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Mass Effect 3′ for Nintendo Wii U

Mass Effect (video game)

Mass Effect (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We must say, it’s celebration time for the loyal Nintendo fans, who have waited patiently for the release of the Wii U. Along with it comes another reason to indulge in – the debut of some of the best games for the Wii U console. With a range of titles such as Arkham City, FIFA 13, Super Mario Bros and others flooding the market, the holiday season is just going to turn into fanfare. Out of all, the game we managed to lay our hands on headfirst is – Mass Effect 3: Special Edition.

True to its name, the franchise is indeed a special one, as this is the first time the title is coming in to a brand new console. This means a lot of rookies and new-to-school gamers are going to lay their hands on the title and to support them, the developers have added in a revamped version of the Genesis comic. This is more of a recap of the previous episodes of the saga (plays for 20 minutes) and gives the freshers an insight into the Mass Effect universe and the life and times of Shepherd in the game. The package also includes some of the add-ons and DLC’s of ME3 such as Resurgence, Earth and Rebellion that takes us much deeper into the game. A good way to start!

In case you didn’t know, the entire concept and storyline revolves around the Commander Shepherd and his braving encounters against an ancient race of aliens. The aliens have woken up and only to cause devastation to the universe. With the clan devouring in the universe, it is time for the Commander to take charge, lead the team and restore momentum to the galaxy.

One of the most anticipated features of the Wii U – the GamePad, works well for the Mass Effect 3. The gamepad extracts more participation from the gamers and is quite fascinating with its features like the ability to draw paths for the commander’s robotic comrades, track enemy locations, identify your current in-game location and invoke the map. Combating using the Gamepad is just pleasurable, with its ability to perform some free-form moves and actions. The Pro Controller also works well for the game and is equally exciting, though we didn’t use it much to play the game.

Technically, the game managed to impress us with its visuals and renditions. However, the only glitch we felt was during the load sessions, where the console truly tested our patience and determination towards its play. Though the visuals and graphics on the rival consoles gain an extra edge over the Wii U, we still felt the game looked great for a debut.

The game, apart from its primary campaign also offers a co-op mode called the “Horde Mode” that allows players to team up with other players and carry out a unified battle against the ever-spawning hoard of enemies and aliens. A perfect mode to have a time-out from the main campaign, kill some aliens with friends and reconnect with Shepherd again.

The Verdict:

Mass Effect 3 from Bioware makes a great debut and is sure to woo the Wii fans. However, if you’re playing the game to experience the essence of Mass Effect 3, try playing it in the other consoles. And if you’re intention is to experience the Wii, go ahead with the title!
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The Cool KOLOS Gaming Wheel for Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has always been a special gadget with its HD graphics. It is indeed a perfect tablet for gaming geeks who love playing from any place like a bus, train on the move or even while at home. The gaming experience for Apple lovers has just got better with the new Kolos Gaming Wheel designed for racing fanatics.


A befitting design for iPad series 

Custom-made for the 9.7-inch Apple iPad, the Kolos steering wheel is designed to fit Apple iPad 2 (2nd Generation) and Apple The new iPad (3rd Generation). It also fits the Apple iPad with Retina Display (4th Generation). Available in black and grey colours, the 12.3-inch diameter wheel is made out of a light weight, high quality, metallised plastic.

The clamp of the wheel is constructed out of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) which is lightweight and has great strength. The base of the wheel system is curved and symmetric to the wheel itself. To enhance the stability of the wheel, there are three rubberised large circles for support. It has an anti-perspiration coating to ensure that your hands do not slip off in all the adrenaline-pumped action.


A gripping hold at the start line 

It is quite easy to fit the wheel with the iPad. You have to place your iPad in the space provided and pull the clip down on it to lock it in place. The gadget will be locked in tight grips and will remain stable and steady throughout the game. It is designed to accommodate a double or single-handed action, so you can try to swerve on a free virtual driveway packed with action.


Transform your desk into a driving seat 

The wheel has a clamping system that can be used to attach to desks. The clamp can be attached to surfaces that are as thick as two inches. You can take it, slip in through your study desk and turn the screw at the bottom to tighten the grip.


