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Business Promotional Products Explained – What They Are and How They Are Used

Business promotional products are any items that may be used to promote something about a business. That might be the whole brand – or it might be a specific product or message from within that brand.

Promotional items may be anything at all, as long as they are either directly branded or used in a way that has immediate relevance to a promotion or campaign. Such a promotion or campaign can be targeted for immediate return (as in a product launch) – or it can be a long term promotion, like getting workers within a company to wear branded protective clothing when they do a job.

The overall purpose of many business promotional products is the creation of a fun or interesting/exciting brand message. The product selected for use in a campaign becomes part of the language of that campaign, and hence is included in the lexicon of the brand itself. The message thus created is imparted by a juxtaposition of the promotional item with the product or brand it is being used to promote.

The use of branded flip flops in a bottled beer promotion is a perfect example of how this works. Flip flops are not, in and of themselves, items associated with the manufacturer and ale of bottled lager. They are, however, associated with holidays, sunshine and fun. So branding flip flops with the logo of a beer manufacturer, and using them in pub giveaways, may associate the name of a particular beer with the idea of summer fun.

Items with some kind of use to the recipient are also highly thought of as business promotional products. A USB stick or other piece of digital media is a prime case in point. In business terms, portable data is always useful – and the cost of printing USB sticks with personalised messages and logos is negligible in terms of the amount of visibility the brand gets when business clients begin using its memory sticks to carry their files with them.

The length of time an end user keeps business promotional items (on average) may be used as a factor in deciding which items to use. It is not always necessary, however, to select the products that have the longest average uptake. The item selected by the promotions manager will depend on the thrust of the promotion itself.

Some kinds of promotion specifically require products that won’t be used for very long. Often, business promotional products of this nature are novelty items, which can be used to enhance a message in the moment rather than dispensing it over a longer period of time.

The short-term message is usually associated with a giveaway promotion; or with promotions designed to help specific brands take ownership of important festivals and holidays. In this last sense, some business promotional products are no more nor less than the packaging in which a normal product is presented. As long as the item associates the brand with the holiday, that’s all that matters. You only have to look at the distinctive red and white branding of a particular soft drink over Christmas to see that in action.

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Gaming this Christmas

So, Christmas is right around the corner, you have a slew of family and friends to shop for, and you have no idea what to get anyone? Not to worry! From the most high-tech of gaming systems to inexpensive plug and play TV games to time-killing apps and games for cellular devices, there are endless (and highly entertaining) possibilities for everyone of every age group on your shopping list.

Nintendo has outdone themselves this holiday season by announcing that they will be releasing the Wii U right before Christmas. This game console is truly unlike any other in existence, using a hand-held touchscreen controller with the console itself to provide a unique experience. The touchscreen controller, or GamePad, is compatible with the Wii Remote Plus, Wii Balance Board, and Wii Nunchuck. The GamePad can be used on its own or to supplement a game on the television. It can also be used for voice and video calls, as a drawing pad, and so much more. Wii U is compatible with all your Wii games, like Wii Fit, Lego Batman, and Super Mario Galaxy.

PlayStation released the PS Vita, a strictly handheld device, earlier this year. With two analog sticks, a directional pad, and a set of classic PlayStation buttons, this device has the familiar feel you’ve grown to love, but with a new twist. It features a rear touch pad, stereo speakers, front and rear cameras, a microphone, and motion detection. The battery lasts three to five hours which is perfect for the kids or for long journeys. It is compatible with a ton of amazing game titles, and is backwards compatible with PlayStation Portable games.

If buying a system isn’t in your budget, never fear! Plug and play devices are a very frugal Christmas gift that offer the same entertainment for a fraction of the cost of an expensive console. Simply put, a plug and play game is a controller that contains games, so by plugging the controller in to your TV you’re able to play without a console. One of the most popular options for plug and play devices is Retro Arcade by Namco, bringing over a dozen old-school titles straight to your TV. If musical games are your thing, check out Guitar Fever, another plug and play title.

Another inexpensive gamer gift option is a Google Play gift card which will allow Android users to purchase games, applications, themes, and music from the Google Play store. For iPhone users, an iTunes gift card will do the same.

Everyone loves gifts in the form of entertainment, and you can rest assured that by providing such modern and fun presents, you’ll be everyone’s favorite Santa!

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