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Bad Piggies Review

When Rovio Entertainment announced that it was working on a spin-off version of Angry Birds, most of us imagined (at least me) that the game will be a revenge based title, where the pigs will be catapulted against the birds. But, it doesn’t turn out to be as imagined. Rovio Entertainment has opted a completely different concept and game play style that requires implementation of strategy and calculations. So, let’s look at how the game fairs.


Game Play:


Now Angry Birds was a game that revolutionized the touch based gaming class with its innovative feature of aim, calculate and attack based game play technique. But, Bad Piggies is far apart from its predecessor-counterpart. The game is all about helping and assisting the pigs, we tried to take down in Angry Birds, in escaping from an obstructive crash course.


The primary mission of the game is to build a vehicle for the pigs to drive them through an obstacle course. But, the vehicles need to be in accordance with the assigned pig and must be built, considering factors such as the pig’s mass, landscape, terrain and environment.


As soon as the game begins (after you pass all the home screen, main menu and etc.), it offers the players a tool box sort of chest that contains all the necessary inventories and tools required to build the vehicle. Some of the inventory items include balloons, wheels, umbrellas and rockets.


The game offers a grid space in which the players can build their custom vehicles using drag-and-drop mechanism and on completion, they just have to tap in the checkbox and start off with their primary set of missions and levels. Similar to Angry Birds and Amazing Alex titles, the game has several collectable items such as stars and eggs. The players can replay a particular level as many times as they want and try getting the maximum number of stars on a level, which is 3. Obtaining a star on a level makes the players eligible to qualify for the next level, but the total of 90 stars throughout the game will leave the players opting for more as play through.


If this game lacks in any part, it is definitely its pace! The game requires the players to spend some quality time to complete the levels as each level takes ample time to complete. Thanks to the slower game play. The first task, which is the ‘building a vehicle task’ is sure to take up some time and then the game play, where the vehicles slowly propel towards the completion, will really make the players come back after a break.


The game also features a hire-a-mechanic concept, where the players who are unsure of building the right vehicle can hire a mechanic and get it built. The game offers three mechanics after you give a Facebook Like to the developer page and further mechanics can be called for, but on an added cost.


The game’s core features include:


  • Over 60 levels of non-stop fun
  • Additional un-lockable levels
  • Up to 4 levels of Sandbox mode with a special-additional hidden Sandbox mode
  • Varied list of inventory items to create the perfect travel machine
  • A mechanic pig for building assistance


The Bottom Line:


If Angry Birds was all about crashing down on the pigs, Big Piggies is all about saving them from crashes. So, moving out of comparisons, Big Piggies is completely a game of a different genre and mechanics and is sure to offer decent fun to its players. With some interesting strategic game play features and loads of levels to play through, the game sure is a crowd puller and worth playing. It’s free and if you feel that the game’s slow pace is negligible, the game is just for you.

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From Angry Birds to Pirate Physics- 3 rankers in Android gaming apps market

Android mobile Apps market has gained tremendous recognition among tech lovers of all age groups. The most popular attitude that runs is its application wherein funny to strong, easy to thrilling games, applications, needful technologies and newbie software are fully packed for us to satisfy our curiosity waited for it. It is just a never ending process as whenever we have felt satisfied with the logical approach of Angry Birds; Pirate Physics the much awaited physics gaming application came into the spot and gained huge popularity within gamers of every age.

Android is a tremendously growing market to platform several games as android devices are becoming cheaper by receiving far greater reach than its rival platforms in the market. Newbie services, software and game developing companies are looking forward to this medium for using its in-app purchases and functional market interests performing better in gaining the revenues. Thus, it has become the decent gaming tool among technology geeks- gaming on android is primary to happen. So to ease the confusion let’s find 3 highly welcomed games in the Android Marketplace with havoc boom and you should definitely love them all to play pastime:

1)    Angry Birds by Rovio Entertainment:

One of the best addictive game featured with the Android Smartphones market and even just for free. With such popularity grants this game has never needed any introduction but with its quick start, it has always remained the best serve in satisfying game-love among all age groups. Whether you feel bored journeying by train, feeling lonely at home or holidays- Angry Birds at your Smartphone or Android mobile will surely keep you rejuvenated and entertained. Game-play matters itself in shooting the pigs sometimes behind brick walls, ice walls, in space or just at the beaches of Rio, by some of the angriest birds (taking revenge for their eggs been eaten by these pigs) in catapult. Free version of this game has 300 levels and is already available in the Android apps market; paid versions cost much little to engage satisfaction with this addictive game to choose. Versions available: Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds RIO, and Angry Birds Magic.

2)    Zombie Dash by Italy Games:

Welcome to the world of Zombies, wherein they are killing people being ruthless enough in taking out their brains. Feel yourself as the savior to finish those zombies and their terror from the town is your game-play in this sport. Graphics and controls in this game are quite simple in its outlook yet impressive and commendable with its nature to satisfy the gamers. Being an arcade game with striking graphics, you can simply work up your frustration from regularities in life to kill the zombies ruthlessly till it lasts.

3)    Pirate Physics by Lecagames:

It’s a superbly addictive game in its launch time at the Android Apps Market. First 12 levels are already there in the android marketplace to ensure game lover’s satisfaction with its strongest determination, skill and strategy being the mightiest roll ball in the den of notorious pirates. Solve all the obstacles designed within the path of Rollball (the best man in Captain Treasure’s rank) winning the game. More than Hundred levels are yet to release in the Android Apps market this season in order to gratify the demands for this game. Till then, just game-up 12 levels in this pirate world to exercise the best deals in winning the game.


Author Bio: Soma Dutta is a content developer and writing on newbie technologies in Smartphone, Android and tablet PC India is her sphere. In this piece, she is sharing reviews over top 3 games available and creating a havoc boom in the Androids Apps market.


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