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Doom 3 BFG Review

Some games are immortal. Regardless of the number of titles making their way into the gaming market, certain games have a permanent spot reserved for them. One such game is Doom! A game that only children of the 90’s could cherish, is back to shower some instances of bliss to the children or the gamers of the new millennium. So, let’s check out if it retains the old flavors and offers the same fun or just enters the race to eclipse the feeling of being left out.

Right from the moment you purchase the disk, vibes of nostalgia begin to emanate as the disk ships with titles of Doom, Doom 2, the latest Doom 3 with the expansion pack and a whole new episode titled the Lost Mission. So pricewise, you’ve already got your dollar’s worth.

The entire game has been optimized and made ready to be played in 3D with a 5.1 surround sound system. The advanced rendering systems and video quality really give the title a revamp and makes you feel great about what you’re playing. This outing successfully does what Doom titles do best and hooks up the user to hours of non-stop spooky action. The atmosphere and the environment look intense than before with the 3D rendering and manage to deliver what it intends to.

The game includes certain new tweaks such as the checkpoint saving system that lets you come back from the most recently played checkpoint, finer controls and better game play. The game combines elements of uncertainty to offer the gamer, loads of surprises and spooks at the least expected instances. Zombies and creatures crawl out from the floor, hop out from ceilings, emerge from pipelines and stay behind walls and shadows to deliver the spookiness and take you down.

One of the gamers’ boons – health regeneration, is absent in the game play and there are minimum or no ammo shots to pick up and replenish your ammunition. So, you have to just manage your ammos and try killing the bosses and villains in a single shot or with minimal blows. But the game allows you to earn yourself all of these, if you have the courage to explore the hidden arenas, the unlit environment and spooky rooms. If you manage to traverse through, you will probably attain a health pack or an ammo pack. The game Lost Missions is a great inclusion as it brings in seven whole new levels of dooming. Packed with its own storyline and concept, the game recreates Doom’s magic.

The game may have all the essentials of a perfect entertainer, but lacks in certain places! For instance, the auto save feature does partial justice to its role as it poses a hurdle or rather inconvenience to the game play by cutting in some vital parts. Also, the game loads slow in consoles and there are no options to redefine controls. But, that’s ok as long it’s a Doom title. 

The Bottom Line:            

The Doom 3 BFG Edition rolls out as a perfect treat this season and manages to successfully bring back the old times and it seems like a walk into the Doom franchise’s Hall of Fame. With some minor flaws and major fun, the game emerges a winner as ever before! Go for it and cherish 10 years of Doom franchise.

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Mass Effect 3′ for Nintendo Wii U

Mass Effect (video game)

Mass Effect (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We must say, it’s celebration time for the loyal Nintendo fans, who have waited patiently for the release of the Wii U. Along with it comes another reason to indulge in – the debut of some of the best games for the Wii U console. With a range of titles such as Arkham City, FIFA 13, Super Mario Bros and others flooding the market, the holiday season is just going to turn into fanfare. Out of all, the game we managed to lay our hands on headfirst is – Mass Effect 3: Special Edition.

True to its name, the franchise is indeed a special one, as this is the first time the title is coming in to a brand new console. This means a lot of rookies and new-to-school gamers are going to lay their hands on the title and to support them, the developers have added in a revamped version of the Genesis comic. This is more of a recap of the previous episodes of the saga (plays for 20 minutes) and gives the freshers an insight into the Mass Effect universe and the life and times of Shepherd in the game. The package also includes some of the add-ons and DLC’s of ME3 such as Resurgence, Earth and Rebellion that takes us much deeper into the game. A good way to start!

In case you didn’t know, the entire concept and storyline revolves around the Commander Shepherd and his braving encounters against an ancient race of aliens. The aliens have woken up and only to cause devastation to the universe. With the clan devouring in the universe, it is time for the Commander to take charge, lead the team and restore momentum to the galaxy.

