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6 Best Enterprise apps for Android

In past, the people used mobile phone for only communication purpose but at present this situation has completely changed after the emergence of android smartphone. This android guy has brought many changes in our personal and professional lives. This handset comes with speedily growing application market named as Android market or Google play. From this store, every person can grab one application of his choice. However, it’s me who will today focus on enterprise applications. The main purpose of introducing these applications for android platform is to enhance the overall productivity level of employees and workers. So, let’s peep into the detail of famous and useful applications for corporate environment.

 1. Think Free Mobile

When you imagine an office, first thing which come into your mind is an office with table having many files. In old days, employees needed to compose and to store a lot of files physically but after android tablet and smartphone, they are capable to create, edit and store as much files as they want. For their assistance, android market comes with Think free mobile application. It’s a word processor that makes it simple for you to compose file and then to store them in your personal or public cloud storage. In addition, you can share between personal cloud and mobile devices.

2. Quick Office Pro

The employees need to work with presentations and different databases along with word files therefore; it’s Quick Office Pro that adds ease into their life. This enterprise application will make it simple for them to create, edit and share their Microsoft word, spreadsheets and presentations on the move. A businessman will definitely find it a handy application as he can check his office work while travelling.

3. Egnyte App

No matter where you actually are, this application allows you to access, edit, store and share files from any where any time. Just you need to have a smartphone for getting the most from this application. I really like the permission control feature of this application which permits the user to limit the access of files to only authorized people. One more special feature of it is file synchronization from smartphone with computer.

4. Critix Receiver

There are many enterprises which have started using critix receiver as it enhances efficiency of worker in a robust manner. This application permits the authorized users to access enterprise files, desktop and application from anywhere. Sharing of file through this receiver is indeed a delightful task.

5. Mango Apps

The real-time collaboration between employees is made possible with the help of Mango applications. When a company gets this application for employees, it becomes simple for every worker to get news and updates from the same platform. In addition, there is an instant messenger available on every interface just to make sure that employees can communicate with one another in an instant manner. They can make groups and then share files with their group members in a comfortable way. You can create the modules of your choice like collaborations, tasks, groups, files, applications, ideas, etc. The company can create private groups and projects for maintaining collaboration with customers and partners.

6. Yammer

It is one of the best enterprise applications available in Google play. This application lets you to create a private social network for your company. Co-workers can easily communicate with each other through a private social platform. They can update their status and get latest news of business right from here.

Kiran Khan is an expert business consultant. She advises entrepreneurs to download best enterprise applications for enhancing workforce productivity.

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Microsoft to sell Surface at retail stores


Surface Tablet (Photo credit: SpicaGames)

Microsoft said Tuesday it would make its Surface tablet available to outside sellers as soon as mid-December.

“The public reaction to Surface has been exciting to see. We’ve increased production and are expanding the ways in which customers can interact with, experience and purchase Surface,” said Surface general manager Panos Panay, without providing any specific sales figures.

A Microsoft statement said retail stores in the United States and Australia would be the first to sell the introductory Surface model with Windows RT, which has many features of a tablet along with an attachable cover-keyboard.

Retail availability in other countries will be announced in the coming months, said Microsoft, which began selling the Surface through its website, its “pop-up” holiday stores and permanent branded stores.

“Our plan has been to expand the retail presence for Surface after the first of the year,” said Steve Schueler, head of retail sales for Microsoft.

“Based on interest from retailers, we are giving them the option to carry Surface with Windows RT even earlier.”

Microsoft also announced that some of its pop-up stores would remain open past the year-end holidays and several would become permanent Microsoft retail outlets.

“These stores will transition into either permanent brick-and-mortar retail outlets or specialty store locations,” a company statement said.

Surface, with a starting price of $499, is now sold at Microsoft retail stores in the United States and Canada and online in the US, Australia, Britain Canada, China, France and Germany.

Microsoft said last month that its Surface Pro, a version of its new tablet aimed at business users, would be available in January starting at $899 for US customers.

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Apple and Samsung back in court

A judge in Silicon Valley is expected to rule on a potential sales ban on Samsung products in the U.S. at a hearing.

Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. return to a Silicon Valley courtroom Thursday, as Samsung fights to get a federal judge to throw out or soften a $1.05 billion patent judgment against the Korean company.

The companies and their lawyers plan to petition U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh to reverse issues that didn’t go their way in a jury verdict issued in August. During the hearing in San Jose, California the companies are expected to squabble over the damage award, which ranks among the largest ever in cases involving intellectual property.

Samsung argues that hundreds of millions of dollars should be shaved off of the total damages, which Samsung has yet to pay.

Meanwhile, Apple is seeking $535 million more.

Let’s fight


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Apple intergates iTunes with iCloud

Apple has unveiled a new version of its iTunes, overhauling its look and feel while integrating it more closely with iCloud service. The company is seeking to make it easier for people to access media content from various Apple devices without having to plug them into a desktop.

In the last fiscal year, iTunes and related media services generated $8.53 billion in revenue. The new design of iTunes moves away from the spreadsheet format that Apple has featured since its debut.

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple is working to improve the tools that helped make it the largest seller of music while giving customers added incentive to buy more of its other products. While Apple is offering new features, it’s not matching those of Spotify and Rdio.

Instead of selling downloads, those Internet music services have gained traction by offering users unlimited access to entire song libraries for a subscription fee or listening to advertisements.

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The Cool KOLOS Gaming Wheel for Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has always been a special gadget with its HD graphics. It is indeed a perfect tablet for gaming geeks who love playing from any place like a bus, train on the move or even while at home. The gaming experience for Apple lovers has just got better with the new Kolos Gaming Wheel designed for racing fanatics.


A befitting design for iPad series 

Custom-made for the 9.7-inch Apple iPad, the Kolos steering wheel is designed to fit Apple iPad 2 (2nd Generation) and Apple The new iPad (3rd Generation). It also fits the Apple iPad with Retina Display (4th Generation). Available in black and grey colours, the 12.3-inch diameter wheel is made out of a light weight, high quality, metallised plastic.

The clamp of the wheel is constructed out of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) which is lightweight and has great strength. The base of the wheel system is curved and symmetric to the wheel itself. To enhance the stability of the wheel, there are three rubberised large circles for support. It has an anti-perspiration coating to ensure that your hands do not slip off in all the adrenaline-pumped action.


A gripping hold at the start line 

It is quite easy to fit the wheel with the iPad. You have to place your iPad in the space provided and pull the clip down on it to lock it in place. The gadget will be locked in tight grips and will remain stable and steady throughout the game. It is designed to accommodate a double or single-handed action, so you can try to swerve on a free virtual driveway packed with action.


Transform your desk into a driving seat 

The wheel has a clamping system that can be used to attach to desks. The clamp can be attached to surfaces that are as thick as two inches. You can take it, slip in through your study desk and turn the screw at the bottom to tighten the grip.


Gaming taken to a new dimension

Since the wheel holds the iPad, you can play all one-finger touch games without having to hold it. Moreover, the wheel is detachable. So, you can have fun with air gaming anywhere with the easy and compact design. The best part is the Kolos wheel is not just for racing, it can be used for playing any touch game or motion sensor air game on the iPad.


iOS games for KOLOS play

A few examples of racing games enhanced by KOLOS are Asphalt 7: Heat, Highway Rider, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Riptide GP, Carmageddon, etc. Apart from racing, action and air games like Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, MetalStorm: Wingman, Boost 2, etc., can also be played on the iPad attached to the KOLOS wheel. One-finger touch games like Fruit Ninja HD, Angry Birds Space HD, Facebook games, etc., can be played hands-free using KOLOS wheel base system to hold the iPad.


Grace is an expert with PASS Ltd. They are dealers in electrical testing equipment about which you can get information from and

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Pakistani Google, Yahoo, Apple, eBay, PayPal Hacked

The Pakistani websites of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Visa, HSBC, Coca Cola, Blogspot, Sony, HP, eBay and PayPal have been hacked and defaced.

According to The Hackers Media, the sites have been defaced by a group of Turkish hackers.

