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6 Best Enterprise apps for Android

In past, the people used mobile phone for only communication purpose but at present this situation has completely changed after the emergence of android smartphone. This android guy has brought many changes in our personal and professional lives. This handset comes with speedily growing application market named as Android market or Google play. From this store, every person can grab one application of his choice. However, it’s me who will today focus on enterprise applications. The main purpose of introducing these applications for android platform is to enhance the overall productivity level of employees and workers. So, let’s peep into the detail of famous and useful applications for corporate environment.

 1. Think Free Mobile

When you imagine an office, first thing which come into your mind is an office with table having many files. In old days, employees needed to compose and to store a lot of files physically but after android tablet and smartphone, they are capable to create, edit and store as much files as they want. For their assistance, android market comes with Think free mobile application. It’s a word processor that makes it simple for you to compose file and then to store them in your personal or public cloud storage. In addition, you can share between personal cloud and mobile devices.

2. Quick Office Pro

The employees need to work with presentations and different databases along with word files therefore; it’s Quick Office Pro that adds ease into their life. This enterprise application will make it simple for them to create, edit and share their Microsoft word, spreadsheets and presentations on the move. A businessman will definitely find it a handy application as he can check his office work while travelling.

3. Egnyte App

No matter where you actually are, this application allows you to access, edit, store and share files from any where any time. Just you need to have a smartphone for getting the most from this application. I really like the permission control feature of this application which permits the user to limit the access of files to only authorized people. One more special feature of it is file synchronization from smartphone with computer.

4. Critix Receiver

There are many enterprises which have started using critix receiver as it enhances efficiency of worker in a robust manner. This application permits the authorized users to access enterprise files, desktop and application from anywhere. Sharing of file through this receiver is indeed a delightful task.

5. Mango Apps

The real-time collaboration between employees is made possible with the help of Mango applications. When a company gets this application for employees, it becomes simple for every worker to get news and updates from the same platform. In addition, there is an instant messenger available on every interface just to make sure that employees can communicate with one another in an instant manner. They can make groups and then share files with their group members in a comfortable way. You can create the modules of your choice like collaborations, tasks, groups, files, applications, ideas, etc. The company can create private groups and projects for maintaining collaboration with customers and partners.

6. Yammer

It is one of the best enterprise applications available in Google play. This application lets you to create a private social network for your company. Co-workers can easily communicate with each other through a private social platform. They can update their status and get latest news of business right from here.

Kiran Khan is an expert business consultant. She advises entrepreneurs to download best enterprise applications for enhancing workforce productivity.

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Xbox SmartGlass app now optimized for iPhone 5

The Xbox SmartGlass app was updated for iOS yesterday. iPhone 5 users can finally interact with their Xbox 360.

Xbox SmartGlass first launched on Windows 8 devices back in October. That lengthy half-day exclusivity ended with an Android version on October 26, followed by the iOS app’s arrival in early November.

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The Cool KOLOS Gaming Wheel for Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has always been a special gadget with its HD graphics. It is indeed a perfect tablet for gaming geeks who love playing from any place like a bus, train on the move or even while at home. The gaming experience for Apple lovers has just got better with the new Kolos Gaming Wheel designed for racing fanatics.


A befitting design for iPad series 

Custom-made for the 9.7-inch Apple iPad, the Kolos steering wheel is designed to fit Apple iPad 2 (2nd Generation) and Apple The new iPad (3rd Generation). It also fits the Apple iPad with Retina Display (4th Generation). Available in black and grey colours, the 12.3-inch diameter wheel is made out of a light weight, high quality, metallised plastic.

The clamp of the wheel is constructed out of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) which is lightweight and has great strength. The base of the wheel system is curved and symmetric to the wheel itself. To enhance the stability of the wheel, there are three rubberised large circles for support. It has an anti-perspiration coating to ensure that your hands do not slip off in all the adrenaline-pumped action.


A gripping hold at the start line 

It is quite easy to fit the wheel with the iPad. You have to place your iPad in the space provided and pull the clip down on it to lock it in place. The gadget will be locked in tight grips and will remain stable and steady throughout the game. It is designed to accommodate a double or single-handed action, so you can try to swerve on a free virtual driveway packed with action.


Transform your desk into a driving seat 

The wheel has a clamping system that can be used to attach to desks. The clamp can be attached to surfaces that are as thick as two inches. You can take it, slip in through your study desk and turn the screw at the bottom to tighten the grip.


