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Best 7 iPhone Apps for the Visually Impaired

Eyesight is truly a blessing. For those who suffer from any kind of vision impairment, it often gets very difficult to carry out their daily activities without assistance, often making them dependent on others. Apple has introduced some exceptional applications using its VoiceOver technology for its iPhone, iPads and iPods that are specifically designed to assist visually impaired people in carrying out their day-to-day activities independently.

Here are the top 7 iPhone apps that are designed for people experiencing any kind of vision impairment:
1. Navigon MobileNavigator

Using the latest Navteq map, Navigon’s MobileNavigator turns your iPhone into a complete mobile navigation system. It provides text-to-speech guidance and has an easy Take-Me-Home function to guide you. It also integrates with the contact details in the address book of your iPhone. In case you receive a phone call during its use, the system will resume automatically once the call ends. The application also offers enhanced navigation for pedestrians, a turn-by-turn route list and location sharing via email feature.
2. Visible Braille

Visible Braille is a self-instruction tutorial for those wishing to learn Braille easily. It conveniently translates English letters into Braille alphabets and saves a side-by-side image of these alphabets. The application has a built-in Help section and self-quizzes to facilitate the users. The application is highly useful for learning Braille letters and phrases.
3. LookTel Money Reader

LookTel Money Reader is an extremely helpful application which instantly recognizes currency in denominations. You can simply point your iPhone camera towards the bill and the app will recognize and inform you about its denomination. This is highly useful for visually impaired people in identifying and counting their bills. The app supports many currencies including the U.S. Dollar, the Euro and the British Pound, and provides VoiceOver support for more than 15 languages.
4. Color Identifier

This application enables you to recognize different colors to an absolute specific shade. You can point your iPhone camera towards an object and the application will recognize and speak out loud its color. Another free application, Color ID is also offered by the same company which is designed for identifying just the basic colors. This application can help the visually impaired people in organizing their clothing or gauge their surroundings and for color-blind people to recognize different colors.
5. SayText

SayText is a free application which scans the text of any document or image and then reads it out loud. All you have to do is point the camera of your phone towards the document and hold it. The application will also tell you if the complete document is in view or not through a beep. Then it will automatically scan the text and you can hear it easily once the scanning is done. This can be very helpful for reading bills, menus, medical forms and documents.
6. Learning Ally

This app provides easy access to the Learning Ally’s library that contains more than 70,000 audio books for schools and college-level textbooks. To run this application, you first need a membership to Learning Ally. The application lets you download these books and play them at your convenience. The app also offers navigation through page number or chapters, electronic bookmarks and an adjustable playback speed.
7. TalkingTag LV

TalkingTag is an app that allows you to label and recognize different items. You can label these items by using stickers of different QR codes and feeding a 1-minute audio message about each label. Then you can just point your phone camera at the stickers at a later time and your phone will read out the audio message out loud, enabling you to identify the object. This can help vision impaired people in differentiating between identical CDs, boxes or even jam jars conveniently.

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Carrying out their day-to-day activities is now relatively easier for visually impaired people. These few assisting applications for iPhone and iPads can help them in managing their daily procedures easily. There are a number of other applications that are also very beneficial for impaired people that are supported by iPhone.

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