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Microsoft to sell Surface at retail stores


Surface Tablet (Photo credit: SpicaGames)

Microsoft said Tuesday it would make its Surface tablet available to outside sellers as soon as mid-December.

“The public reaction to Surface has been exciting to see. We’ve increased production and are expanding the ways in which customers can interact with, experience and purchase Surface,” said Surface general manager Panos Panay, without providing any specific sales figures.

A Microsoft statement said retail stores in the United States and Australia would be the first to sell the introductory Surface model with Windows RT, which has many features of a tablet along with an attachable cover-keyboard.

Retail availability in other countries will be announced in the coming months, said Microsoft, which began selling the Surface through its website, its “pop-up” holiday stores and permanent branded stores.

“Our plan has been to expand the retail presence for Surface after the first of the year,” said Steve Schueler, head of retail sales for Microsoft.

“Based on interest from retailers, we are giving them the option to carry Surface with Windows RT even earlier.”

Microsoft also announced that some of its pop-up stores would remain open past the year-end holidays and several would become permanent Microsoft retail outlets.

“These stores will transition into either permanent brick-and-mortar retail outlets or specialty store locations,” a company statement said.

Surface, with a starting price of $499, is now sold at Microsoft retail stores in the United States and Canada and online in the US, Australia, Britain Canada, China, France and Germany.

Microsoft said last month that its Surface Pro, a version of its new tablet aimed at business users, would be available in January starting at $899 for US customers.

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Apple intergates iTunes with iCloud

Apple has unveiled a new version of its iTunes, overhauling its look and feel while integrating it more closely with iCloud service. The company is seeking to make it easier for people to access media content from various Apple devices without having to plug them into a desktop.

In the last fiscal year, iTunes and related media services generated $8.53 billion in revenue. The new design of iTunes moves away from the spreadsheet format that Apple has featured since its debut.

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple is working to improve the tools that helped make it the largest seller of music while giving customers added incentive to buy more of its other products. While Apple is offering new features, it’s not matching those of Spotify and Rdio.

Instead of selling downloads, those Internet music services have gained traction by offering users unlimited access to entire song libraries for a subscription fee or listening to advertisements.

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The Cool KOLOS Gaming Wheel for Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has always been a special gadget with its HD graphics. It is indeed a perfect tablet for gaming geeks who love playing from any place like a bus, train on the move or even while at home. The gaming experience for Apple lovers has just got better with the new Kolos Gaming Wheel designed for racing fanatics.


A befitting design for iPad series 

Custom-made for the 9.7-inch Apple iPad, the Kolos steering wheel is designed to fit Apple iPad 2 (2nd Generation) and Apple The new iPad (3rd Generation). It also fits the Apple iPad with Retina Display (4th Generation). Available in black and grey colours, the 12.3-inch diameter wheel is made out of a light weight, high quality, metallised plastic.

The clamp of the wheel is constructed out of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) which is lightweight and has great strength. The base of the wheel system is curved and symmetric to the wheel itself. To enhance the stability of the wheel, there are three rubberised large circles for support. It has an anti-perspiration coating to ensure that your hands do not slip off in all the adrenaline-pumped action.


A gripping hold at the start line 

It is quite easy to fit the wheel with the iPad. You have to place your iPad in the space provided and pull the clip down on it to lock it in place. The gadget will be locked in tight grips and will remain stable and steady throughout the game. It is designed to accommodate a double or single-handed action, so you can try to swerve on a free virtual driveway packed with action.


Transform your desk into a driving seat 

The wheel has a clamping system that can be used to attach to desks. The clamp can be attached to surfaces that are as thick as two inches. You can take it, slip in through your study desk and turn the screw at the bottom to tighten the grip.


Gaming taken to a new dimension

Since the wheel holds the iPad, you can play all one-finger touch games without having to hold it. Moreover, the wheel is detachable. So, you can have fun with air gaming anywhere with the easy and compact design. The best part is the Kolos wheel is not just for racing, it can be used for playing any touch game or motion sensor air game on the iPad.


iOS games for KOLOS play

A few examples of racing games enhanced by KOLOS are Asphalt 7: Heat, Highway Rider, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Riptide GP, Carmageddon, etc. Apart from racing, action and air games like Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, MetalStorm: Wingman, Boost 2, etc., can also be played on the iPad attached to the KOLOS wheel. One-finger touch games like Fruit Ninja HD, Angry Birds Space HD, Facebook games, etc., can be played hands-free using KOLOS wheel base system to hold the iPad.