On their defacement page, the Pakistani hackers reveal not only their reasons for breaching the sites, but also the vulnerability they exploited.

“Why we have wasted our time to hack Pakistani Sites? Just because let us convey our message. We warned you and we were willing to fix your vulnerability but you think we are jokers and you guys took it as a joke? Yes it’s time to bang you guys!!” the hackers wrote.

The Hackers Media reveals that the one “warned” is actually PKNIC, a registrar for Pakistani .pk domains. A security hole in the registrar’s systems allowed the cybercriminals to easily alter the homepages of the affected sites.

The Pakistani hackers utilized the same method to deface several high-profile Israeli sites a few days ago.

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Apple and Google not paying enough tax

Multinational companies are getting a ‘free ride on the efforts of others’ by not paying their fair share in tax, according to assistant federal treasurer, David Bradbury.

The federal government is planning a tax crackdown on companies including IT giants Google and Apple.

The Australian Tax Office will have unprecedented power to restructure cross-border transactions to claim more taxes. Estimates suggest that despite Google generating an estimated $1 billion in revenues, the company paid just $74,000. Google says it paid more than $780,000 – which still seems fairly low.

Governments around the world are trying to capture more revenue from multinationals.

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The Limitations of the iPad Mini

The mixed feelings about the iPhone 5 has already brought Apple into an unlikely foray of uncertainly with just how much further the company can really go with their gadgets. Between the failed Apple Maps, which actually got bad enough for CEO Tim Cook to issue an apology about the poor performance of the program and the few differentiations from the former products, sales were high but popularity was questionable.

But everyone is beginning to move on to the next big Apple thing, which is the iPad Mini. This seven-inch tablet has been a focal point of gadget discussion for quite some time now, and some reports this weeks are causing a Mini-outrage concerning its connectivity. According to several reports, including one in in Cult of Mac, the iPad Mini is going to only have a WiFi connection.

This move is a big retrograde from iPads of the past, which did include 3G and 4G technologies. For all of the hype that is surrounding the iPad Mini, there doesn’t seem to be much of an advantage of acquiring one expect for the enhanced ease of carrying it around.

With its price expected to fall between the $200-250 range, it would seem that Apple is really just going for an “easy” iPad – one that is scaled back for those who don’t ask for much out of it in the first place. Prospective customers of the iPad Mini shouldn’t really be expecting much. Apart from its limited connectivity, the display is reported to be non-retina.

With all things considered, this writer does not really understand all of the attention being wasted on the iPad Mini. If enhanced ease in mobility is expected to be one of the main selling points, then that is not going to get very far when the connectivity is lacking. Sure, take the iPad Mini anywhere that you want, and use it anyway that you want…as long as there is internet connectivity around. In this day and age, a tablet is pretty much obsolete and maybe good for just gaming if there is no internet access.

Based on what has been learned about the iPad Mini, it serves as the equivalent of the iPod Shuffle. It roughly does the same functions, but with limited access and ease. Apple probably doesn’t have anything to worry about, since all of the attention has pretty much secured locked down sales already. The main market will surely be those who are interested in experiencing the basic interface of the iPad without having to spend the $400-500 to have it.

The probable high sales of the iPad Mini will serve as just another example of Apple’s master branding efforts. With the $200 price range, the Mini will be going against big guns like Google and Amazon and their more convenient tablets, but with Apple being Apple, the sights will be set on the Mini. If people are okay with primarily using it in a situated location with limited mobility, then the complaints should be at a minimum.

Kevin Abrahms is a tech writer and a frequent follower of Apple’s product efforts, as well as entertainment offers like Directv packages. If you have any thoughts on the iPad Mini, let us know below.

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Apple applications takes care of users in a riot

Apple has surpassed itself once again by providing users with care and safety. After Apple’s medical applications such as the Depression checker and its collaboration with Mercedes Safety Collision design users thought that they had seen everything but Apple surprised them once again by issuing an application that sends help to users in a riot.

According to a technology reporter in Edinburgh, if you know where to run to in a riot it could potentially save your life. This application does just that for you. The application designed by Salvatore Laconesi is a blessing for Apple users. With rising riots all over the world and London’s very own riots last year were quite traumatic for the population and keeping that in mind the application has been designed to safeguard people. Necessity is the mother of inventions; that’s perfectly right and applicable to this situation as well.

