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Is an Xbox 360 or PS3 a better media hub?

People don’t just use video game consoles to escape to a virtual reality world and fight bad guys. Modern systems connect users with other media platforms, to stream and enjoy different content all through one device.

Though the Xbox 360 is over seven years old and the PS3 will be six soon, both systems have recently seen new versions and improvements. These devices do have significant differences in how they connect and with regard to what content is available from each. Options are never a bad thing, as they allow users to decide which console offers a better experience.

Sports streaming

Microsoft found one of the biggest partners possible to bring sports to the Xbox 360 when it paired with ESPN in 2010. The downloadable app gives viewers access to ESPN 3 and live broadcasts from the sports network.

The PS3 may not be able to stream content from ESPN, but still features plenty of apps to watch some of the most popular sports including apps from the NBA, NHL and NFL on Sony’s console. Users may not be able to access highlights and recaps, but some may enjoy having more live games available.

Movies & TV

PS3’s can stream content from Hulu Plus, Amazon, and Netflix. The device also features a Blu-ray player, so movie lovers that don’t subscribe to any services can still watch their favorite films in the highest possible definition.

While the Xbox 360 might only have a DVD player, it matches the PS3’s services for streaming movies. Also, HBO Go is an Xbox Live exclusive, allowing any HBO subscriber to access the channel’s programming and movie library.


Even though both systems use different hardware, gaming experiences are very similar, according to CNET. Considering that some of the most popular games, like the Madden football series and Call of Duty, are available on both, there isn’t a lot of space for the consoles to differentiate themselves.

Going online

The PlayStation Network is completely free, so PS3 users can access all of the device’s content as long as they have subscriptions to those services. Xbox Live requires a subscription, but it is discounted based on the length of a consumer’s plan.

Microsoft and Sony have added so many partners and services to their gaming consoles, making the decision between the two more difficult for shoppers. When you’re looking at a new media hub, what features attract you? Are ESPN and HBO reasons enough to buy an Xbox 360, or is the free PlayStation Network too budget-friendly to pass up?

Summary: People don’t just use video game consoles to escape to a virtual reality world and fight bad guys.

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TV on PC

As everything is going digital these days, it is not surprising that you can now watch TV on your computer. It is a great alternative to paying for a monthly cable service, which can be expensive. Watching television on your desktop or laptop computer can be just as enjoyable as it gives you the same TV experience but at a fraction of the cost. Below are the various ways people can watch TV on their computer.

Hulu Plus

• Hulu Plus is a great TV subscription service that allows you to watch both television programs and movies on your computer for $7.99 per month. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Hulu even allows users to watch exclusive shows that can only be seen through its service, which is a great way to open them to great new shows. The free version of Hulu also allows people to watch great TV shows online on their computers, but it offers fewer options than the paid version.


• iTunes is a service that is offered via Apple that can be downloaded to any computer. Aside from music and apps, TV shows can also be downloaded to it at various prices. If the individual doesn’t plan on syncing TV shows to their iPod, iPad or iPhone, they can simply watch them on their computer.

Network Websites

• Visiting certain TV networks’ websites is a great way to watch TV on your computer. Many networks present their popular shows on their websites as they are airing on TV.

TV Tuners

• An external TV tuner is an excellent device to have that can allow you to watch TV on your computer. It is especially helpful if you already have a regular cable TV subscription and have a weather emergency that prevents you from watching. The TV tuner connected to your computer can allow you to watch TV when a miniature antenna is connected to it as well. Tuner sticks connect to the USB drive of a Windows computer. One of the most popular manufacturers of these devices is Hauppauge. TV tuners are easy to set up and use.

This has been a guest post from Australia’s leading TV on PC website.

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Yahoo CEO search down to Levinsohn, Hulu’s Kilar

NEW YORK: The race to become Yahoo Inc’s next chief executive appears to have come down to two candidates: current interim CEO Ross Levinsohn and Hulu CEO Jason Kilar.

According to two sources with knowledge of the situation, Levinsohn and Kilar are the last names left on the Yahoo board’s shortlist for permanent CEO of the company.

Yahoo, the once iconic Internet company, has struggled to find its footing in the new digital world dominated by the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

The company has essentially been rudderless since turning down Microsoft’s $44 billion takeover offer in 2008. Since that time, Yahoo has plowed through four CEOs in as many years, among them Terry Semel, co-founder Jerry Yang, Carol Bartz, and most recently, Scott Thompson.

Yahoo’s board also had on its shortlist Jonathan Miller, currently News Corp’s Chief Digital Officer and former CEO of AOL Inc, and wanted to speak with him about the position, but Miller declined to pursue discussions, said a source familiar with his thinking.

According to this source, Miller put the brakes on any talks with Yahoo’s board out of respect for his friendship with Levinsohn, who has long wanted to run a company as CEO. Prior to their current positions, Miller and Levinsohn ran an investment firm together named Fuse Capital.

Kilar, however, has no such personal relationship with Levinsohn, which is why he is still on the shortlist.

Executive recruiting firm Spencer Stuart is leading the search on behalf of Yahoo.

While Kilar is being seriously considered for the role, Levinsohn is still thought of as the favorite to take the position on a permanent basis, according to one of the sources.

Since taking over as interim CEO in May after Scott Thompson’s forced resignation, Levinsohn has been acting and making decisions as if he has already won the seat, this source said.

Levinsohn hired former Google director and media veteran Michael Barrett as Chief Revenue Officer to help lead Yahoo’s efforts to reemerge as an entertainment and information destination that wins advertising revenue.

Those close to Levinsohn have said he is committed to building out Yahoo’s own video programming and striking more syndication deals in pursuit of ads that command a higher price, and Barrett’s hiring underscores that strategy.

Miller and Levinsohn were not immediately available for comment. A spokesman for Yahoo’s board, Charles Sipkins, declined comment, as did a representative for Hulu.

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