Gaming taken to a new dimension

Since the wheel holds the iPad, you can play all one-finger touch games without having to hold it. Moreover, the wheel is detachable. So, you can have fun with air gaming anywhere with the easy and compact design. The best part is the Kolos wheel is not just for racing, it can be used for playing any touch game or motion sensor air game on the iPad.


iOS games for KOLOS play

A few examples of racing games enhanced by KOLOS are Asphalt 7: Heat, Highway Rider, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Riptide GP, Carmageddon, etc. Apart from racing, action and air games like Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, MetalStorm: Wingman, Boost 2, etc., can also be played on the iPad attached to the KOLOS wheel. One-finger touch games like Fruit Ninja HD, Angry Birds Space HD, Facebook games, etc., can be played hands-free using KOLOS wheel base system to hold the iPad.


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Review: Guns of Icarus Online Game

Guns of Icarus is one the best and the most thrilling multiplayer games that delivers real co-op and the most aggravating experiences.

On its deck, most have a role to play. Some will have to man its guns, steer the hulking bird and take necessary action when objects catch fire and alas go to hell. When individuals slack off or work haphazardly, the lives are over. In spite of few glitches and frustrations owing to inconsistent crewmates, there is still a level of satisfaction that occurs from handling an intense battle with the ships held together by chicken wire and duct tape.


Different Duties performed by Gunners, captains and engineers

From scrappy vessels to the flying sluggish fortress, every airship you choose features a distinct visual design, maneuvering and the deck layout. Duties performed here are categorized into three classes that will help in defining your role better. Captains have to indulge in maneuvering the ship while in battle so that gunners get great shots right from their position, making the orders as required, scouting the enemies to mark and flying the airship. But if you are a crappy captain you will earn yourself the ire with the possibility of spurring the mutiny. All the gunners in the scene are specialized in hot leads, pumping rockets and jetting fire into enemies. The Engineers here use handy tools like hammers, fire extinguishers and wrenches to rebuild and fix stuff that is destroyed when you are bombarded.

While duties of engineers, gunners and captains are entertaining stuff in their own rights, it’s all focused but very limited in scope. For instance, it hardly takes any time to get through different properties of each class, after a series of stages and you will realize and wish that you had more content to deal with.


The limitations

Right now, raking up in the class does not unlock anything or even have a major impact on the character. With different objectives around every stage, most multiplayer games are the same and the tiny choice of map locations are very well designed and are distinct visually.

Guns of Icarus does a great job in shooting the excitement of airship crewing in the motoring combat above the clouds. The rough edges demonstrate work in progress which is much more than visual bugs, finished games and the glitches around. The awkward actions are jarring, considering how polished and beautiful the game feels and looks.

Not considering proper tutorials to demonstrate how the systems and gameplay functions getting acclimated to different roles is slightly puzzling from the moment it starts However, a positive sign is that developer Muse is working full-fledged to improvise the game and increase content to make the game a better one, give greater experience and also get involved better. That is more fun but one would think that there is a long distance to be covered before the game reaches its final potential.


The final verdict

This game has a lot of attractive elements that few other rivals can match. It feels unique, very refreshing and gives a co-op experience. But in spite of the impressive execution and visual beauty, the game drags a bit and tests your patience.


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New Angry Birds: Star Wars- A Review

Angry Birds took the whole gaming world by storm. The easy interface, along with an exciting and entertaining gameplay, got the attention of the world. The game was an instant hit and won many awards and accolades in the process. The successive games were disappointing though, with no clear evolution of the gameplay. Both games, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons, were nothing unique, and had the same game basically, with just a change of background scenery.


The announcement of Angry Birds Star Wars did generate a buzz in the gaming community. The game delivers on this front. The hype surrounding it has been largely justified by the new product from Rovio.


Star Wars


The game has essentially the same elements as the previous versions. The 2D platform, shape of the birds, and the pigs are all there. But the game is significantly influenced by Star Wars. The red bird, which previously didn’t have any extra power, now destroys the lines of the ‘stormtrooper’ pigs while wielding a cool light saber. As a plus, it looks like Luke Skywalker. All the birds in the game resemble one of the main characters of the movies. There is Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewie, Rebel Pilot, C3PO and R2D2. Each character is uniquely portrayed through the birds.


