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Review: Dell Inspiron 14R

Budget laptops can be stylish too – that’s what Dell’s new Insprion 14R and 15R are trying to prove. With a new design, rounded corners and changeable lids (Moon Silver is the default , but you can choose blue or red too), the new series starts at roughly Rs 35,000. These are full-function laptops — Windows 7 Home Basic is included, as is a tray-loading DVD drive and full-size keyboard.

To differentiate from the previous Inspiron 14R and 15R, Dell is just adding the ‘new’ moniker to the mix. Just as a cursory comparison of the new with the old, the new one has a much better keyboard with rounded keys and better tactility , better screens and an overall more pleasing design. As usual, you can choose to configure your machine, starting with the very basic 2nd gen Core i3/2GB RAM/320GB HDD all the way up to 3rd Gen Core i5/4GB RAM/500GB HDD and dedicated 1GB Nvidia GT630M graphics chip for Rs 43,490.

Depending on the configuration, you can use it for day-today computing, 3D gaming, HD video authoring/editing and image editing. Dell has included one year of their Complete Cover (including accidental damage) with every new Inspiron 14R/15R which can be extended if required. Other welcome additions are the USB 3.0 ports and Bluetooth 4.0. Battery life is a healthy 4 to 5 hours depending on use.

Some of the downsides include excessive use of lightweight plastic. For instance, if you take the lid off, it flexes too easily and seems like it’s made of cheap plastic. The silver painted plastic surround around the machine seems like it will scratch and wear off too quickly. Apart from the build quality, there’s not much else to complain about. If you’re looking for something sturdier at a low price, you can also consider HP’s ProBook 4530s (15.6-inch ) or 4430s (14-inch ) which are only marginally more expensive.

Price: Rs 34,990 (+ taxes) onwards

Specifications: Intel Core i3, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Windows 7 Basic, 14-inch (1366 x 768 pixel) LCD, Intel HD graphics 3000, DVD drive

Pros: Fresh design, switchable lids, USB 3.0, card reader, high quality display, included 1 yr Complete Cover

Cons: No backlit keyboard option, base version has 2nd Gen processor, suspect durability of some plastic parts

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Dell wins US antitrust approval to buy Quest Software

WASHINGTON: Dell Inc has won US antitrust approval to buy IT management company Quest Software Inc, the Federal Trade Commission said on Monday.

Dell had said in early July that it would buy Quest for $2.4 billion to expand its software business and reduce dependence on the declining personal computer market.

The FTC put the transaction on a list of deals that it and the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division have been able to approve quickly. The list is issued several times a week.

Dell sparked a bidding war in June when it offered $25.50 per share for Quest, an enterprise management software maker, topping an initial offer by private investment firm Insight Venture Partners in March of $23 per share.

Dell has been diversifying recently, giving up low-margin sales to consumers and moving into higher-margin areas, such as catering to the technology needs of small and medium-sized businesses in the public sector and the healthcare industry.

duttavishal321: the story headline read – Delhi-based IFCA appointed consultant for Alcock Ashdown selloff — instead of IFCA it should be IFCI.

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Dell aims to create $5 billion software business

SAN FRANCISCO: Dell Inc’s new software chief plans to increase the size of the business five-fold, a target that could eventually account for at least 25 percent of the No. 3 personal computer maker’s profits.

John Swainson, the former chief executive of CA Technologies who joined Dell in February, said software is a higher margin business than most of the company’s other units, but is not big enough to make a difference right now.

Dell has been actively diversifying its products and business away from personal computers, a market whose growth is slowing as Apple Inc’s iPad and other mobile devices pull customers away. The company has said it sees software and services as key growth areas.

Swainson wants Dell’s software business to make a “meaningful contribution” to its bottom line. “As you get to a number like $5 billion, it starts to become a meaningful number on the bottom line,” he told Reuters in an interview. “If you were at $5 billion software business with 30 percent margins, that would be roughly $1.5 billion in net income.”

Dell’s software business currently generates about $1.2 billion of its $ 60.2 billion annual revenue. Swainson did not give a time frame for when he hopes to achieve the target revenues, but said the $2.4 billion acquisition of Quest software was one of the building blocks to getting there.

Software is one part of the Round Rock, Texas-based company’s strategy to transform the corporation from just a PC company to a one-stop shop for all the IT needs of corporations. But the company has been lagging larger rivals such as Hewlett-Packard Co and International Business Machines Corp in the race to become the preferred vendor for corporate information technology needs.

Acquisitions that broaden its offerings, such as IT services company Perot Systems and security company SonicWall, have underpinned Dell’s diversification plan. Dell, however, is not planning to buy any more software companies of Quest’s size in the near-term, but will continue to “actively” look for good buys, Swainson said.

The company is also focusing on emerging markets for growth. Chief Executive Officer Michael Dell said earlier this week he remains upbeat about areas such as China, its largest market outside the United States, despite “challenges” and a business slowdown.

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Games That Won’t Kill Your Ultrabook

Many people aren’t yet familiar with the term “ultrabook,” but they’ve seen them everywhere. Ultrabooks are very thin, lightweight laptop computers designed for commuters, students and others who need to work and communicate while on the go. Trademarked by the Intel Corporation, ultrabooks have become very popular because they offer both long battery life and strong performance. Their solid-state drives provide space-efficient storage and eliminate the possibility of data loss caused by loss of power or trauma to the laptop itself. Furthermore, Ultrabooks have recently become much more affordable, and savvy shoppers can save even more with a Dell or HP coupon code.

Ultrabooks aren’t just for business, however; many people also enjoy playing games on them. Because these computers are built for efficiency and portability, most models lack the processing power necessary for many huge, graphic-intensive games. Getting the best Ultrabook gaming experience isn’t very hard; it’s all about picking the right game.

One of the most popular and impressive Ultrabook games is World of Goo, a whimsical physics game that requires players to save anthropomorphic balls of tar by combining them in complex ways. The impressive graphics run very smoothly on an Ultrabook, and World of Goo lends itself to short gaming sessions, which makes it a great choice for a rail commute or a flight.

Minecraft is another excellent option for the Ultrabook. It’s tremendously popular almost everywhere, and offers a perpetual, immersive play experience in random-generated worlds. No two Minecraft sessions are identical. Gamers can even play online, forming alliances to explore the unfolding game world and create more complex structures.

Many venerable console and PC games also play well on an Ultrabook. Bioshock and Mass Effect and World of Warcraft are excellent examples; for optimum performance, set the graphics detail and display distance to “medium.

Fans of realtime strategy (RTS) games will be thrilled to learn that Age of Empires runs seamlessly on an Ultrabook. This game lets players shape entire civilizations over thousands of years, beginning at the Stone Age. There are many available goals; some players try to win by defeating all of their enemy civilizations, while others pursue victory by exploring the entire world or amassing vast reserves of money and valuables. The high level of control Age of Empires gives players is one of the greatest reasons for its enduring popularity. It’s an excellent candidate for the Ultrabook platform.

Ultrabooks offer the best of both worlds: functionality and convenience. If you are willing to be flexible on size, newer models that have the powerful Nvidia GT 640M processor will be able to enjoy all your favorite games, not just older ones. While it does make the ultrabook a little bigger than most models currently on the market, it does fit within the 21mm thick size standard set by Intel. What’s not to love about a thin, light laptop that doesn’t greatly compromise on performance?

Daria Cortese is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast living with five cats and one husband in the greater Philadelphia area.

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