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Why Ford Is Developing Technology to Avoid Traffic Jams

Ford Motor Company is an American automobile maker having it’s headquarter in Michigan, Dearborn which is recognized as a suburb of Detroit. The company sells it automobiles under two brand names Lincoln and Ford. Ford Motor Company is investigating, exploring and developing intellectual, next-generation driving technologies specifically designed to facilitate address future mobility challenges that draws closer with fast urbanization and population growth all over the world. The company is doing it as a blueprint for mobility and to meet up with the mobility challenges due to the overcrowded cities and streets.

The company is expanding its sector and investigating on Traffic Jam Assist which is an intelligent driving aspect that puts into everything from technology to features that are already available in all the cars recognized under this brand. Ford already holds features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Park Assist, Ford Powershift transmission and Lane Keeping Aid to keep up the same pace with the other leading automakers.

The company’s other prototypes such as an advanced version of active park assist and Traffic Jam Assist came up to provide perpendicular hands free parking. It is basically designed in such a manner so that it can interact with the surroundings of the vehicle, lessen the stress of the driver and facilitate you to reduce traffic gridlock.

The Ford’s chief technical executive and the vice president in Research and Innovation Paul Mascarenas said that developing these kinds of technologies is a part of the first step in any journey toward a more connected and improved future. It’s an undertaking that is believed to save much of time, conserve the resources, lower emissions, enhance safety and help reduce driver stress.

To further emphasize on the significance that Ford is giving on enhancing the safety for the drivers together with the passengers, the company will be the very first automaker to initiate seatbelt airbags on a conventional car. This kind of safety feature opportunity will be present in the future Ford Mondeo model that will come up for sale in Europe in the year 2013.

The thought unites the conventional seatbelt together with the airbag technology in turn to put forward an additional level of protection guard for rear-seat inhabitants. The data that was released by the brand Ford features that the inflatable lap belt set up in 40 milliseconds and stretches the crash force above an area is five times bigger than the conventional seatbelts.

The Traffic Jam Assist technology makes use of radar as well as camera to help the auto keep proper pace with the other vehicles in case there is traffic and offers automated steering control to keep the driver stress free.

Joseph Urhahne, engineer with Ford Research and Innovation said “that the drivers use up more than 30 percent of their time in heavy traffic on any busy roads. Traffic Jam Assist could help make traveling through congested roads a more comforting experience and by keeping tempo with the flow of traffic potentially will help reduce road congestion.”

The new innovative system will help to keep the drivers calm and allow them to focus on their driving. Thus, you can reach your destination much faster.

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