Even the powers of the bird are fashioned around the movie characters. The Obi-Wan bird has the ability to knock down large objects or for that matter any other thing, by just tapping into the ‘Force’. The bird resembling the Rebel Pilot basically does what the blue bird previously did, but the catch is that they can actually do some damage this time.


The gameplay is essentially the same; you have to toss the birds around to destroy the villainous pigs. But instead of being birds, the characters are from Star Wars. The first world is based in Tatooine, and the second in Space. In world 2, you can see a pig-shaped DeathStar in the background. Despite the core being the same, the gameplay is highly influenced by the saga. Even the pigs wield laser blasters in certain situations. The Trash Compactor from Episode IV is also referenced in the games.


The performance of the game is as good as the previous versions. It runs smoothly on all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and MAC. The Millennium Eagle has replaced the Mighty Eagle, and it’s free now! You get a certain quantity of Falcons in each stage to use in combat. The Millennium Falcon is available to you, once you get a pre-defined number of stars. This simplifies the stages in which you’re stuck and can’t cross it.


Final assessment


This is the best Angry Birds game from Rovio, since the first one created splashes in the gaming world. The game is very addictive, and you can’t possibly leave it till you have completed all the 80 levels. The next episode is also on the way, and is based on Hoth. The game and the movie have been mixed very well and the resulting experience is well worth the time.


 Grace is an expert associated with Airsoft Guns and writes guest post for blogs. The author has written game reviews for various blogs and is an avid gamer.

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PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Review

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, I guess, is the result of one of our weirdest gaming fantasies of all times. A fantasy of seeing our beloved PlayStation hunks and stars battling, punching and taking down each other over a single screen! Developed by SuperBot Entertainment in association with SCE Santa Monica Studios, the game rolls out for the PS3 and VITA consoles. So, let’s further checkout how ‘battlicious’ the game actually is.

Ready for Battle?

No, you’re not! At least not until you scroll through the entire roster and zero in on your favorite character. Now, this is the beginning of the tougher phases to come because the game boasts of an excellent array of characters in the roster. With many characters emerging out directly from Sony’s earlier original ventures, the game also includes some characters borrowed or rather adopted from other platforms and developers. This fusion of platform crossover is bound to offer some confusion as there are characters like Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Cole McGrath from Infamous, Kratos from God of War, Raiden from Metal Gear and other famous protagonists from various popular video games. Seeing Stars?!

Behind this bewilderment lies a great game and hasty-action-packed sequences. The game is comprised of some beautifully crafted arenas and battle zones, which add to the game’s overall excitement. The game is developed in such a way that it forces you to try out some furious battles with every playable character, before you select the final one. With distinction and uniqueness infused into each character, the game leaves you confused – block 2! The puzzle is fun too, as you are given a chance to play with almost every character included in the roster and learn their unique moves and combos. Even if you feel you’ve selected the one you are going to proceed with, it is suggested that you check out the game with every single superstar. It’s total fun!

The combat system and the representation of the game is what makes the title stand out from the rest. Ditching the traditional health bar system, which has been prevailing in fighting games from time unknown, comes the AP that stands for All Star Points. The game allows you to score points based on your combat skills and when you reach the maximum momentum, you are allowed to perform a super move. Wait – Are you going to use your super move for the current level or save them for forthcoming levels? Decide as you play!

Fighting ain’t easy, pal!

It sure isn’t because of the game’s complexities that surprisingly turn out as a favor. Apart from the regular punches, kicks and throws, the game offers several additional combat moves such as finishers, roll, crouch, dodge and throws. These moves can be performed with the help of the direction keys and the analog controller.

