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Google Discontinues Free Version of Google Apps for Businesses

Google is no longer offering a free version of Google Apps for businesses.

Instead of having a choice between a free and a premium version, businesses wishing to use Google Apps now have to pay $50 per user, per year.

This version gets them 24/7 phone support, a 25GB inbox, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

On the upside, things won’t change for existing customers, i.e. they’ll still be able to continue using the free version.

Furthermore, Google Apps is still free for individuals, and Google Apps for Education will continue to be free for schools and universities.

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4 Benefits of Embracing Technology Within The Education Sector

Today, almost everything that we come across has some technological connection to it. One of the major beneficiaries of this revolution is the education sector. The birth of educational technology has proved to be a huge boost to teachers and scholars across the globe.

Technology has redefined the stereotypical image of boring classrooms into an interesting one. Thanks to this development, learning and teaching has actually become a fun filled experience. There is every reason for everyone to consider embracing this modern invention. In case you are not aware of the positive impact of technology on education, here are 4 major benefits that come with using computers and software programs in the education sector.

Improved Learning Capability

One of the major benefits of using technology in the education sector is that it helps improve students’ learning capabilities. The field of education is very dynamic and constantly changing. Through technology, students can access new updates and information and thus develop a deeper understanding of some concepts that are taught in the classroom. Aside from accessing huge loads of information, students who use technology plan better for their studies with the help of software programs as compared to their conservative counterparts.

Wider access to education

Unlike in the past when education was only reserved for the elite class, the introduction of technology in the education sector has led to a major shift whereby everyone can access this basic right without any restrictions.

Instant Feedback and Assessment

Interaction with other classmates and teachers can be a big source of motivation for students. Technology has made it possible for scholars to interact via blogs and online forums. Unlike a few years ago, today students can interact with their fellow classmates from across the globe and share ideas freely. In addition, technology has made it possible for students to consult their teachers beyond school hours by sending emails and receiving instant feedback on anything they require. On their part, teachers are now better equipped to assess the performance of their students via online questionnaires or through discussions held on online school networking platforms.

Benefits to learning institutions

Introduction of information technology in learning institutions has eliminated the need for physical structures thus reducing the costs of operation. Learning centres can now operate with small but highly efficient faculties without having to invest billions for the same. It is clear that technology has overcome the barriers of classroom walls. Today, a lecturer can comfortably handle a class of over two thousand students thanks to the birth of virtual classrooms. This is unlike in the past when such a high number of students would have caused mayhem and confusion.
The benefits of embracing technology in the education sector are simply inexhaustible. There is no denying that technology and education are inseparable. If you have not yet employed the latest technology in your school or college education, then you are really missing out on something big. Hopeful, as we are, this article is going to guide you towards joining this positive revolution. All the best!

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