One of the most anticipated features of the Wii U – the GamePad, works well for the Mass Effect 3. The gamepad extracts more participation from the gamers and is quite fascinating with its features like the ability to draw paths for the commander’s robotic comrades, track enemy locations, identify your current in-game location and invoke the map. Combating using the Gamepad is just pleasurable, with its ability to perform some free-form moves and actions. The Pro Controller also works well for the game and is equally exciting, though we didn’t use it much to play the game.

Technically, the game managed to impress us with its visuals and renditions. However, the only glitch we felt was during the load sessions, where the console truly tested our patience and determination towards its play. Though the visuals and graphics on the rival consoles gain an extra edge over the Wii U, we still felt the game looked great for a debut.

The game, apart from its primary campaign also offers a co-op mode called the “Horde Mode” that allows players to team up with other players and carry out a unified battle against the ever-spawning hoard of enemies and aliens. A perfect mode to have a time-out from the main campaign, kill some aliens with friends and reconnect with Shepherd again.

The Verdict:

Mass Effect 3 from Bioware makes a great debut and is sure to woo the Wii fans. However, if you’re playing the game to experience the essence of Mass Effect 3, try playing it in the other consoles. And if you’re intention is to experience the Wii, go ahead with the title!
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Reasons why RPG Games are more fun than the rest

Surprisingly, many fans of RPG games do not know the true origin of the role playing game genre. The characteristics of the RPG system that is so popular were born out of the living rooms of people who played a game that only required pen, paper, and an imagination: Dungeons and Dragons. The aspects of the game that made it so much fun are the same ones that make RPG games more fun than other video game formats.

Building the Character

The act of building the character from nothing to being a power in the game is something universally enjoyed. There is something special about keeping a low level character alive long enough for them to become powerful. This creates an investment in the character for the player, especially since their choices play a big factor in their success during the game.

Real Time Combat

When combat takes place in a real time environment, it adds a level of excitement to the game. It is thrilling to know a battle could go against you. The unpredictable element of any game is what makes it fun and makes the game something playable again and again.

Good Writing

Most RPG players are fans of fantasy and science fiction stories. They are looking to lose themselves in the fantasy aspects of a world, and this requires good plots and writing strong enough to create and populate a world that is different from others. RPG players are somewhat jaded and recognize ideas that are out of date very quickly.

Realistic Feel to the Game

Players want as much realism as possible in their gaming experience. These are a few ways RPG games do this.

1. The games are open-ended. The adventure does not just lead to a set ending and then it is over.

2. The actions of the players affect the outcome of the game. The prospect of failure is a strong motivator and makes the game more fun when you overcome the odds and win.

3. The games have surprise endings. It is realistic if no one knows what the future holds.

4. Players are a creative element in the game. Their actions effect the direction and outcome of the game.


Voice Acting

RPG games combine good voice acting with well-crafted plots containing multiple twists and turns to engage the players. Players appreciate this since it helps maintain the illusion and helps the realism of the game.


About the Author
Aileen Lopez is a writer and the Director of Content for the Morgan Law Firm. Please visit the Morgan Law Firm Blog for additional content.

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First look at Alpha-152 in Dead or Alive 5

The nail biting phase of waiting has finally come to an end. The agonizing wait, the endless rumors, and the expectations are thankfully over with the much awaited release of the latest in the Dead or Alive series’ on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. And what’s more, there is a sneak peak at Alpha-152. The screen shot of Alpha-152, a playable character, has popped up on the internet recently. This new image is what we, the hardcore Dead or Alive fighting game fans, have been waiting for. And may we add that the image has only managed to multiply our excitement! Alpha-152 was introduced as the final boss in the 4th part of Dead or Alive series. She is the product of the cloning experiment that was based on Kasumi.

We’ll get to the part of Alpha-152 in just a minute. Let’s first talk about Dead or Alive 5 in particular and the series in general. DOA 5 is visually very impressive. The upgraded character models and restructuring facial structure of the characters is certainly welcome. Although the character model upgradation is a welcome move, the most awaited aspect of DOA 5 is its game play. Since the game play is not designed as a hardcore fighting game it may irk some of its fans. Dead or Alive 5 merges its now-famous fighting style with mixed martial arts to bring about an interesting game play for fans.

