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7 Sure Ways Your Blog Will Never Generate Traffic!

Blogs are a great forum to share your opinion, ideas and expertise. But the philosophy of build it and they will come is not true in the world of the web. Millions of blogs exist and without some work, yours is at risk of falling deep in the search results among the others never to be read.
Here are a few sure fire ways to guarantee that you will not see any traffic on your blog.
1. Close yourself off – Guest blogging and accepting guest blog posts alike is a great way to keep your page current and to build backlinks to your content. By encouraging others to post on your blog, you gain their help in promoting their database of readers to come see what they have to say on your site. In turn, when you guest blog on other people’s blogs, you do the same by getting your content in front of new sets of eyes.
2. Pay no attention to design – The look and feel of your blog directly impacts whether a person wants to stay on your site when they arrive or whether they feel like running. When you design a blog that looks appealing, people will be more likely to read what you have to say. If your content is compelling enough, you will have a repeat visitor and a loyal fan that will help spread the word about your site to their network of friends.
3. Participate on other sites – One great way to get found is to participate in discussions online. This can be done by leaving comments on blogs or answering questions on sites such as Quora. When you do this, you tell the world that you are an expert in a particular topic. If they want to read more, you could easily get high quality leads going to your blog to consume your content.
4. Give no way to subscribe – Do not expect to be remembered tomorrow by the people who visited you today. Instead, take your opportunity to stay in front of them by having an easy way to subscribe. Drive subscriptions by making your subscribe box visible and noteworthy so people have no choice but to see it.
5. Become a hermit – Believe it or not, even though your blog and business are online, meeting people face to face is still one of the best ways to drive people to your site. When you become a hermit you lose touch with the world and fail to network in a meaningful way that can help your business and blog grow. Instead, attend conferences and get out and meet people at local networking events as often as you can.
6. Disengage with your readers – People generally go to a blog to gain some sort of information. However, when there is no engagement, they may feel as if their voice is not being heard and may not have as much desire to engage with you. Instead, ask questions in your blog posts, survey your readers and find new ways to get them to post comments on your blog that will make them feel more invested in what you have to say.
7. Avoid controversy – This is a difficult one but without getting involved in current topics or events, you lose out on the ability to start a conversation on your site about something important and help generate traffic in that way. Your blog is your forum to voice an opinion and controversial topics are a great way to do this. But remember, always leave the forum open for others to voice their opinions back in return and start a conversation instead of a dispute.
Blogging can be a great way to generate traffic, but without doing it right your blog could be left flat and without the visitors you need to succeed.

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Patrick Del Rosario is part of the team behind Open Colleges, one of Australia’s pioneer and leading providers of Open Colleges Management Courses and diploma of management. When not working, Patrick enjoys blogging about career and business. Patrick is also a photography enthusiast and is currently running a photography studio in the Philippines. If you have a blog and would like free content. You can find him on Google+ or drop a line at patrick (at)

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