding is a matter of swiping forward across the screen to increase speed, even while in the air, and swiping backward to decrease it.

There’s more to the iOS game than that, of course, with specific animals bestowing bonuses after you purchase them for your empty cars. Also, the vehicle itself can be extended, with the implicit warning that a long coaster is about as graceful as a drugged centipede. Whee!

Ubisoft hasn’t yet shared a release date more specific than “2012.”

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