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First look at Alpha-152 in Dead or Alive 5

The nail biting phase of waiting has finally come to an end. The agonizing wait, the endless rumors, and the expectations are thankfully over with the much awaited release of the latest in the Dead or Alive series’ on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. And what’s more, there is a sneak peak at Alpha-152. The screen shot of Alpha-152, a playable character, has popped up on the internet recently. This new image is what we, the hardcore Dead or Alive fighting game fans, have been waiting for. And may we add that the image has only managed to multiply our excitement! Alpha-152 was introduced as the final boss in the 4th part of Dead or Alive series. She is the product of the cloning experiment that was based on Kasumi.

We’ll get to the part of Alpha-152 in just a minute. Let’s first talk about Dead or Alive 5 in particular and the series in general. DOA 5 is visually very impressive. The upgraded character models and restructuring facial structure of the characters is certainly welcome. Although the character model upgradation is a welcome move, the most awaited aspect of DOA 5 is its game play. Since the game play is not designed as a hardcore fighting game it may irk some of its fans. Dead or Alive 5 merges its now-famous fighting style with mixed martial arts to bring about an interesting game play for fans.

Let’s now talk about Alpha-152. Who can forget Helena’s words to Kasumi about Alpha-152? Alpha-152 is based on the DNA of Kasumi. And that Alpha-152 is in the last proto culture phase. Alpha-152 is born with an innate, untarnished, completely boundless hatred for the entire world. And most of all, Alpha-152 has the power to destroy the whole world with its hatred and unmatched power.

After the chilling reminder of what to expect from Alpha-152, let’s look at what the final boss and the ultimate product of Project Alpha looks like. In the beginning, Alpha-152 was to be a normal clone of Kasumi. It was to be called Kasumi Alpha. It was created by Donavan and the DOATEC. But in the second part of the project, Alpha-2, Alpha-152’s genes are changed and modified to result in Alpha-152 becoming a powerful and unbeatable creature. She is made to become the ultimate fighting weapon to be unleashed by the DOATEC.

The reason why Kasumi’s DNA was chosen was because Kasumi won the DOA tournament defeating one of the most powerful fighter’s of all time, Raidou. She was captured by the DOATEC after the end of the first DOA Tournament.

How does Alpha-152 look like? It’s natural to wonder how Alpha-152 will look like. Let’s talk about what she is not and then come to what she is. She’s not like all the other clones that were perfect photocopies of Kasumi. Alpha-152 shares the body shape of Kasumi and the resemblances end there. She is greenish blue in color, completely transparent. She shimmers like she is made of water or gel. She has a glow and a shine that makes her look almost angelic until you look at her eyes. Her eyes have absolutely no pupils that look like 2 white slits. She has the power to annihilate every little thing that has the misfortune of coming in its path. She would attack anyone with or without provocation. It’s still not known whether DOATEC has any control over the powers of Alpha-152. Unlike Kasumi-Alpha who is known to feel few human emotions of laughter, Alpha-152 knows only hatred.

Although Alpha-152 is powerful, she is also very predictable. Once you know what you are up against, you can counter her attacks easily. It remains to be seen how well you use all your attacking techniques to defeat Alpha-152.


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