Grace is an expert with PASS Ltd. They are dealers in electrical testing equipment about which you can get information from and

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Booming Binary Options Due to Mobile Efforts

Binary options trading is apparently booming in the market, and comes with this is a number of newly developed technologies that cater to it. Just take for example the binary options mobile trading which has only been introduced recently, and yet, is now a great demand especially in Japan. According to MarketsPulse, a leading binary options technology provider, the mobile trading has generally increased its realms in the financial markets—hitting about 20% mark with its clients. This is a surprising fact, since this figure is considerably higher than in any financial market. The main reason for this is that the binary trading product is relatively simple, and with lesser requirement functions, it could fit very well to mobile devices. This is fueling the growth of binary options trading.

After analyzing the feedbacks of their customers and with the surge of the percentage of users of their traditional iPhone and Android applications, MarketsPulse, the pioneer in in launching binary options mobile trading native app, has released an HTML5-based platform trading that is compatible with iPad.

Mobile Trading Made Possible

Since the release of their traditional trading apps, MarketsPulse has seen an incremental increase in the volumes of their mobile binary option trading. Shay Hamama, the Vice President of Business Development for MarketsPulse, even says that through the release of their mobile platform, exponential growth in the trading volumes has been seen, to the point that “it is now 20% of the total volume.” He further says that they “believe that the addition of next generation tablet support will help broker clients increase volumes even more” and “are delighted to launch this brand-new tablet trading solution.”

Like what Hamama said, the profitability of binary options brokers was taken into consideration when this tablet trading solution was released in the market. The customers of MarketsPulse are already getting much satisfaction through getting the highest average lifetime earnings per trader, and the added tablet support is a beneficial addition.

MarketsPulse leads the market in trading technology, and is said to be the only one offering a platform that will cater to customer’s desires by providing tailor-made trading websites. Numerous operations on the platform could be performed, such as controlling of trading definitions in the system, choosing assets, defining option schedules, managing risks, and many others.

MarketsPulse also claims that with its newly released advanced tablet trading solution, traders can further increase their profitability by having an option to trade on another device. Now that it is made compatible with iPad, the people of MarketsPulse have their hopes high regarding their customers’ trading capability being enhanced. More earnings per trading is also being expected through the use of the platform.

Binary Options Made Available Online

Established in 2008, MarketsPulse has taken the lead since in providing binary options technology with the use of comprehensive web engineering and extensive comprehension of financial markets on a global scale. It offers various technology solutions for binary options guide and operations ranging from stand-alone and ones that are integrated and installed on-site. It has established itself as well in significant market places such as New York, London, Tokyo and the Middle East.

Nowadays, it is not hard to tell why even financial markets prefer going mobile when it comes to their operations. Apparently, convenience is not being compromised and portability is offered with much ease.

About the Author: Jason is a professional Forex and binary options trader and broker. He’s been trading commodities such as Gold and Platinum for over five years and he also knows quite a lot about shares and stock trading.

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iPad Fourth Generation [Review]

iPad Fourth Generationis also known as iPad 4. The device is very similar to iPad 3 but the processor is better, there’s now a Lightning connector and the front facing camera are improved.
iPad 4

At its launch event, Apple SVP Phil Schiller said the A6X offers double the CPU and graphics performance of the A5X, which powers the third-gen iPad. “The competition wasn’t even close to us,” Schiller boasted, “and now we’re just blowing past them some more.”  A modest upgrade, yes; but a much bigger one than anyone expected. The battery life remains the same.

The iPad 4 is only upgraded in one major area. Its A6X chip offers a 1.4GHz dual core processor, along with quad core graphics.

The front camera was upgraded in the iPad 4. It has 1.2 MP camera.  The rear camera is mostly the same.

Apple claims that the  iPad 4 has improved Wi-Fi, supporting dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n and channel bonding.

Don’t forget to rate iPad 4 below.

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Review: The Decal Guru

The Decal Guru is an e-commerce shop for buying good and awesome decals for your iPhone, iPad and Mac Book but you can also use it for your laptop. It provides the best and largest collection of decals on the web. All the decals are cut from high-quality Oracal 631 Series exhibition calendered vinyl that is made with a removable residue-free adhesive. I got a Michael Jackson (Mac Book) decal from them. Shipping in United States takes 4-7 days and shipping internationally takes 3-4 weeks. They provide many types of decals. You can also choose decals of your favourite color and preffered sizes. The decals are very easy to apply. They look really nice when you apply them on your gadgets. They simply add to the glory of your gadget and make it look more cool. Most of the decals are of 12.99 USD.  You can also purchase gift certificates and send them to your family and friends. They provide refund if you get incorrect or defective item. Every month they give away one free decal to their Facebook fans.  You can also design your own decal by sending them a picture at



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RedLynx imperils plushies in ‘Nutty Fluffies’ for iOS

Trials and MotoHeroz developer RedLynx is now exacting its familiar physics-driven punishment on soft, defenseless plushies. Its new iOS game, which is genuinely called Nutty Fluffies, reveals what booth toys get up to when the fairground shuts down: they ride the roller coasters and get horribly mangled when you don’t keep the vehicle right-side up.

