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6 Best Enterprise apps for Android

In past, the people used mobile phone for only communication purpose but at present this situation has completely changed after the emergence of android smartphone. This android guy has brought many changes in our personal and professional lives. This handset comes with speedily growing application market named as Android market or Google play. From this store, every person can grab one application of his choice. However, it’s me who will today focus on enterprise applications. The main purpose of introducing these applications for android platform is to enhance the overall productivity level of employees and workers. So, let’s peep into the detail of famous and useful applications for corporate environment.

 1. Think Free Mobile

When you imagine an office, first thing which come into your mind is an office with table having many files. In old days, employees needed to compose and to store a lot of files physically but after android tablet and smartphone, they are capable to create, edit and store as much files as they want. For their assistance, android market comes with Think free mobile application. It’s a word processor that makes it simple for you to compose file and then to store them in your personal or public cloud storage. In addition, you can share between personal cloud and mobile devices.

2. Quick Office Pro

The employees need to work with presentations and different databases along with word files therefore; it’s Quick Office Pro that adds ease into their life. This enterprise application will make it simple for them to create, edit and share their Microsoft word, spreadsheets and presentations on the move. A businessman will definitely find it a handy application as he can check his office work while travelling.

3. Egnyte App

No matter where you actually are, this application allows you to access, edit, store and share files from any where any time. Just you need to have a smartphone for getting the most from this application. I really like the permission control feature of this application which permits the user to limit the access of files to only authorized people. One more special feature of it is file synchronization from smartphone with computer.

4. Critix Receiver

There are many enterprises which have started using critix receiver as it enhances efficiency of worker in a robust manner. This application permits the authorized users to access enterprise files, desktop and application from anywhere. Sharing of file through this receiver is indeed a delightful task.

5. Mango Apps

The real-time collaboration between employees is made possible with the help of Mango applications. When a company gets this application for employees, it becomes simple for every worker to get news and updates from the same platform. In addition, there is an instant messenger available on every interface just to make sure that employees can communicate with one another in an instant manner. They can make groups and then share files with their group members in a comfortable way. You can create the modules of your choice like collaborations, tasks, groups, files, applications, ideas, etc. The company can create private groups and projects for maintaining collaboration with customers and partners.

6. Yammer

It is one of the best enterprise applications available in Google play. This application lets you to create a private social network for your company. Co-workers can easily communicate with each other through a private social platform. They can update their status and get latest news of business right from here.

Kiran Khan is an expert business consultant. She advises entrepreneurs to download best enterprise applications for enhancing workforce productivity.

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How can Android Apps Increase Locksmith’s Efficiency?

These days, most of us use android smartphone for communication, browsing and streaming purpose while it’s not getting the most from this high-tech and well-designed gadget. United Kingdom and United States of America are considered developed countries because the mobile user of these territories uses android applications in their business lives. Last day, I checked android market and I explored a lot of applications those can make your business tasks quite comfortable. However, today I would like to talk about locksmith business applications. The reason is that the field workers of this small business have to handle different tasks at the same time. I just want to add a comfortable cushion in their busy lives. In addition, when a locksmith uses such applications then he will feel a boost in his work’ efficiency.  So, let’s start with the best applications of Android market.

Keep Full Control of Order through Locksmith Work Order

If you visit the nearest locksmith office in your area, you will be able to check how busy locksmith remains on the phone. They attend the call 24 hours a day and write down the orders in their registers and after that they send the mobile locksmith for the help of the business, home or car owners. They need to tackle with a lot of orders at the same time. In this condition, it’s android application “locksmith work order” that comes for the assistance of this professional. He is capable to note down every order in the electronically ready form and then to check the complete record of all orders at one place.

Get Instant Auto Info Through Auto Smith Pro

It’s a fact that a locksmith handles wide variety of automobiles in his routine. No matter how expert a locksmith is, he may forget the codes and programming of some auto keys. Therefore, it’s Auto Smith Pro which comes for the help of this expert. On this website, a professional can easily browse the automobiles key codes and programming methods by model or type. It’s simply a good source of information that allows the locksmith to find as much technical details as they want.

Manage Customer and Order via Locksmith Connect

It’s a paid application of Android market but trust me after getting this app, a locksmith will observe a boost in revenue. Actually, this application consists of a suite of software. It helps locksmith in different ways. He can get the technical information regarding the job from this application and side by side, he is capable to manage invoices and orders. Customer management is indeed a hard task for every business owner but thanks to locksmith connect, one can perform this task quite effortlessly.

Program Access Points through Stand alone Access Controls

Nowadays, we prefer to install standalone access control system at home and in office as this system increases the overall security level to a great extent. With the increasing demand of this system, different manufacturers come with their own kinds. So, sometimes programming of such system becomes difficult for the locksmith. In such cases, I recommend locksmith to go for Stand Alone Access Control app. An expert is capable to get the programming technical details right from this application whenever he stuck.

Know the Latest Lock info from How to Pick a lock

Gift of technological advancement comes in the form of advanced locks. It’s not possible for a locksmith to get picking information of every latest lock. Therefore, it’s advisable to get help from How to Pick a lock application. This application permits the mobile locksmith to instantly grab the picking information of every kind and type of lock.

I’m sure that when locksmiths will start using android application in their routine lives, they will notice a positive change. They don’t need to waste their time in remembering the difficult tech details, they just need to tap on an application for getting the data and thereby, they can complete the task in a timely manner.

Marry Jojo is an expert author and blogger. She loves to test different android application in her routine life. She is also managing Bellevue WA locksmith blog.

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100K Android Apps in Google Play are Questionable

More than 100K  applications in Google Play are considered “suspicious”, according to new research. Out of 412,000 apps in the store, this 25% pose a security risk to mobile users, according to Bit9, the security firm that analyzed the apps’ security permissions.

Among its findings: 72% of apps use at least one high-risk permission; 42% access GPS location data; 31% access phone numbers or calls; 26% access personal data such as contacts and email; and 9% use permissions that can cost users money.


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Rumour: Google Will Launch Android 4.2 Nexus

The latest rumour on internet is that Google will be launching an Android 4.2-based 10″Nexus tablet during its 29th October event. The device will have a screen with a resolution of 2560×1600. Detailed specs are not yet available.

As reported earlier, Google is slated to introduce Android 4.2, initially known as Key Lime Pie, the next version of Jelly Bean.

The Android event will begin at 10 am EST in the US (8:30 pm IST) on 29th October. If you can’t make it to New York, don’t worry — the entire event will be webcast live at

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Android or iOs: Which is the best?

IOS is the developed for the Apple’s iPhone and Android is the Google operating system which is used by many smart phone manufacturers for their mobiles. Some of the best things to be known about both the operating system are listed in the current article.


Android Operating system:

  • It is the mobile operating system designed for the smart phones, tablet computers. It is by developed by the Google and Open Handset Alliance.
  •  Initially designed by Android Inc, later on Google financially backed the Android Inc, and purchased it.
  • Google releases the Android code as open source under the licensee named Apache. It is the most popular mobile operating system.
  • Android is the open source operating system and used by mobile manufacturers.
  • You can use many apps as many as 600000 apps which are related to songs, books, movies and games which are available on the Google play.
  • You can put the important widgets within reach on home screen can use them when required.  It is easy to switch between the apps and to do whatever you are doing. Multi-tasking is made simple with the android OS.
  • You can capture the photos and videos and share to your favourite sites. You can browse faster and search whatever you want on the internet using the android tablet or mobile. Android OS is used by the best handset and tablet manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Asus Motorola etc.
  • One of the important feature of the android is that Google Now, it gives the all the information that you want and it is available on the android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Apple’s IOS:

  • This OS is used only for the apple’s devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPod, Apple TV. It is the world most advanced mobile operating system.
  •  It is having the user friendly interface. There are nearly 700000 apps available for the ios on the apps store.
  • It comes with many amazing features and built in apps some of them are Siri maps, music, face time, safari, air play game center.
  •  Siri apps is the unique feature of the apple apps which let you to voice search. Through voice search you can send messages, check latest scores, and more. You can ask any thing to do for siri it will do it for you; all you have to do is just ask it.
  •  The hardware and software are both developed by the apple and designed to work together. Some of the hard features of the ios are Retina display, multi touch interface three axis gryo accelerometer and many more.
  •   Another important feature of this OS is the iCloud which helps to store your music, photos, apps, mails, documents etc.
  •  IOS updates are also easy to update and free you can download wirelessly on your phone.
  • IOS devices works all over the world, it supports about thirty languages and you can also easily switch between one language to another language without facing any difficulty.

Many of the smart phones users will be confused which OS built in mobile to be purchased whether Apple’s ios or android. Deciding which OS is best can be a tough question to be answered.  Each of it is having its own and unique features, Apple iPhones are bit costly when compared to the Android smart phones. However you can take different short term loans like same day cash loans for the purchasing the smart phones.

About the Author:
The guest post was contributed by Alicia, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport

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NFL Kicker 13 for Android Review

NFL Kicker 13 for Android is the game that allows you to take up the boots of a professional American Football kicker and lead your team towards victory (not really). The game offers the players that ‘kick’ they’ve been longing for in a genuinely recreated sport game and indeed manages to deliver the fun you expect from it. So, let’s check out as to how this game for Android fairs.

The Game Play:

Firstly, the game is fully licensed by the NFL and includes almost every NFL team present. The game begins by asking you to select a player type, because there are two – male and female.  Once, you’ve chosen, the game then lets you assign a name to the player and add him to any NFL team preferred (out of 32). Since your player is a rookie, the game then presents a tutorial mode that allows the players to actually learn the basics for the different gaming modes to come.

The gaming controls for NFL Kicker 13 is quite simple and allows for an easier game play. All you have to do is just flick or swipe your fingers forward to initiate a kick. A slower flick will result in the ball falling way ahead than intended and a faster (too) will result in the ball making its way towards the audience. So, precision is the secret. The game even allows you to slice the ball in a particular direction for a much stylized finish. The slice also turns out to be helpful during the different game modes that have a bad weather scenario.

The game offers several unlockables that can be opened on reaching a certain experience level. The unlockables include additional game mode, classic team jerseys, alternate team jerseys, cheerleaders, football accessories and equipments, stadium upgrades and much more.

Game Modes:

NFL Kicker 13 offers three different game modes for its players to play with. While some of the modes are already available for the players to game on, some require certain experience points to get unlocked.

Zone Mode – Zone mode here, will remind you of the game – Paper Toss, where the paper is replaced by the ball and the trash bin with a goal post. The same finger-flick controls, anyway! This mode simply asks you to kick the ball towards the post under a series of weather conditions. A series of successful goals will reward you combo points and individual points for each successful kick.

Time Attack Mode – As you may have guessed by now, the Time Attack Mode is all about scoring the maximum number of goals under a given limited time. Every successful goal will increase the ticking clock by a second or two and a series of shots will reward you with more time. This mode is non-linear, which means that the players will be given a different angle and weather conditions in each shot, which they have to successfully complete.

Coffin Corner Mode – This mode is inclined more towards the defensive front. It requires the gamers to punt-kick the ball towards the opponent side. The points are rewarded to the players according to the distance covered and additional points are offered to players who punt the ball after multiple bounce.

The Graphics:

Graphics in NFL Kicker 13 is great. The developers have made use of the licenses to the optimum and have come up with some really cool recreated versions of jerseys and accessories of every team. The interface is simple with minimal crashes and a decent response time. One of the highlighting features related to graphics and animation is that the in-game players perform several dance moves on scoring combos including the Moonwalk! Also, fireworks shoot from the ground when the players hit the golden spot on the post. The arena, the environment and player details have been indeed taken good care of and the outcome is clearly visible during the game play. Overall, great graphics!

The Verdict:

NFL Kicker 13 is a great paid app for your Android devices. The simple controls, decent console-style graphics and three playable game modes are sure to boomerang you back to the game frequently.  An obvious Thumbs Up!

Features of the game:

  • Includes officially licensed 32 NFL teams
  • Uniforms and equipments powered by Nike
  • Feature to compete against your Facebook friends
  • Upgradable stadiums
  • Punt mode
  • Players can be created and customized with a preferred player name and jersey number
  • