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Google Discontinues Free Version of Google Apps for Businesses

Google is no longer offering a free version of Google Apps for businesses.

Instead of having a choice between a free and a premium version, businesses wishing to use Google Apps now have to pay $50 per user, per year.

This version gets them 24/7 phone support, a 25GB inbox, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

On the upside, things won’t change for existing customers, i.e. they’ll still be able to continue using the free version.

Furthermore, Google Apps is still free for individuals, and Google Apps for Education will continue to be free for schools and universities.

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How can Android Apps Increase Locksmith’s Efficiency?

These days, most of us use android smartphone for communication, browsing and streaming purpose while it’s not getting the most from this high-tech and well-designed gadget. United Kingdom and United States of America are considered developed countries because the mobile user of these territories uses android applications in their business lives. Last day, I checked android market and I explored a lot of applications those can make your business tasks quite comfortable. However, today I would like to talk about locksmith business applications. The reason is that the field workers of this small business have to handle different tasks at the same time. I just want to add a comfortable cushion in their busy lives. In addition, when a locksmith uses such applications then he will feel a boost in his work’ efficiency.  So, let’s start with the best applications of Android market.

Keep Full Control of Order through Locksmith Work Order

If you visit the nearest locksmith office in your area, you will be able to check how busy locksmith remains on the phone. They attend the call 24 hours a day and write down the orders in their registers and after that they send the mobile locksmith for the help of the business, home or car owners. They need to tackle with a lot of orders at the same time. In this condition, it’s android application “locksmith work order” that comes for the assistance of this professional. He is capable to note down every order in the electronically ready form and then to check the complete record of all orders at one place.

Get Instant Auto Info Through Auto Smith Pro

It’s a fact that a locksmith handles wide variety of automobiles in his routine. No matter how expert a locksmith is, he may forget the codes and programming of some auto keys. Therefore, it’s Auto Smith Pro which comes for the help of this expert. On this website, a professional can easily browse the automobiles key codes and programming methods by model or type. It’s simply a good source of information that allows the locksmith to find as much technical details as they want.

Manage Customer and Order via Locksmith Connect

It’s a paid application of Android market but trust me after getting this app, a locksmith will observe a boost in revenue. Actually, this application consists of a suite of software. It helps locksmith in different ways. He can get the technical information regarding the job from this application and side by side, he is capable to manage invoices and orders. Customer management is indeed a hard task for every business owner but thanks to locksmith connect, one can perform this task quite effortlessly.

Program Access Points through Stand alone Access Controls

Nowadays, we prefer to install standalone access control system at home and in office as this system increases the overall security level to a great extent. With the increasing demand of this system, different manufacturers come with their own kinds. So, sometimes programming of such system becomes difficult for the locksmith. In such cases, I recommend locksmith to go for Stand Alone Access Control app. An expert is capable to get the programming technical details right from this application whenever he stuck.

Know the Latest Lock info from How to Pick a lock

Gift of technological advancement comes in the form of advanced locks. It’s not possible for a locksmith to get picking information of every latest lock. Therefore, it’s advisable to get help from How to Pick a lock application. This application permits the mobile locksmith to instantly grab the picking information of every kind and type of lock.

I’m sure that when locksmiths will start using android application in their routine lives, they will notice a positive change. They don’t need to waste their time in remembering the difficult tech details, they just need to tap on an application for getting the data and thereby, they can complete the task in a timely manner.

Marry Jojo is an expert author and blogger. She loves to test different android application in her routine life. She is also managing Bellevue WA locksmith blog.

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100K Android Apps in Google Play are Questionable

More than 100K  applications in Google Play are considered “suspicious”, according to new research. Out of 412,000 apps in the store, this 25% pose a security risk to mobile users, according to Bit9, the security firm that analyzed the apps’ security permissions.

Among its findings: 72% of apps use at least one high-risk permission; 42% access GPS location data; 31% access phone numbers or calls; 26% access personal data such as contacts and email; and 9% use permissions that can cost users money.


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Cool Smartphone Apps Supporting Charitable Causes

4 mobile ways to support your favorite nonprofits

So what’s your charitable cause? Is it animals like me? Or is it the homeless, women with breast cancer, children with learning disabilities, food for the elderly, or perhaps saving Mother Earth?

Regardless of the cause close to your heart, there is a charity to support it. It’s how you decide to give to your charity cause that really matters. Be it via volunteering, monetary donations, or maybe both, charities rely on the graciousness of other people in order to run and help those they represent. The good news is that your smartphone app can actually help you help your favorite charitable cause.

Here are four smartphone apps that you can download for free to support your favorite nonprofit.