Gaming taken to a new dimension

Since the wheel holds the iPad, you can play all one-finger touch games without having to hold it. Moreover, the wheel is detachable. So, you can have fun with air gaming anywhere with the easy and compact design. The best part is the Kolos wheel is not just for racing, it can be used for playing any touch game or motion sensor air game on the iPad.


iOS games for KOLOS play

A few examples of racing games enhanced by KOLOS are Asphalt 7: Heat, Highway Rider, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Riptide GP, Carmageddon, etc. Apart from racing, action and air games like Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, MetalStorm: Wingman, Boost 2, etc., can also be played on the iPad attached to the KOLOS wheel. One-finger touch games like Fruit Ninja HD, Angry Birds Space HD, Facebook games, etc., can be played hands-free using KOLOS wheel base system to hold the iPad.


Grace is an expert with PASS Ltd. They are dealers in electrical testing equipment about which you can get information from and

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Android or iOs: Which is the best?

IOS is the developed for the Apple’s iPhone and Android is the Google operating system which is used by many smart phone manufacturers for their mobiles. Some of the best things to be known about both the operating system are listed in the current article.


Android Operating system:

  • It is the mobile operating system designed for the smart phones, tablet computers. It is by developed by the Google and Open Handset Alliance.
  •  Initially designed by Android Inc, later on Google financially backed the Android Inc, and purchased it.
  • Google releases the Android code as open source under the licensee named Apache. It is the most popular mobile operating system.
  • Android is the open source operating system and used by mobile manufacturers.
  • You can use many apps as many as 600000 apps which are related to songs, books, movies and games which are available on the Google play.
  • You can put the important widgets within reach on home screen can use them when required.  It is easy to switch between the apps and to do whatever you are doing. Multi-tasking is made simple with the android OS.
  • You can capture the photos and videos and share to your favourite sites. You can browse faster and search whatever you want on the internet using the android tablet or mobile. Android OS is used by the best handset and tablet manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Asus Motorola etc.
  • One of the important feature of the android is that Google Now, it gives the all the information that you want and it is available on the android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Apple’s IOS:

  • This OS is used only for the apple’s devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPod, Apple TV. It is the world most advanced mobile operating system.
  •  It is having the user friendly interface. There are nearly 700000 apps available for the ios on the apps store.
  • It comes with many amazing features and built in apps some of them are Siri maps, music, face time, safari, air play game center.
  •  Siri apps is the unique feature of the apple apps which let you to voice search. Through voice search you can send messages, check latest scores, and more. You can ask any thing to do for siri it will do it for you; all you have to do is just ask it.
  •  The hardware and software are both developed by the apple and designed to work together. Some of the hard features of the ios are Retina display, multi touch interface three axis gryo accelerometer and many more.
  •   Another important feature of this OS is the iCloud which helps to store your music, photos, apps, mails, documents etc.
  •  IOS updates are also easy to update and free you can download wirelessly on your phone.
  • IOS devices works all over the world, it supports about thirty languages and you can also easily switch between one language to another language without facing any difficulty.

Many of the smart phones users will be confused which OS built in mobile to be purchased whether Apple’s ios or android. Deciding which OS is best can be a tough question to be answered.  Each of it is having its own and unique features, Apple iPhones are bit costly when compared to the Android smart phones. However you can take different short term loans like same day cash loans for the purchasing the smart phones.

About the Author:
The guest post was contributed by Alicia, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport

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Best iPhone Apps For Fitness And Weight loss

Whether you want to get fit or lose weight, there are some really great apps out there to help you achieve your goal.

Nike Training

For fitness I’d have to recommend ‘Nike Training’ which is a free app which has workouts in four categories, ‘Get Lean’, ‘Get Toned’, ‘Get Strong’ and ‘Get Focused’. Clicking on any of these categories brings up three skill level categories, ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’. In each skill level category there is a wealth of different workouts. Within this app you can see your training progress and you also receive rewards when you hit a set training time goal.

For achieving a six-pack there is only one must have app to achieve this called in my opinion- ‘Athlean-X – Six Pack Promise’ starring Jeff Cavalier who is a famous fitness coach who has coached the NY Mets baseball team and a whole host of celebrities. This is a paid app, but believe me when I say that you get what you pay for. Within this app there are 100 ab exercises and the name of the game here is muscle confusion. Each training day you are given a new set of exercises and your abs will be shocked into developing. If you don’t want to follow the suggested training routine you can access the ab exercises data base and choose which exercise to do. I’d highly recommend following the daily exercise plans however. The exercises per day in total come to around four minutes each in length. This app pushes your abs to the limit. Your abs are different from other muscle groups as in they can be exercised five times per week without any problem as they recover very fast.

