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TV on PC

As everything is going digital these days, it is not surprising that you can now watch TV on your computer. It is a great alternative to paying for a monthly cable service, which can be expensive. Watching television on your desktop or laptop computer can be just as enjoyable as it gives you the same TV experience but at a fraction of the cost. Below are the various ways people can watch TV on their computer.

Hulu Plus

• Hulu Plus is a great TV subscription service that allows you to watch both television programs and movies on your computer for $7.99 per month. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Hulu even allows users to watch exclusive shows that can only be seen through its service, which is a great way to open them to great new shows. The free version of Hulu also allows people to watch great TV shows online on their computers, but it offers fewer options than the paid version.


• iTunes is a service that is offered via Apple that can be downloaded to any computer. Aside from music and apps, TV shows can also be downloaded to it at various prices. If the individual doesn’t plan on syncing TV shows to their iPod, iPad or iPhone, they can simply watch them on their computer.

Network Websites

• Visiting certain TV networks’ websites is a great way to watch TV on your computer. Many networks present their popular shows on their websites as they are airing on TV.

TV Tuners

• An external TV tuner is an excellent device to have that can allow you to watch TV on your computer. It is especially helpful if you already have a regular cable TV subscription and have a weather emergency that prevents you from watching. The TV tuner connected to your computer can allow you to watch TV when a miniature antenna is connected to it as well. Tuner sticks connect to the USB drive of a Windows computer. One of the most popular manufacturers of these devices is Hauppauge. TV tuners are easy to set up and use.

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Games That Won’t Kill Your Ultrabook

Many people aren’t yet familiar with the term “ultrabook,” but they’ve seen them everywhere. Ultrabooks are very thin, lightweight laptop computers designed for commuters, students and others who need to work and communicate while on the go. Trademarked by the Intel Corporation, ultrabooks have become very popular because they offer both long battery life and strong performance. Their solid-state drives provide space-efficient storage and eliminate the possibility of data loss caused by loss of power or trauma to the laptop itself. Furthermore, Ultrabooks have recently become much more affordable, and savvy shoppers can save even more with a Dell or HP coupon code.

Ultrabooks aren’t just for business, however; many people also enjoy playing games on them. Because these computers are built for efficiency and portability, most models lack the processing power necessary for many huge, graphic-intensive games. Getting the best Ultrabook gaming experience isn’t very hard; it’s all about picking the right game.

One of the most popular and impressive Ultrabook games is World of Goo, a whimsical physics game that requires players to save anthropomorphic balls of tar by combining them in complex ways. The impressive graphics run very smoothly on an Ultrabook, and World of Goo lends itself to short gaming sessions, which makes it a great choice for a rail commute or a flight.

Minecraft is another excellent option for the Ultrabook. It’s tremendously popular almost everywhere, and offers a perpetual, immersive play experience in random-generated worlds. No two Minecraft sessions are identical. Gamers can even play online, forming alliances to explore the unfolding game world and create more complex structures.

Many venerable console and PC games also play well on an Ultrabook. Bioshock and Mass Effect and World of Warcraft are excellent examples; for optimum performance, set the graphics detail and display distance to “medium.

Fans of realtime strategy (RTS) games will be thrilled to learn that Age of Empires runs seamlessly on an Ultrabook. This game lets players shape entire civilizations over thousands of years, beginning at the Stone Age. There are many available goals; some players try to win by defeating all of their enemy civilizations, while others pursue victory by exploring the entire world or amassing vast reserves of money and valuables. The high level of control Age of Empires gives players is one of the greatest reasons for its enduring popularity. It’s an excellent candidate for the Ultrabook platform.

Ultrabooks offer the best of both worlds: functionality and convenience. If you are willing to be flexible on size, newer models that have the powerful Nvidia GT 640M processor will be able to enjoy all your favorite games, not just older ones. While it does make the ultrabook a little bigger than most models currently on the market, it does fit within the 21mm thick size standard set by Intel. What’s not to love about a thin, light laptop that doesn’t greatly compromise on performance?

Daria Cortese is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast living with five cats and one husband in the greater Philadelphia area.

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