1. VolunteerMatch (Free – for iPhone)

Any nonprofit organization will tell you that their volunteers are at the heart of their organization. Most charities don’t have the money or paid manpower to run charity events, get donations, and etc., so they depend on the goodness of volunteers to keep them lucrative. The VolunteerMatch app helps volunteers find charity opportunities in their area. And with more than 89,000 organizations and a variety of causes to give your time to, there’s no excuse not to get involved and start helping those in need of your special skills.

2. Global Giving (Free – for iPhone)

If you’re seeking specific grassroots organizations around the world in which to lend a hand (i.e., building homes for habitat for humanity) or give monetary donations then the Global Giving app can give you a global perspective. This app searches the map by theme so you can quickly find and donate to the cause of your choice. For those not sold on one particular charity, this app also features a different project regularly that you can explore and donate to if you deem them worthy. And a really neat feature is that once you give, you’ll receive updates on the progress that the charity has made so you can see the true impact of your kindness.

3. Charity Miles (Free – for Android)

If you like to walk, run, bike, or swim for charity then the Charity Miles app is right up your alley. So strap on those sneakers and use this tool to track how many miles you bike, run or walk and earn 25 cents per mile (for walking and running) and 10 cents a mile (for biking). The user can then apply their earning toward a charity. Organizations can sign up to be a part of the app by contacting Charity Miles. Currently this app is for iPhones on any service provider and on most Android devices, including the Android tablet from T-Mobile. The app is free and is constantly adding new charities and organizations to their list.

4. Instead (Free – for Android & iPhone)

If you don’t know what a micro-donation is, but have always wanted to give something other than cold hard cash to charities, check out Instead. This app asks for a different kind of monetary donations—items like coffee, food, toys, or any other such items. The reasoning behind Instead is that if you give coffee as your donation, you’ll give up your $5 frappacinno every day, and instead give that amount to your favorite charity. The same would go for eating out if you give food and buying expensive kid’s toys if you want to see your donation go to needy children. To use Instead, just fill out your credit card information to use the one-click donate button. My mom and I do this right from our T-mobile Samsung cell phones. This app really puts what we want and what we need in perspective.

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Best Android Mobile Apps for Personal Branding

For every blogger, writer, branding expert, celebrity and other professionals into personal branding, you just can’t avoid that you’re always on-the-go. Whether you’re called at a meeting, seminar, or training, it’s important that you keep yourself updated in the Internet arena. Boosting your personal brand might be hard to manage alone, but here are some mobile apps for smart phones that you can use to keep in touch with your audience:


For Blog Management:



Automattic, Inc.

A new application for your Android phone where you can write new posts, comments and update your WordPress blog. It is free that a lot of people now are using this to show the world what they are up to, their likes and interests. You can also use this app to view stats and even write comments on several blogs.



Google Inc.

An easier and new way to start your blog! This app is quite popular now for those people who are into blogging because it allows the blogger to post pictures and local information faster and easier. It is so convenient that it allows you to view multiple blogs or accounts. Blogger app is simply helpful for having a blog that is always on the go.



Google Inc.

Browse the Internet with Chrome. It is a new web browser app for your Android phone that is much easier and faster. Chrome also allows you to sign in and sync to your personalized Chrome and enjoy it anywhere you go.


For Communication:


Facebook Messenger


A new evolution in sending messages. It is now faster and reliable that you can easily send messages to your friends and family with the new Facebook Messenger. It is like chatting with them as if they are in front of you. It can be used either through phone, web or tablet.


Skype – free IM & video calls


The most convenient way to communicate with your loved ones is through Skype. It allows the user to contact their loved ones anywhere in the world for free even using the android phone, tablet or computer. Phone calls, video calls, conference and IM are some of its features.



Google Inc.

An easier way to access all your emails and documents whenever you are on the go! Gmail is more reliable and efficient to use. It also allows you to reply or answer all your online of offline conversations right away and search and find emails. Gmail also allows you to manage all accounts, view attachments and other tasks.


For Note Taking:



Evernote Corp.

Evernote is an app where you can stay updated anywhere you go. It allows you to take notes, take photos, make to-do-list, and remind you in everything you need to do. In short, Evernote is the app best for all the people who are always on the go!


Catch Notes

The application that helps you to stay creative even during your busiest time. Catch Notes allows you to stay on the ideas that you had and even discover more. It also enables you to make your ideas into action together with your friends by just using your phone.


Voice Recorder

Mamoru Tokashiki

Fond of voice recorder? Well, Mamoru Tokashiki is the best app for you! It is very handy that you can use it everywhere. It allows you to send data thru Gmail, even set recordings as your ringtones, time recording and even allows you to search items by title and date.