You can track your workout progress in ‘Athlean-X – Six Pack Promise’ and really goes well with the online fitness pack ‘Athlean-X’ available from the Athean-X website. For a app review of this app you can view it here. This is one of my favourite fitness apps of all time.


iFitness is a great app that has different workouts involving weights and also stretching exercises. I use this app mainly for the stretching exercises included. iFitness has a great database of different exercise routines and is a paid app. With iFitness you can tailor your very own workout plan and name each workout which is a really powerful tool.


The final, excellent app I’d highly recommend would be ‘MyNetDiary’ which is a calorie counting app which is extremely powerful. First you set a daily plan and can even upload before and after pictures in the iPhone version. You set your required weight loss goal and how much you want to lose per week and the app will track your progress. You have to be online when inputting your food intake and exercise activities as there is a huge database that you can also contribute to, with calorie counts for specific exercises and a calorie count for different food types. Just input the name of the food you are eating and it will pop up. If it doesn’t you can contribute the food to the database.

You can also input your waist size and also hip measurements etc. Each day you are given your daily progress and recommendations. This is my preferred way to calculate fat loss, together with waist measurement, as if you are following an exercise plan you can gain muscle weight which is a plus. Muscle mass burns calories whilst you are doing nothing! There are 3500 calories in a pound and 7717 calories in a kilogram, so you can track exactly how much fat calories you are burning. You can work in US units or kilograms within the app. Some people hate counting calories, in which case this app won’t be for you. I personally love counting calories as a calorie is just a calorie when it comes to calculating fat loss and if you are eating proper wholesome food you don’t have to worry about which is a good or bad calorie for maintaining muscle.

Three of these apps are paid apps, but they are not expensive. If you bought all three and downloaded the free app you would only be shelling out around 15 dollars. That’s a great investment for your body. Many people moan if an app is not free, but then blow money on beer or pizza. Why not invest in your health and body? These apps are a knock down investment as far as I’m concerned and I was glad to make the purchases.

Guest post by Kevin Baker who is an enthusiastic blogger who runs which has iOS app reviews and exciting tech articles, such as How To Become Batman Reloaded – Using Tech Gadgets

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RedLynx imperils plushies in ‘Nutty Fluffies’ for iOS

Trials and MotoHeroz developer RedLynx is now exacting its familiar physics-driven punishment on soft, defenseless plushies. Its new iOS game, which is genuinely called Nutty Fluffies, reveals what booth toys get up to when the fairground shuts down: they ride the roller coasters and get horribly mangled when you don’t keep the vehicle right-side up.

Alright, the cartoonish visuals don’t exactly convey that level of imagined horror, but it’s hard to brush off roller coaster accidents when they involve little stuffed creatures. Nutty Fluffies is an instinctual test of momentum and speed ? and instead of balancing a bike, as you did in Trials, you’re trying to keep a string of connected cars in tune with the track, even as it leaves momentarily to collect hearts. Succeeding is a matter of swiping forward across the screen to increase speed, even while in the air, and swiping backward to decrease it.

There’s more to the iOS game than that, of course, with specific animals bestowing bonuses after you purchase them for your empty cars. Also, the vehicle itself can be extended, with the implicit warning that a long coaster is about as graceful as a drugged centipede. Whee!

Ubisoft hasn’t yet shared a release date more specific than “2012.”

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Play with words: Bubblis


Bubblis is video game developed by OnGame Creative. The game is currently released for Android and iOS. The game contains 44 languages:

English, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Malay, Thai, Swedish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Greek, Tagalog, Catalan, Czech, Hebrew, Danish, Finnish, Romanian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Slovak , Hindi, Bulgarian, Afrikaans, Croatian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Estonian, Macedonian, Maltese, Armenian, Basque, and Galician.


Each screen of the game has  new music, background. The game can be played by any age group. The objective is to construct words suggested by the game using letter-filled bubbles that fall from the top. The characters Bleeb and Bloob also form part of the game. Bleeb is an ally who at the beginning indicates with luminous circles where letters can be placed. Bleeb also provides wings to slow down falling letters, allowing for more time to finish the rounds.

The evil Bloob stalls game progress using bubbles filled with: vapor, smoke, ink, bombs, mines, or resonance. The language can be changed at any time by accessing the game’s configuration menu.


About OnGame Creative 

On Game Creative is a young Spanish company, recently established. Bubblis is its first project. The company is headquartered in Badajoz and operates through its Barcelona delegation. It is currently working on new projects and is finalizing the PC and Mac versions of Bubblis that should be launched before the end of the year.