The application although not publicly launched will combine data from differed social networking websites and take that information to its users by informing them which areas are suffering highly and which are still safe. Once users point their phones they will see a color interface that shows highly dangerous areas by lighting up in different colors.

If there is potential damage the interface will light up to the color red and warn its user to take other directions. The application was unveiled and demonstrated at the Technology, Entertainment and Design; TED and the application designer; Laconesi said that this application could help people stuck in riots and save quite many lives.

According to the little talk Laconesi had with BBC the application was built due to the increasing activist movements around the world. London, Syria, Egypt and many other countries have faced violent riots and although many people try to take part in it, many just want to stay in their homes, safe and sound but then you cant sit at your home the whole day. People have to work and buy necessity items and once a riot starts it feels as if you’re stuck in the worst possible nightmare. Laconesi told the British channel that they used the information available from the riots done in UK, Tunisia and Egypt and transformed the collected data into an application that would help Apple users stuck in a perilous situation.

Mr. Laconesi briefed that the data was collected from major social networking and other applications that shared their content on the internet. The basic information came from Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. As these portals are the major entertainment and social networking contenders in this time it is quite reasonable that data was collected from these information centers. Once a user writes a message about riots or anything related to that the application captures the information and processes it to give directions to its users stuck between them and tell them where the safe places are. Users can point their Iphones to any direction and whichever direction is dangerous the interface would light up red and whichever is safe would light up as green.

The system has already been checked during the UK riots that occurred last year as well as the student protests that took place in Milan and England. By checking the feasibility and validity of the application before hand, users will feel comfortable about using the application not only in the United Kingdom but in other countries around the world.

This application will certainly help Iphone users all around the world to stay safe once they’re stuck in a riot and find a safety haven from there.

Author Bio: Beth has been in the business of providing quality information on how to track iphone 5. Her main expertise lies within the spectrum of How to Spy iphone mobile which are making waves in the technology world today..


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Diving Into The Samsung/Apple Catfight

On August 24, a monetarily unprecedented courtroom decision reverberated through the intertwined worlds of technology and business when a jury of nine found Samsung, an international conglomerate based in South Korea, guilty of willfully infringing on several of rival Apple’s patents. The cost for their sins? $1,049,343,540.


Cowering in the shadows of the decision’s immediate aftermath, Samsung tried desperately to deflect their personal loss onto the almighty consumer, releasing a brief, semi-sarcastic statement that included this sentence: “It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies.”


In subsequent days, the public’s consensus (and a company nearly as rich got slightly less rich.) But nearly a month later, does this decision mean anything else? Not really. For starters, this decision is the tip of the iceberg in a battle between two companies that appear to despise one another.

A Quiet Collaboration?


Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s take on the decision is that the two companies are “quietly collaborating” in court. “[This] case and dozens of others around the world are part of a struggle between Apple and Google over whose operating system will dominate a market for mobile phones and tablet computers worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year. It is not a struggle, however, in which any one company is going to get destroyed or put out of business in court. Competitors are using the courts to figure out the terms of cooperation—whose intellectual property is worth what.”


So there’s that. Looking back the decision is noteworthy but not a finalized game changer. It’s significant enough not to be swept under any rugs as long as both powerhouses are upright and swinging.


On September 15, Samsung placed themselves in the spotlight—voluntarily, this time—firing shots at Apple’s longstanding “Genius” identity with a print ad comparing the company’s new Galaxy S III phone with the iPhone 5.


Depending on which side of the fence you live on, Samsung’s reason for creating then releasing an attack ad like this either hints at a company that’s still bitter and reeling or one that refuses to back down, instead asking why would they copy a company’s patents which are inferior to their own.


Regardless of how you see it, the one thing that must be taken away three weeks later is that this feud isn’t ending anytime soon, and that $1 billion isn’t enough to make either participant break a sweat.


Michael Pina writes about sports and technology. He wrote this particular article on behalf of, an IT company in Los Angeles.

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