The game may even turn out to be a challenge for the gamers, thanks to its intense yet racy combating style. So keep aside your pride in winning other free-hand fighting style games as the game is challenging for a newbie and for a pro alike! But that’s what fun is in the entire title. All the effort that you put in mastering a particular character or the combat mechanics is really rewarding. Also, it is better not to skip that tutorial that plays on initiating game can take you miles. Skip it and you’ll end up losing every single time! The game also includes several engaging gaming modes that help in reducing the linearity of the game.

The Verdict:

This title is more of a fanfare, a celebration of the past years of PlayStationing than a regular fighting title. So, go for it and enjoy the great lineup of characters that fight for you to offer seamless fun!

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AMD’s Piledriver-Powered FX Processors for Gaming

It’s time for gamers to make merry – AMD has just released 4 heavy-duty desktop processors all fortified with high performance, fast speed, and solid construction. These state-of-the-art processors will go a long way in gamers enjoying hours of intensive, stutter-free gaming. Salient facets of these 4 processors follow:

  1. The FX-8350 “Vishera” Processor

AMD’s FX-8350 processor bearing the Vishera moniker is the most advanced processor of the bunch and therefore bears the most reviewing. The Vishera, which has been constructed utilizing 32-nanometer knowhow, comes with the ensuing striking features:

  1. The Vishera is divided into 4 Piledriver sections that can accommodate 8 cores in their fold. This unique 8-core competency assures extremely quick clock velocities that can reach an amazing 4 GHz. Further, these velocities can be increased to 4.2 GHz via turbo core functioning. Having 8 cores also delivers sturdier digital signals and ensures thriftier energy usage.
  2. The Vishera processor is driven by the multi-faceted OverDrive 4 software, a preeminent AMD product.
  3. The processor has a 125-watt Thermal Design Power (TDP) output that efficiently cools the device and lends it potency to support even the most demanding of gaming applications.
  4. The Vishera embeds a novel dual-segment Integrated Memory Controller (also known as IMC) possessing a 1866-megahertz support structure.
  5. The FX-8350 has cache memories of 8 MB for L2 as well as L3 storage. This makes the processor exceedingly adept at handling frequently accessed applications. Furthermore, the robust L2 cache is fitted with C0-stepping competencies.
  6. The Vishera is also compatible with earlier AMD iterations like the FX CPU, 990FX, and AMD SB950 (Southbridge) motherboards, albeit after a slight and simple alteration to the BIOS.
  7. Besides the above, the processor also ships with:

•     1.2 billion Semiconductors (or transistors)

  • A Clock and Voltage compartment that maximizes processor output when in turbo mode.

•     A multiplier with unlocked configuration.

•     An advanced sound encoder with the capacity to generate multi-thread H.264 videos.

•     Support for Open Computing Language (OpenCL).

Thus the Vishera is equipped with above average rapidity as also enviable instructions-per-clock (IPC) and frequency numbers making it a top-notch choice for gamers. AMD has priced the processor at roughly USD 200.

  1. The FX-8320 Processor

This processor is similar to the Vishera in many respects except that its speed is a tad lower at 3.5 GHz. However due to the inbuilt 8-core unclocking ability, this velocity can be enhanced to 4 GHz with the FX-8320 in turbo core mode enabling the same exciting game play. The FX-8320 is priced slightly lower – at around USD 170.

  1. The FX-6300 Processor

AMD’s third new-generation processor sports 6 cores operating at a standard clock speed of 3.5GHz that can be intensified to 4.1 GHz with the FX-6300 in turbo core mode. Otherwise all the remaining features resemble those of the previously mentioned processors. The FX-6300 can be had for approximately USD 130.

  1. The FX-4300 Processor

This processor ships with 4 cores but has a higher speed of 3.8 GHz, which can be heightened to 4 GHz when the processor is in turbo core mode. Also the 4-megabyte L3 cache capacity is somewhat than the other models. The FX-4300 can be obtained for around USD 122.


AMD avers that these Piledriver-enabled processors deliver 15% extra performance as contrasted with the earlier processors comprising Bulldozer technologies. While the improved processors still aren’t sufficient to challenge Intel’s top-end models, they can definitely guarantee gamers a good time.


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Is an Xbox 360 or PS3 a better media hub?