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TiVo Stream: Put Your TiVo on Your iOS Devices

I watch TV on more devices than ever, from more sources than ever. But when I’m in my living room in front of my 42″ Vizio HDTV, almost all the TV I watch is TiVo. The DVR that’s synonymous with the DVR remains a great way to ensure that you always have copious amounts of programming you like on hand. As long as you’re in the same room as your TiVo, that is.

Starting next week, households with a TiVo DVR and iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches will also be able to watch TiVo on their Apple gadgets — up to four of them at one time. They’ll do it with an add-on box called TiVo Stream, a sort of modern spiritual descendant of a venerable-but-clunky feature called TiVo to Go which lets you move TiVo recordings to Windows PCs and Macs. The new incarnation is much, much simpler and slicker.

TiVo formally announced that the Stream box was in the works back in May; it’ll show up for sale on on September 6, and is “coming soon” to Best Buy stores. The company loaned me a TiVo Premiere and a Stream for this review.

Wait — if I’m already an avid TiVo watcher, why did TiVo have to lend me a DVR? My own unit is an aging TiVo HD, which I bought in 2008. The Stream only works with TiVo Premiere, the company’s current-generation model, starting at $149.99. As always with TiVo, you also have to pay for service, which is $14.99 a month or $499.99 for the life of the box. (Existing subscribers get breaks on these service prices.)

And you need the $129.99 Tivo Stream itself. Looking a little like a blue-and-black cousin of Apple’s petite Apple TV box, it’s a grilled-cheese-sandwich-sized gizmo. It plugs into your Wi-Fi router, not the DVR itself, and compresses video streams from the TiVo, then forwards them wirelessly to up to four iOS devices.

You might also have to upgrade your home network. Unless your TiVo is already hooked up to a hard-wired Ethernet connection, TiVo recommends connecting it using MoCA, a technology which sends data over the same coaxial cabling your cable TV and cable modem use. (A TiVo can accomplish other tasks over a Wi-FI network, but sending up to four bandwidth-hogging video feeds to the Stream at once is too taxing to do without wires.)

The company sells MoCA adapters for $79; you need one to plug into your cable modem and router. Some TiVo Premiere models also need an adapter, while others have built-in MoCA capability.

As long as you follow the instructions and are comfortable stringing together devices to put them on a network, setting all this up is straightforward enough. Once it’s working, you use a new version of TiVo’s iOS app to watch the video which Stream relays wirelessly from the TiVo DVR.

Up until now, the TiVo app has been a super-fancy remote control which let you manage the TiVo DVR and choose what to watch on your TV. It still has all those features. But now, whenever you navigate to a recorded show or pull up a live broadcast, you can choose to watch it right there in the app.

How does the video look? For the most part, really good. The stream on my iPad occasionally froze for a moment, but I blame this on my home network, not the TiVo: It also happens from time to time with other streaming set-ups such as Roku. Except for those sporadic glitches, video looked…well, just like it did on my HDTV, only smaller.

The show you watch in the app don’t have to be whatever the TiVo is displaying on your HDTV. And as long as your TiVo has a sufficient quantity of tuners — there are two- and four-tuner models — different people in the house can be watching different live broadcasts on different devices. (I only had the pre-release app on one iPad, so I didn’t attempt to stream multiple shows to different devices.)

You can’t use TiVo Stream to watch video from the third-party streaming services available on the TiVo box itself, such as Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. Those offerings have their own iOS apps, so that’s no great loss. You also can’t use it to stream video onto your iOS device except when you’re on your home network. That’s a shame: Being able to watch your TiVo over the Internet, as you can do with a Slingbox, would be pretty nifty.

But if you want to watch shows you’ve recorded on your TiVo when you’re not on your home network, you’re not out of luck. Rather than streaming them, you can download entire recordings onto your iOS device and play them back anywhere, no Internet connection required.

This option involves transferring files in the hundreds of megabytes over your home network; the TiVo app usually estimated this would take less than twenty minutes when I tried. In my tests, it wasn’t always that zippy, and you can’t watch a video stream (or use other iOS apps) while the transfer is in progress. So I tended to initiate one or more transfers and then just go away and let the TiVo app do its thing.

One snag with downloaded videos: Pay channels such as HBO may use copy protection to prevent you from transferring their shows. If so, they’ll still be available for in-home streaming.

All in all, TiVo Stream does its job well. At $129.99, it’s reasonably priced, and it doesn’t involve any additional service fees. It is, however, only one piece of the puzzle. If you aren’t currently a TiVo user, you’ll need Stream and a TiVo Premiere and a subscription to the TiVo service and (possibly) one or more MoCA adapters.