Alright, the cartoonish visuals don’t exactly convey that level of imagined horror, but it’s hard to brush off roller coaster accidents when they involve little stuffed creatures. Nutty Fluffies is an instinctual test of momentum and speed ? and instead of balancing a bike, as you did in Trials, you’re trying to keep a string of connected cars in tune with the track, even as it leaves momentarily to collect hearts. Succeeding is a matter of swiping forward across the screen to increase speed, even while in the air, and swiping backward to decrease it.

There’s more to the iOS game than that, of course, with specific animals bestowing bonuses after you purchase them for your empty cars. Also, the vehicle itself can be extended, with the implicit warning that a long coaster is about as graceful as a drugged centipede. Whee!

Ubisoft hasn’t yet shared a release date more specific than “2012.”

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Apple to unveil mini iPad in October

l mini iPad in October: Report
26 Aug, 2012, 2220 hrs IST, AFP
Apple will unveil a new, smaller version of its wildly popular iPad in Oct after the release of the latest version of its iPhone next month
WASHINGTON: Apple will unveil a new, smaller version of its wildly popular iPad in October after the release of the latest version of its iPhone next month, the All Things Digital website reported on Sunday.

“First comes the latest iteration of the tech giant’s hugely popular smartphone, which will be unveiled at an as yet unannounced event on September 12,” the website said.

“Only after the next-generation iPhone is out the door and on sale will Apple announce the smaller iPad it’s been working on,” it said.

“That device, which is expected to have a display of less than eight inches (20 centimeters), will be uncrated at a second special event, which sources say is currently scheduled for October.”

The 10-inch iPad has long dominated the tablet market, but faces a growing challenge from smaller models like Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy.

Apple is expected to launch the miniature iPad later this year, with analysts saying it could allow the California-based company to again best its global rivals despite the death last year of visionary founder Steve Jobs.

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Amazon launches Kindle store in India

SAN FRANCISCO: US e-commerce giant Amazon on Wednesday launched its Kindle Store in India, claiming to have the largest selection of any e-bookstore in the country.

The India Kindle Store offers over one million e-books, priced in Indian rupees, including 70 of the top selling editions.

“We are proud to launch this new Kindle store for Indian customers, offering Kindle book purchases in rupees and the ability to buy and read the work of many great Indian authors,” said Russ Grandinetti, vice president of Kindle content for Amazon.

The Kindle reader will be sold exclusively in Croma stores across India at an introductory price of Rs 6,999 (around $125).

“Kindle is the bestselling e-reader in the world and has revolutionized the way people read,” said Ajit Joshi, chief executive and managing director of Croma.

Customers may also download and read books on the iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, PC, and Android-based devices.

The India Kindle Store features new releases, best sellers and other works from a range of Indian authors, including Chetan Bhagat, Ashwin Sanghi, Ravinder Singh and Amish Tripathi.

Some exclusive Kindle books will be available and over one million classics can be downloaded for free.

Amazon also launched Kindle Direct Publishing for independent authors and publishers in India, allowing them to make their books available to customers worldwide on Kindle devices and reading apps.

Authors and publishers in India will be able to set prices specific for India and receive royalty payments in rupees.

Amazon has a number of Kindle stores for customers around the world in addition to its US store.

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Iwata: Gamers need dedicated handhelds, have a desire for ‘rich and deep’ experiences

The argument for the 3DS has been precarious at the outset, price not withstanding. With the rise of the iPhone and Android devices, people are playing more games on their phones and tablets than ever before, cutting into a handheld gaming market dominated by Nintendo for more than a decade.

“I don’t think there’s not a bright future for handheld devices but I understand that the competition, again with the rise of smart devices is different, and I do recognize that,” Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told Kotaku during a frank discussion on the 3DS and current portable gaming ecosystem. Iwata offered insight, not only on his own company’s stance, but on the needs of consumers in general ? and how Nintendo isn’t trying to compete so much as offer value.

“Previously we had to think, ok, ‘How are we competing with Sony?, How are we competing with Microsoft?, How do we compete with all the other software titles and all the other publishers out there?’ That environment has changed. And the games available for smartphones, I’m not saying that none of these are interesting, rich or fun experiences, because I know that there are some. And one way we can ensure that there’s a market for handheld gaming devices is by continuing to bring out entertaining and engaging software that will provide users experiences that they cannot get on these other devices.”

Iwata expects the need for “rich and deep” experiences will remain consistent, even while consumers change the context in which they play games. “I believe that as environments change and as the world progresses we’re going to have different ways in which people want to spend their time,” he said. “That being said, I don’t think we’re going to see the desire to have, again, rich and deep sort of gaming experiences… we’re not going to see that vanish. That’s not going to go away.”

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