Let’s now talk about Alpha-152. Who can forget Helena’s words to Kasumi about Alpha-152? Alpha-152 is based on the DNA of Kasumi. And that Alpha-152 is in the last proto culture phase. Alpha-152 is born with an innate, untarnished, completely boundless hatred for the entire world. And most of all, Alpha-152 has the power to destroy the whole world with its hatred and unmatched power.

After the chilling reminder of what to expect from Alpha-152, let’s look at what the final boss and the ultimate product of Project Alpha looks like. In the beginning, Alpha-152 was to be a normal clone of Kasumi. It was to be called Kasumi Alpha. It was created by Donavan and the DOATEC. But in the second part of the project, Alpha-2, Alpha-152’s genes are changed and modified to result in Alpha-152 becoming a powerful and unbeatable creature. She is made to become the ultimate fighting weapon to be unleashed by the DOATEC.

The reason why Kasumi’s DNA was chosen was because Kasumi won the DOA tournament defeating one of the most powerful fighter’s of all time, Raidou. She was captured by the DOATEC after the end of the first DOA Tournament.

How does Alpha-152 look like? It’s natural to wonder how Alpha-152 will look like. Let’s talk about what she is not and then come to what she is. She’s not like all the other clones that were perfect photocopies of Kasumi. Alpha-152 shares the body shape of Kasumi and the resemblances end there. She is greenish blue in color, completely transparent. She shimmers like she is made of water or gel. She has a glow and a shine that makes her look almost angelic until you look at her eyes. Her eyes have absolutely no pupils that look like 2 white slits. She has the power to annihilate every little thing that has the misfortune of coming in its path. She would attack anyone with or without provocation. It’s still not known whether DOATEC has any control over the powers of Alpha-152. Unlike Kasumi-Alpha who is known to feel few human emotions of laughter, Alpha-152 knows only hatred.

Although Alpha-152 is powerful, she is also very predictable. Once you know what you are up against, you can counter her attacks easily. It remains to be seen how well you use all your attacking techniques to defeat Alpha-152.


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The Different Airsoft Video Games

Playing video games, especially the first person shooter ones, for a long time might give you a craving for real gun-toting action. The adrenaline rush that one feels by playing a video game, though exhilarating, might leave you craving for more adrenaline. Airsoft games, with the real world scenarios, puts you in a situation where you can indulge your trigger happy side without putting yourself in any sort of real danger.

Video games, no matter how advanced, can never be a proper substitute for the real world adventure that airsoft games entail. There is something about the exertion that you put yourself through while hunting down your opponent in the real world with an airsoft gun; that can not be recreated while sitting on your comfortable gaming chair and shooting down programmed simulations of terrorists, aliens or zombies. Airsoft games are not limited by the game physics of a video game either; these games and their excitement are only limited by the imagination and commitment of you and your fellow players. This article will discuss about some very entertaining airsoft games that you can play with your friends.

Kill The Zombie


There would be two distinctive groups of players in this game: humans and zombies. At the onset of the game, zombies would be fielded at a slightly higher ratio than humans, namely 4:1. The objective of this group in the game would be to ‘infect’ as many humans as possible, by touching them with their hands. On the other hand, the humans are further divided into two further subsets: civilian survivors and military survivors. Civilian survivors are allowed to carry small arms and semi-automatic weapons, with a limited stock of ammo, on the other hand military survivors can carry more advanced weapons but quite like the civilians, they too are required to have a limited cache of ammo. The limited cache of ammo serves to notch up the thrill factor of the game.

The players who make up the group of zombies wearing Halloween masks, are ‘unkillable’ but can be immobilized for 30 seconds in case of a head shot or three consecutive hits. Once a ‘zombie’ infects a survivor, the survivor becomes immobilized for two minute, after which he/she returns to the game wearing a Halloween mask and joins the zombie team. The terrain where the game is taking place would be interspersed with various ‘cure items’; and the game ends when either the survivors uncover all the cure items, or when every single player is turned into a zombie.

Last Player Standing Death-match

This airsoft game promises to be the most thrilling where everyone is against everyone. Players can divide themselves up among teams and design different objectives like ‘capture the flag’, ‘assassinating’ the rival team’s leader or even an all out and no holds barred death-match, where players go solo and hunt each other down. Since there are no particular rules to the game, players can carry any type of airsoft arms and the winner is the player or team who remains the sole person(s) to be ‘alive’ at the end of the day.

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7 Tips on choosing the best games for your PC

Choosing the best games for your PC is truly a matter of opinion and what you enjoy. There are many different games out there that are all aimed towards a different genre. For example, some may enjoy playing first person shooter games while others gravitate more towards massive multi-player online role playing games. There are also classic PC games out there that are just as fun as they are addicting, such as Bejeweled. PC gamers get the best of both worlds. In addition to games that are specifically made for computer use, multiplatform games that can also be played on popular gaming devices are also available for the PC. Before going out and purchasing a PC game that you are unsure about, these tips will help you in choosing games that are not only fun, but that will perform smoothly on your PC.

1. System Requirements- One of the most important things to do before purchasing a computer game is to look over the system requirements. If you are running an older operating system and do not have a high performance video card, some games that have high graphic intensity may not be able to perform correctly on your computer. Update your PC drivers and video card to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Purchase games that do not exceed your systems specifications.

2. Reviews- It is important to look over game reviews online before making a purchase. These reviews are from unbiased individuals who will give you an idea of what the game is like, how to performs on their computer and if they suggest it to others.

3. Game Genre- There are tons of different games out there that are aimed towards different types of people. One of the most popular PC games is World of Warcraft. This MMORPG is the perfect choice for someone that is looking for an exciting multi-player game that combines fantasy with reality. Others may prefer a game such as Battlefield 3, where they can choose to use a number of weapons in this first-person shooter game.

4. Multiplatform Games- Some games that are available on popular gaming systems can also be played on the PC. See if your favorite games are available for computer play to experience it in a whole new way.

5. Read the Box- Reading the game’s box will give you a detailed description of the gameplay. Look at the graphics and features to decide if it is the right game for you.

6. Ratings- Look for the game’s ESRB rating to see if it includes material that may be offensive and if it is appropriate for the age level that you are buying for.

7. Game Websites- Visit game websites for recommendations based on your interests and desired genre.

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From Angry Birds to Pirate Physics- 3 rankers in Android gaming apps market

Android mobile Apps market has gained tremendous recognition among tech lovers of all age groups. The most popular attitude that runs is its application wherein funny to strong, easy to thrilling games, applications, needful technologies and newbie software are fully packed for us to satisfy our curiosity waited for it. It is just a never ending process as whenever we have felt satisfied with the logical approach of Angry Birds; Pirate Physics the much awaited physics gaming application came into the spot and gained huge popularity within gamers of every age.

Android is a tremendously growing market to platform several games as android devices are becoming cheaper by receiving far greater reach than its rival platforms in the market. Newbie services, software and game developing companies are looking forward to this medium for using its in-app purchases and functional market interests performing better in gaining the revenues. Thus, it has become the decent gaming tool among technology geeks- gaming on android is primary to happen. So to ease the confusion let’s find 3 highly welcomed games in the Android Marketplace with havoc boom and you should definitely love them all to play pastime:

1)    Angry Birds by Rovio Entertainment:

One of the best addictive game featured with the Android Smartphones market and even just for free. With such popularity grants this game has never needed any introduction but with its quick start, it has always remained the best serve in satisfying game-love among all age groups. Whether you feel bored journeying by train, feeling lonely at home or holidays- Angry Birds at your Smartphone or Android mobile will surely keep you rejuvenated and entertained. Game-play matters itself in shooting the pigs sometimes behind brick walls, ice walls, in space or just at the beaches of Rio, by some of the angriest birds (taking revenge for their eggs been eaten by these pigs) in catapult. Free version of this game has 300 levels and is already available in the Android apps market; paid versions cost much little to engage satisfaction with this addictive game to choose. Versions available: Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds RIO, and Angry Birds Magic.

2)    Zombie Dash by Italy Games:

Welcome to the world of Zombies, wherein they are killing people being ruthless enough in taking out their brains. Feel yourself as the savior to finish those zombies and their terror from the town is your game-play in this sport. Graphics and controls in this game are quite simple in its outlook yet impressive and commendable with its nature to satisfy the gamers. Being an arcade game with striking graphics, you can simply work up your frustration from regularities in life to kill the zombies ruthlessly till it lasts.

3)    Pirate Physics by Lecagames:

It’s a superbly addictive game in its launch time at the Android Apps Market. First 12 levels are already there in the android marketplace to ensure game lover’s satisfaction with its strongest determination, skill and strategy being the mightiest roll ball in the den of notorious pirates. Solve all the obstacles designed within the path of Rollball (the best man in Captain Treasure’s rank) winning the game. More than Hundred levels are yet to release in the Android Apps market this season in order to gratify the demands for this game. Till then, just game-up 12 levels in this pirate world to exercise the best deals in winning the game.


Author Bio: Soma Dutta is a content developer and writing on newbie technologies in Smartphone, Android and tablet PC India is her sphere. In this piece, she is sharing reviews over top 3 games available and creating a havoc boom in the Androids Apps market.


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With Olympics backdrop, Twitter goes for big-time brand advertising

SAN FRANCISCO: If the millions of Olympics-related tweets flooding the Internet in recent days are a measure of Twitter’s popular appeal, the company’s big presence in London also signals something else: its arrival as a major player in the world of big-time brand advertising.

In sharp contrast to Google, which initially built its businesses mostly by persuading thousands of small companies to buy “direct response” ads, Twitter’s emerging strategy focuses on selling elaborate brand campaigns to major marketers such as Procter & Gamble Co and Verizon Communications.

The Olympics have presented a prime opportunity for Twitter to position itself as a new media channel that complements TV broadcasts – and carries the big-name ads to match.

“We can service the very biggest brands in the marketplace,” Adam Bain, the company’s president of revenue and key advertising strategist, said in a recent interview. “The conversation that’s happening on TV, or happening live is also happening on Twitter. That’s very valuable.”

Courting major brands is an unusual play for a six-year-old company that private investors value at more than $8 billion but has yet to prove its financial viability. It often takes years to persuade the biggest advertisers to try a new publication or TV show, much less a completely new medium that requires a different creative approach.

The challenge is evident in Facebook’s fitful efforts to woo marketers such as General Motors, which jolted the social network by pulling back from paid ads just before Facebook’s IPO in May.

GM and Facebook are now talking again, and Facebook recently began a boot camp at its Menlo Park campus where marketers can meet with engineers to collaborate on ad campaigns. But as of 2011, brand campaigns still accounted for less than 40 per cent of Facebook’s $3.7 billion in revenue, according to estimates by eMarketer.

Even Google, which revolutionized direct response ads by showing them next to search results and has reaped huge profits in the process, has not fully cracked the code when it comes to big brands.

But the advertising giants say their early experiments with Twitter have shown remarkable results.

Consider the case of PepsiCo, which spent $640 million in 2011 on marketing, according to Kantar Media. Beginning late last year, about a dozen Twitter staffers led by Bain flew to PepsiCo’s offices in Purchase, New York, for a series of brainstorming sessions.

Armed with data gleaned from Twitter chatter, the two companies drew up a plan to use Twitter as a centerpiece for a massive rebranding campaign, “Live for Now,” that tied the soft drink to pop music stars and played up its youth appeal.

As the campaign unfurled in June, Pepsi rolled out a series of music videos on its Twitter page based on which artists were most discussed on Twitter, and doled out downloads for hit songs. In late June, Pepsi threw a Katy Perry concert in Hollywood that was live-streamed within a tweet on Pepsi’s Twitter page.

The company also paid Twitter to boost the reach of select “promoted tweets,” which garnered 68 million impressions in one day.

About 24 per cent of users who saw Pepsi’s paid tweets clicked, replied to or helped broadcast the tweets – a rate that deeply impressed Pepsi.

“We saw some phenomenal results with those ad products,” said Shiv Singh, the global head of digital marketing for Pepsi Beverages. Singh said it was “extremely likely” that Pepsi will ramp up its spending on Twitter.

Where the big dollars lie

Twitter’s focus on brand marketing, which aims to create a positive association with a product rather than prompt an immediate purchase, underscores a long-standing issue in the online advertising world.

About 60 per cent of the total $150 billion spent on advertising in 2010 went toward brand marketing campaigns, according to comScore. But in the online world, the vast majority of the roughly $30 billion in ad spending went toward direct response ads that generate leads or drive sales directly.

Google’s search ads are the dominant form of online direct-response advertising, but traditional banner ads are also often judged on how many people click through and take action.

“The biggest bucket that’s untapped in digital advertising is brand marketing,” said Jonah Goodhart, the founder of advertising technology company Moat Inc.

What may enable Twitter to tap that bucket is its growing “second-screen” appeal. The Olympics deal with NBC is aimed at offering Twitter denizens tweets from athletes and other content that complement the TV broadcasts. Procter & Gamble, for one, has straddled the two media during the Olympics, using promoted tweets to solicit feedback about a TV ad shortly after it runs on NBC.

Meanwhile, Twitter has struck a similar deal with NASCAR, while Twitter’s Hollywood liaisons are pushing TV studios to create Twitter apps that accompany popular shows.

“If you have a service that naturally lends itself to being at the center of big media-event conversations, you go where the big money is,” said John Battelle, founder of Federated Media Publishing, an online ad network.

At the center of Twitter’s ad push has been Bain, a 38-year- old advertising and sales executive who rose through the ranks at News Corp beginning in 1999 and was eventually tapped to build an advertising network across all of News Corp’s digital properties, including MySpace.

Although MySpace faded amid competition from Facebook, Bain emerged with his reputation burnished and a deep Rolodex of Madison Avenue contacts.

“His singular strength was that he’s the perfect combination of a salesman and a tech person,” said Peter Chernin, the Hollywood film producer and the longtime No. 2 at News Corp. “The people who build technical products, usually none of them can sell.”

Bain has built a sales team that now accounts for nearly a quarter of Twitter’s roughly 1,000 employees. Rows of MacBook-toting advertising employees now occupy a swathe of the seventh floor in Twitter’s hulking new office building on San Francisco’s Market Street.

They are also dispersed in locations like Atlanta and Austin, where staffers watch over major accounts like Coca-Cola

and Dell Inc. Earlier this year, the company poached Shailesh Rao, who formerly oversaw Google’s Asia-Pacific business, to court overseas advertisers.

Bain also hired Joel Lunenfeld, an interactive advertising executive from Atlanta, to oversee creative and engineering teams who actively pitch ideas to Fortune 100 companies.

“Adam and Dick have been consistent and open about what works on Twitter and what doesn’t,” said Noah Mallin, vice president of social marketing at Digitas. “Advertisers trust them. That really goes a long way.”

Twitter’s transition from quirky tech start-up to glitzy media power has alienated some of its long-time fans in the tech world who would like the company to function more as a platform for independently developed social media services.

Its Olympic journey has had some bumps as well. The company came under fire again this week for banning a British journalist who was critical of NBC and tweeted an executive’s email address, leading commentators to question whether Twitter compromised its values to side with a business partner. Twitter later apologized and reinstated the account.

But from an advertising standpoint, Twitter’s priorities were perhaps most clearly displayed at a recent European event: the annual Cannes Lions advertising festival.

A massive banner hung over the festival’s main event hall, featuring the company’s blue bird logo and the hashtag: “#CannesLions,” Bain said.

The message to marketers was that all the festival’s chatter was “also happening on Twitter.”

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Boston Festival of Indie Games starts on Sept. 22

A new show centered around the indie scene is set to kick off in Boston on September 22. The Boston Festival of Indie Games is taking submissions right now, gathering aspiring developers looking to show off their wares on the MIT campus this fall.

Organized by MIT Game Lab and Boston Indies at the MIT Campus, the Boston Festival of Indie Games is open to the public and, aside from giving indie developers a soapbox to stand on, will present a digital art exhibit, film screenings, a 12-hour game jam session, guest speaker presentations and a special area to showcase games made within the MIT Game Lab. Some of the names to already sign on and judge submissions are Harmonix Senior Designer Tim Stellmach, Fire Hose Games Creative Director Eitan Glinert, Zynga Boston Creative Director Paul Neurath, and Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab US Executive Director Philip Tan.

Awards will be given during the show based on public voting once cleared by the panel above. Those interested in submitting their digital game for showcase will have to pay a $10 fee if they are a student, or a $15 fee if they are a professional, by no later than August 10. If you’re making something that doesn’t fall into the digital category, you can submit it free of charge. Good luck!

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Zynga aiming to be the ‘Google of games’

For a company that makes games like Farmville and contributes close to 15% of Facebook’s revenue, Zynga is now aiming to be the ‘Google of games’. “We want to be the gaming company that people cannot live without,” its India head Shan Kadavil told ET at the company’s Bangalore office, its first office outside San Francisco.

However, ever since it went public last year, Zynga has been facing investors’ concerns in the US about its declining usage and long-term growth. Kadavil talks about Zynga’s growth strategies and the changes in Indian gaming industry. Excerpts:

Where is Zynga positioned now?

In July 2007 when Zynga was born, our strategy was to connect the world through social games. If you looked at the e-commerce domain, you had Amazon, if you looked at search, you had Google. These had become brand names and people trusted them. There wasn’t one such space in the gaming industry.

There was an unmet need in gaming and that’s where we want to establish ourselves. Today, 292 million people play our games every month on the web globally – about 65 million everyday. We also have 21 million users from mobile everyday.

The India centre in Bangalore is two years old and it is the only multi-functional center outside the US. Some of our popular games like Mafia Wars and Cityville are run from Zynga’s Bangalore center.

We have teams that take care of the volume of traffic, technology teams that work on data analysis and engineering. Interestingly, we also have a leading Bollywood art director, a cricket commentator, a children’s book author and a fashion designer on board.

Two years down the line, what role would Zynga’s India centre really play?

Almost everything that we do in a particular game happens in India. For instance, in Mafia Wars, from its conceptualisation to the delivery of features happened in Bangalore.

The General Manager for the game is based in India. That is how we operate. So the Bangalore centre is responsible how successful this game is. We are also creating our own IP. As far as Zynga is concerned, we are in the middle of three big shifts. One, social networks are changing the entire business.

Secondly, the app economy has transformed this industry and opened it up to a new level. Third, there is a big shift happening in terms of how you move from advertising-based revenue to virtual currencies in the gaming world. The India team contributes to all three areas from the technology perspective as well as the gaming perspective.

What else is different about running a gaming company? How hard is it to find the right creative talent?

The right talent is really hard to get because this is a very different industry. When we started out, we thought we’ll get enough talent from other gaming companies but that didn’t happen. I think what really helped us was the Bollywood industry.

They use high end technology and have some really creative people. We have found great talent from that industry. We also have a lot of expats working here.

What is happening in India’s gaming industry? How has it evolved over the year?

In India there is a fairly large traction on the mobile side and it is a quite healthy reflection of where this market is headed to. In the past, gaming has always been a niche segment for us. There were few domestic gaming companies and they were mostly developing for some US-based firms.

But that’s changing, thanks to social networks and mobile apps. Mobile is changing the way we operate and think. Zynga itself concentrates a lot on mobile and last year we launched seven games and in Q1 of 2012 about 11 games on mobile.

What are your long-term goals?

We are constantly looking at both organic and inorganic ways to grow. At this point we’re hiring as fast as we can. We are very selective because it is hard to find the appropriate talent in this space.

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