That’s a lot of ands, especially given how many other ways there are to watch TV on iOS devices, from Hulu Plus to HBO Go to Comcast’s Xfinity app. Unlike TiVo Stream, these options don’t involve buying and setting up any hardware at home, and many of them let you watch much of the same stuff you might record on a TiVo.

So the ideal TiVo Stream customer isn’t really someone who isn’t currently a TiVo owner — it’s someone in a household which has already grown accustomed to organizing its TV-watching habits around TiVo. If you already own and love TiVo Premiere, and love to watch TV on an iPhone or iPad, the odds are pretty good that you’ll love TiVo Stream.

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Iwata: Gamers need dedicated handhelds, have a desire for ‘rich and deep’ experiences

The argument for the 3DS has been precarious at the outset, price not withstanding. With the rise of the iPhone and Android devices, people are playing more games on their phones and tablets than ever before, cutting into a handheld gaming market dominated by Nintendo for more than a decade.

“I don’t think there’s not a bright future for handheld devices but I understand that the competition, again with the rise of smart devices is different, and I do recognize that,” Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told Kotaku during a frank discussion on the 3DS and current portable gaming ecosystem. Iwata offered insight, not only on his own company’s stance, but on the needs of consumers in general ? and how Nintendo isn’t trying to compete so much as offer value.

“Previously we had to think, ok, ‘How are we competing with Sony?, How are we competing with Microsoft?, How do we compete with all the other software titles and all the other publishers out there?’ That environment has changed. And the games available for smartphones, I’m not saying that none of these are interesting, rich or fun experiences, because I know that there are some. And one way we can ensure that there’s a market for handheld gaming devices is by continuing to bring out entertaining and engaging software that will provide users experiences that they cannot get on these other devices.”

Iwata expects the need for “rich and deep” experiences will remain consistent, even while consumers change the context in which they play games. “I believe that as environments change and as the world progresses we’re going to have different ways in which people want to spend their time,” he said. “That being said, I don’t think we’re going to see the desire to have, again, rich and deep sort of gaming experiences… we’re not going to see that vanish. That’s not going to go away.”

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Indie dev PerBlue makes millions, sees Android dominating iOS

Source: Joystiq

Justin Beck launched PerBlue while finishing college in 2008. He got to work on the company’s first title, Parallel Kingdom, with his co-founder and a staff of seven in Madison, Wisconsin, surviving on $20,000 of savings from a stint at Microsoft. Today, PerBlue generates $3 million a year, supports 35 employees and has successfully launched three free-to-play MMOs in the Parallel universe on Android and iOS.

PerBlue’s Parallel Mafia and Parallel Zombies both hit mobile devices in 2012, but during his talk at GDC Europe, Beck discussed the specific finances of Parallel Kingdom, which has been live since 2008.

Parallel Kingdom doesn’t have a massive number of players, hype or notoriety in the wider gaming world, but it proves that when managed efficiently, a mobile game can provide huge profit for a small developer. Parallel Kingdom has 1.5 million registered accounts, but only 15,000 daily active users, which Beck admits is “not that big.” These users, however, represent $0.40 – $0.50 per user, per day for PerBlue. Extrapolated to 50,000 monthly active users, that’s more than $200,000 each month in microtransactions from one title alone.

Beck has transitioned from programmer to CEO, tracking PerBlue’s finances with detailed precision, but without self-destructive obsession. From this vantage, he sees Android outpacing iOS in almost every way ? 85 percent of PerBlue’s players use Android, with the remainder on iOS. The Android arket is growing, with multiple carriers offering dozens of devices to potential players, compared to Apple’s slimmer choices.

“Android is continuing to outpace iOS…. Android is a freight train.”

– Justin Beck, CEO of PerBlue
Furthering the hardware imbalance, mobile carriers earn a higher margin on Android devices and have begun advertising those over iOS, Beck has noticed. Previously in Germany, for example, Vodafone advertised iPhones in its windows, but today it’s the Samsung Galaxy S3.

PerBlue sees slightly lower monetization rates on Android, but higher player retention, making monetization across Android and iOS equal. Though of course since more players use Android, its revenue stream is higher.

“iPhone makes a little bit more money at a quicker pace, but Android actually has more users over a longer period of time,” Beck tells Joystiq. During his talk, Beck called Android a freight train and predicts that while Apple is “an amazing business,” it won’t be able to keep pace.

PerBlue itself will continue chugging along, creating games with the tools and approach that it has proven work well, 3 million times over.

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