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Stiq Figures, July 9 – 15: Carmen Sandiego edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don’t matter. Every week, we take a look at, uh, something ? meanwhile, the previous week’s Japanese hardware sales figures are posted after the jump, and a discussion of said figures takes place in our comments. It may not be conventional, but it’s a time-honored Joystiq tradition.

Keeping in line with yesterday’s Webcomic Wrapup theme of kleptomania, we’re looking back at one of gaming’s greatest thieves: Carmen Sandiego. The mysterious and crafty lady in red first appeared on Apple II computers in 1985 as the main villain of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? by Broderbund Software.

Broderbund kept its hit educational series going through 2001, though it saw a series of tumultuous corporate changes in the mid-90’s, when the company pulled out of a merger agreement with Electronic Arts in 1994. In June 1998, Broderbund was acquired by The Learning Company (ironically, the same company Broderbund attempted to purchase three years earlier). The Learning Company proceeded to lay off 500 Broderbund employees before being purchased by Mattel. The Learning Company’s entertainment holdings, which included the Carmen Sandiego and Myst series of games, would go through a few hands before landing with Ubisoft.

Carmen Sandiego solidified her place as one of gaming’s greatest thieves early on. In the 1989 title Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, Sandiego’s henchmen are responsible for the theft of Napoleon’s hat and Paul Revere’s horse. The games even spurred on a series of educational TV game shows (seen in the video above). In fact, a movie adaptation of the educational series was announced in late June 2012.


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