People don’t just use video game consoles to escape to a virtual reality world and fight bad guys. Modern systems connect users with other media platforms, to stream and enjoy different content all through one device.

Though the Xbox 360 is over seven years old and the PS3 will be six soon, both systems have recently seen new versions and improvements. These devices do have significant differences in how they connect and with regard to what content is available from each. Options are never a bad thing, as they allow users to decide which console offers a better experience.

Sports streaming

Microsoft found one of the biggest partners possible to bring sports to the Xbox 360 when it paired with ESPN in 2010. The downloadable app gives viewers access to ESPN 3 and live broadcasts from the sports network.

The PS3 may not be able to stream content from ESPN, but still features plenty of apps to watch some of the most popular sports including apps from the NBA, NHL and NFL on Sony’s console. Users may not be able to access highlights and recaps, but some may enjoy having more live games available.

Movies & TV

PS3’s can stream content from Hulu Plus, Amazon, and Netflix. The device also features a Blu-ray player, so movie lovers that don’t subscribe to any services can still watch their favorite films in the highest possible definition.

While the Xbox 360 might only have a DVD player, it matches the PS3’s services for streaming movies. Also, HBO Go is an Xbox Live exclusive, allowing any HBO subscriber to access the channel’s programming and movie library.


Even though both systems use different hardware, gaming experiences are very similar, according to CNET. Considering that some of the most popular games, like the Madden football series and Call of Duty, are available on both, there isn’t a lot of space for the consoles to differentiate themselves.

Going online

The PlayStation Network is completely free, so PS3 users can access all of the device’s content as long as they have subscriptions to those services. Xbox Live requires a subscription, but it is discounted based on the length of a consumer’s plan.

Microsoft and Sony have added so many partners and services to their gaming consoles, making the decision between the two more difficult for shoppers. When you’re looking at a new media hub, what features attract you? Are ESPN and HBO reasons enough to buy an Xbox 360, or is the free PlayStation Network too budget-friendly to pass up?

Summary: People don’t just use video game consoles to escape to a virtual reality world and fight bad guys.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Release Confirmed

Grand Theft Auto 5 is confirmed to launch worldwide this coming spring for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Rockstar Games announced Tuesday.

Created by Rockstar North, the company’s Edinburgh, Scotland-based subsidiary, the latest GTA game takes place “in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California.”

According to its official website, GTA 5 is “the largest and most thriving game-world we have ever created set in the sprawling city of Los Santos and for miles beyond — from the tops of the mountains to the depths of the ocean.”

As of next week on Nov. 5, GTA 5 will be available for pre-order. Rockstar will also release more information about the game next month.

Rockstar said, “We’re currently focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and don’t have any details to share about a PC version at this time.”

Are you going to buy it? Let us know in comments.

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Getting a Better Gaming Rig on a Tight Budget

PC gaming is far, far from being dead. I know it sounds like a defensive statement coming from one who grew up on it, but a little research and an observant eye will tell you that though the console and mobile platforms are growing, there is a healthy and growing amount of PC gamers out there, especially those playing online shooters and MMORPGs (I tend to be a single-player RPG player myself, but that’s probably because I’m inherently antisocial).

Now that I convinced you to keep the faith and game on the PC, the next thing you’ll probably want to know is how to do it without selling a kidney. It’s true that some prebuilt gaming systems and custom enthusiast rigs cost along the lines of a couple of thousand dollars and above. With their elaborate cooling setups, cutting edge components, and awesome styling, it’s no big surprise why they can cost so much.

The good news is that you do not really need multi-video card, water-cooled, 1000W+ setup to enjoy PC gaming. You don’t need a mean-looking, rugged military-grade PC chassis to go with it, either (unless you are playing from an actual war zone). A decent PC won’t break the bank and deprive you of an internal organ. Below are some quick and sensible tips on just how to keep the costs down and the enjoyment factor up.

Plan Ahead

Before you make your prospective upgrade or buy a new rig altogether, don’t do so at the spur of the moment. Google is your friend; research the heck out of the components you want to purchase for your system. After choosing the right part/s based on reviews (avoid the “sellout” sites for that), forum discussions, and owner feedback, start your research anew for the right place to purchase it.

There are many online retailers out there, and just because shop A sells item X cheap doesn’t mean they will also give you a good deal on the next component you need. Just make sure you keep the receipts and boxes handy for all of the products you buy, just in case you have to RMA.

It shouldn’t have to tell you, but I will anyway: keep within your budget. Do not buy something you cannot afford.

Function Over Form

I know enthusiasts tend to take great pride in their hobby by purchasing parts and components for their bling factor; it’s not so different from people who “pimp their rides.” Since you are watching your budget, it is more important that you consider what you see on the screen and hear over the speakers rather than how good the computer looks while it’s just sitting there.

Go for simple but reliable input devices, a well-ventilated chassis, and a monitor big enough for you to be able to appreciate the games you play (hint: LCD flat panels beyond 24” are a little bit of a waste if your monitor sits just a foot or two away from your face).

Research, Research, Research

I really emphasize the part about reading up and looking for product information and reviews even before seeing or buying the actual component. Because PCs are a very scalable and open platform with literally hundreds of hardware manufacturers and software developers making programs for it, it’s unavoidable that there will be little glitches and compatibility issues (I can hear the Mac fanatics snickering at this).

The best you can do is make sure the parts you buy will work as well as possible for the kind of games you prefer to play. With today’s games being mostly 3D-rendered, it’s always a good idea to read about and choose the best video card for your budget. You can never go wrong with a lot of memory, just don’t go overboard and buy memory your motherboard or operating system cannot fully utilize (as of writing this article, 8GB of DDR3 is plenty).

What are you waiting for?

Go open a bunch of other browser tabs and find the games you’ll want to play in the coming months, and start hunting down for some sweet PC hardware. If you’re really, really strapped for cash, I guess you can get yourself a title loan to cover for your rig. Regardless, have fun!

About the Author

Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and is currently conspiring with her girlfriends in making their own blog about their adventures in life, Word Baristas.

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Gaming this Christmas

So, Christmas is right around the corner, you have a slew of family and friends to shop for, and you have no idea what to get anyone? Not to worry! From the most high-tech of gaming systems to inexpensive plug and play TV games to time-killing apps and games for cellular devices, there are endless (and highly entertaining) possibilities for everyone of every age group on your shopping list.

Nintendo has outdone themselves this holiday season by announcing that they will be releasing the Wii U right before Christmas. This game console is truly unlike any other in existence, using a hand-held touchscreen controller with the console itself to provide a unique experience. The touchscreen controller, or GamePad, is compatible with the Wii Remote Plus, Wii Balance Board, and Wii Nunchuck. The GamePad can be used on its own or to supplement a game on the television. It can also be used for voice and video calls, as a drawing pad, and so much more. Wii U is compatible with all your Wii games, like Wii Fit, Lego Batman, and Super Mario Galaxy.

PlayStation released the PS Vita, a strictly handheld device, earlier this year. With two analog sticks, a directional pad, and a set of classic PlayStation buttons, this device has the familiar feel you’ve grown to love, but with a new twist. It features a rear touch pad, stereo speakers, front and rear cameras, a microphone, and motion detection. The battery lasts three to five hours which is perfect for the kids or for long journeys. It is compatible with a ton of amazing game titles, and is backwards compatible with PlayStation Portable games.

If buying a system isn’t in your budget, never fear! Plug and play devices are a very frugal Christmas gift that offer the same entertainment for a fraction of the cost of an expensive console. Simply put, a plug and play game is a controller that contains games, so by plugging the controller in to your TV you’re able to play without a console. One of the most popular options for plug and play devices is Retro Arcade by Namco, bringing over a dozen old-school titles straight to your TV. If musical games are your thing, check out Guitar Fever, another plug and play title.

Another inexpensive gamer gift option is a Google Play gift card which will allow Android users to purchase games, applications, themes, and music from the Google Play store. For iPhone users, an iTunes gift card will do the same.

Everyone loves gifts in the form of entertainment, and you can rest assured that by providing such modern and fun presents, you’ll be everyone’s favorite Santa!

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