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Zynga Comes Out With ZombieSmash And Fruit Ninja Combo Zombie Swipeout

Leave it to a couple of bioinformatics Ph.D. holders to develop a couple of zombie-themed iOS games. I am, of course, referring to the aptly named GameDoctors, which consists of brothers Matthias and Thomas Hoechsmann. GameDoctors has just released its sort of sequel to its 2010 smash hit ZombieSmash, Zombie Swipeout. Zombie Swipeout is the German studio’s first game launched under its new designation, Zynga Mobile Germany. If you’re wondering what the name of the well-known social gaming giant is doing in the new name of GameDoctors, the reason is quite obvious. Thanks in no small part to the success of the comedic castle defense game ZombieSmash, the studio was acquired by Zynga some months ago. Zombie Swipeout, whose launch trailer appears below, may be appropriately described as a cross between ZombieSmash and Fruit Ninja. If you’re familiar with the popular fruit slicing game, I need not remind you that it’s made by neither Zynga Mobile Germany nor Zynga itself, but by Halfbrick Studios. It’s quite tempting, then, to immediately label Zombie Swipeout as a Fruit Ninja knockoff. In response to this matter, Matthias said to Pocket Gamer, “We know the competition … You have to innovate to be successful. We have to come with something that moves the bar.”

Among the variations offered in Zombie Swipeout is the inclusion of coins to be slashed along with the pesky zombies. Typical of Zynga games, these coins can be used to buy special weapons and power-ups in the in-game store. Keep in mind, though, that whatever weapon or power-up you’re using, don’t ever slice Joey, the lone good guy from ZombieSmash. But in the event that you do cut Joey in half, you can opt to resurrect him with some virtual currency as, fittingly enough, a zombie. The game also has a weekly tournament that pits you against your friends via Facebook or through the game’s own social component. Zombie Swipeout is already available in the Canadian App Store. It’s set to be released across the rest of the App Store world within the next few days. Will a heap of slashed zombies a day keep the doctor away?

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