For Productivity:


Business Calendar

Appgenix Software

It is synchronized to your Google calendars that enables you to remind you about everything that you have to do. It is so accessible and reliable app for the people who are always busy having different business meetings.



Fog Creek Software

This app allows you to stay on track. It will remind you about the surprise party you are planning for your friend, things to do for the weekend, tracking the items on sale of your favorite boutique or anything that you want to be reminded of. It is like an event alarm clock.



Dropbox, Inc.

You don’t have to save photos to your computer and your phone in different time. With Dropbox app, once you saved a photo, it automatically saves the photo to your computer as well. It is like an app connected to your computer. With Dropbox, you can bring or carry around your photos everywhere you go.


With these advanced applications for your phone, you can do tasks that you usually do with your laptops or computers. These apps will enable you to do the same things anywhere and everywhere you go. Multitasking is as easy as 1, 2, and 3 with the help of these apps.


Author Bio

Alexis Trinidad is a technology freak who owns an Asus Nexus 7 on Android JellyBean. She is inspired to create her own personal brand because of Martin Lindstrom, a branding consultant and author of bestselling Brandwashed and Buyology.

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Best 7 iPhone Apps for the Visually Impaired

Eyesight is truly a blessing. For those who suffer from any kind of vision impairment, it often gets very difficult to carry out their daily activities without assistance, often making them dependent on others. Apple has introduced some exceptional applications using its VoiceOver technology for its iPhone, iPads and iPods that are specifically designed to assist visually impaired people in carrying out their day-to-day activities independently.

Here are the top 7 iPhone apps that are designed for people experiencing any kind of vision impairment:
1. Navigon MobileNavigator

Using the latest Navteq map, Navigon’s MobileNavigator turns your iPhone into a complete mobile navigation system. It provides text-to-speech guidance and has an easy Take-Me-Home function to guide you. It also integrates with the contact details in the address book of your iPhone. In case you receive a phone call during its use, the system will resume automatically once the call ends. The application also offers enhanced navigation for pedestrians, a turn-by-turn route list and location sharing via email feature.
2. Visible Braille

Visible Braille is a self-instruction tutorial for those wishing to learn Braille easily. It conveniently translates English letters into Braille alphabets and saves a side-by-side image of these alphabets. The application has a built-in Help section and self-quizzes to facilitate the users. The application is highly useful for learning Braille letters and phrases.
3. LookTel Money Reader

LookTel Money Reader is an extremely helpful application which instantly recognizes currency in denominations. You can simply point your iPhone camera towards the bill and the app will recognize and inform you about its denomination. This is highly useful for visually impaired people in identifying and counting their bills. The app supports many currencies including the U.S. Dollar, the Euro and the British Pound, and provides VoiceOver support for more than 15 languages.
4. Color Identifier

This application enables you to recognize different colors to an absolute specific shade. You can point your iPhone camera towards an object and the application will recognize and speak out loud its color. Another free application, Color ID is also offered by the same company which is designed for identifying just the basic colors. This application can help the visually impaired people in organizing their clothing or gauge their surroundings and for color-blind people to recognize different colors.
5. SayText

SayText is a free application which scans the text of any document or image and then reads it out loud. All you have to do is point the camera of your phone towards the document and hold it. The application will also tell you if the complete document is in view or not through a beep. Then it will automatically scan the text and you can hear it easily once the scanning is done. This can be very helpful for reading bills, menus, medical forms and documents.
6. Learning Ally

This app provides easy access to the Learning Ally’s library that contains more than 70,000 audio books for schools and college-level textbooks. To run this application, you first need a membership to Learning Ally. The application lets you download these books and play them at your convenience. The app also offers navigation through page number or chapters, electronic bookmarks and an adjustable playback speed.
7. TalkingTag LV

TalkingTag is an app that allows you to label and recognize different items. You can label these items by using stickers of different QR codes and feeding a 1-minute audio message about each label. Then you can just point your phone camera at the stickers at a later time and your phone will read out the audio message out loud, enabling you to identify the object. This can help vision impaired people in differentiating between identical CDs, boxes or even jam jars conveniently.

For those looking for quality eye products, remember to always buy them from trustworthy retailers like GetLenses. You can buy Air Optix Aqua here at a much better bargain than anywhere else.

Carrying out their day-to-day activities is now relatively easier for visually impaired people. These few assisting applications for iPhone and iPads can help them in managing their daily procedures easily. There are a number of other applications that are also very beneficial for impaired people that are supported by iPhone.

For those who have any partial vision impairment problem, it is very essential that they take good care of their eye health. It is very important to choose quality eye products, for example you can buy Air Optix Aqua here which are very high-quality lenses. Small preventive measures are very necessary to maintain eye health.

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Best iPhone Apps For Fitness And Weight loss

Whether you want to get fit or lose weight, there are some really great apps out there to help you achieve your goal.

Nike Training

For fitness I’d have to recommend ‘Nike Training’ which is a free app which has workouts in four categories, ‘Get Lean’, ‘Get Toned’, ‘Get Strong’ and ‘Get Focused’. Clicking on any of these categories brings up three skill level categories, ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’. In each skill level category there is a wealth of different workouts. Within this app you can see your training progress and you also receive rewards when you hit a set training time goal.

For achieving a six-pack there is only one must have app to achieve this called in my opinion- ‘Athlean-X – Six Pack Promise’ starring Jeff Cavalier who is a famous fitness coach who has coached the NY Mets baseball team and a whole host of celebrities. This is a paid app, but believe me when I say that you get what you pay for. Within this app there are 100 ab exercises and the name of the game here is muscle confusion. Each training day you are given a new set of exercises and your abs will be shocked into developing. If you don’t want to follow the suggested training routine you can access the ab exercises data base and choose which exercise to do. I’d highly recommend following the daily exercise plans however. The exercises per day in total come to around four minutes each in length. This app pushes your abs to the limit. Your abs are different from other muscle groups as in they can be exercised five times per week without any problem as they recover very fast.

You can track your workout progress in ‘Athlean-X – Six Pack Promise’ and really goes well with the online fitness pack ‘Athlean-X’ available from the Athean-X website. For a app review of this app you can view it here. This is one of my favourite fitness apps of all time.


iFitness is a great app that has different workouts involving weights and also stretching exercises. I use this app mainly for the stretching exercises included. iFitness has a great database of different exercise routines and is a paid app. With iFitness you can tailor your very own workout plan and name each workout which is a really powerful tool.


The final, excellent app I’d highly recommend would be ‘MyNetDiary’ which is a calorie counting app which is extremely powerful. First you set a daily plan and can even upload before and after pictures in the iPhone version. You set your required weight loss goal and how much you want to lose per week and the app will track your progress. You have to be online when inputting your food intake and exercise activities as there is a huge database that you can also contribute to, with calorie counts for specific exercises and a calorie count for different food types. Just input the name of the food you are eating and it will pop up. If it doesn’t you can contribute the food to the database.

You can also input your waist size and also hip measurements etc. Each day you are given your daily progress and recommendations. This is my preferred way to calculate fat loss, together with waist measurement, as if you are following an exercise plan you can gain muscle weight which is a plus. Muscle mass burns calories whilst you are doing nothing! There are 3500 calories in a pound and 7717 calories in a kilogram, so you can track exactly how much fat calories you are burning. You can work in US units or kilograms within the app. Some people hate counting calories, in which case this app won’t be for you. I personally love counting calories as a calorie is just a calorie when it comes to calculating fat loss and if you are eating proper wholesome food you don’t have to worry about which is a good or bad calorie for maintaining muscle.

Three of these apps are paid apps, but they are not expensive. If you bought all three and downloaded the free app you would only be shelling out around 15 dollars. That’s a great investment for your body. Many people moan if an app is not free, but then blow money on beer or pizza. Why not invest in your health and body? These apps are a knock down investment as far as I’m concerned and I was glad to make the purchases.

Guest post by Kevin Baker who is an enthusiastic blogger who runs which has iOS app reviews and exciting tech articles, such as How To Become Batman Reloaded – Using Tech Gadgets

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Top WordPress and Blogger apps for Smartphones

Writing and publishing skills are no more restricted to writers alone. With many content publishing platforms available over the internet, writing has become more sort of public hobby. There are many free websites on the internet that allow us to open blog spots of our own. This has paved the way for many amateur writers and publishers who have an inclination towards writing to post their works online.

Also, the advent of mobile devices has allowed people to connect, communicate and update instantly from anywhere. And sometimes, we may be subjected to certain situations where we feel like making an instant post from wherever we are. As you know (us) bloggers usually share instantly any new information or incident that we come across. So, for those on-the-go Bloggers, here are some apps that can prove helpful.

Blogger App:

A Google product!  This app is designed for Android and allows you to type, modify, publish articles and upload photos directly to your blog spots. It also allows multiple users to use the app at once with some simple toggle options.

WordPress App:

One of the largest websites on the internet that offers free blog spots to its users is also one of the leading blogging websites. WordPress apps are available for any Smartphone operating systems. But, the WordPress app for Apple allows you to edit, create and upload post to the WordPress website. It even allows you to upload the pictures you have taken from your iOS phone to your blog directly.

DroidEdit Pro App:

It is a text editing App that allows you to type in your posts first and then paste it on your blog page. Many bloggers find this App convenient due to its color coded features, easy shortcuts and a real -time Blog preview. It also offers connectivity to Dropbox, so that you can store your works and retrieve them whenever you want. The app is priced and you have to pay to utilize its features.


This is probably one of the dedicated blogging apps for an iOS device. It is often considered as a versatile App as you can upload your works to a number of spots like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Drupal and much more. Its incorporation with Picasa online allows you to upload and add pictures from Picasa.



The website’s legitimate App allows you to create, edit and even re-blog your posts. The App offers a more stylized way of uploading your works and gives an overall experience of working on a desktop.


It is yet another cross-platform, versatile app that supports any operating systems like Android, iOS, and much more. You can create a post and publish them immediately on websites like Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, WordPress etc.


This Blogging App is designed to work on Android and iOS platforms. An account with TypePad is necessary to create and upload posts to your blog spots. Once, signed up, you can make instant posts and even crop the pictures and images that you are about to upload.

There are several other Apps available on the internet for bloggers on the move. Just find the right one for you and start blogging.

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Spend more to get noticed on Apple’s App store

Getting noticed on Apple’s App Store has become more expensive for developers this year, while application downloads haven’t increased much, according to Fiksu, a digital marketing company.

Developers who actively market their apps on the world’s largest mobile-software marketplace spent about $1.44 to attract each loyal user in June, an increase of 13% from a year earlier, Fiksu said in its report. A loyal user opens an app three or more times, according to Fiksu.

Competition between app developers is heating up as the market matures and users have more choices among apps offering similar features. Costs peaked in December at $1.81 per user as developers tried to attract people who got an Apple device for the holidays.

The 200 most popular free iPhone apps were downloaded 4.63 million times per day, on average, last month, an increase of 2.7% from June of last year, Fiksu said.

Apple has paid $5 billion to developers selling their wares in the App Store and more than 30 billion apps have been downloaded since the digital store’s opening in 2008, Tim Cook, the company’s chief executive officer , said at a press conference last month. Most developers aren’t complaining.

Mobile apps for Apple and Google operating systems will generate $8.7 billion in revenue this year, up 60% from last year, according to a report by Flurry, a mobile-research company.

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Why Android OS for Apps and Game Development?

Android operating system has revolutionized the smartphone/tablet market. Google’s highly flexible OS, Android is heaven for mobile application and game developers. Launched in 2008, it has, in last four years, successfully captured the lion’s share of smartphone industry. Almost all famous smartphone/tablet makers are now using Android OS to offer their customers world-class services.

Google Play Store (previously known as “Android Market”) is one of the largest applications and games marketplaces. There are more than 240,000 apps and games in Android market and most of these applications are free, while some of them are paid. Companies like Rovio, makes thousands of dollars by selling games like “Angry Birds.”

If you are working at a web programming company and want to enter the mobile application development industry, Android is your ticket. Here are some of the factors that make Android a better OS than any other mobile operating system.

1. Low Entry Barrier – Don’t have enough money to pay the license fee? Don’t worry; Android is not going to ask you for license fee or development tools. You can develop an app or a game without spending a single penny.

2. Open Source Platform – You can customize your application in any way your prefer because Android does not levy any strict rules for customization. Google also regularly updates this powerful operating system and informs developers about new features in advance. So, you can upgrade your current applications to match updated OS standards. App developers can also provide feedback to the Google Android development team and suggest new improvements.

3. Great Platform for Java Programmers – Android applications are developed using Java. Therefore, if you know Java, you can start developing an Android application comfortably.

4. Variety of Distribution Platform – Unlike some “high end” operating systems like iOS and Blackberry, you can distribute an Android application in different application stores (Google Play and Blackberry App World). Besides that, you can also develop your own app distribution channels. It’s true that third party app markets have their own app publication rules, but because there is no single and controlled market, you will always find a platform to release your application.

5. Best Inter Application Integration – This is one the biggest benefits of Android OS. If you want to create a suite of applications like MS Office, Android is there to help you. You can develop an inter-process architecture and integrate different applications for better user experience.

Android is the ideal platform for every app developer. If your app gains popularity in the application markets, you can be successful and rich within a very short span of time.

Quality Web Solutions, a prominent website design company, offers effective web programming services customized to clients’ requirements. Our efficient content writing team has written and published articles related to web development.You can follow us in Facebook

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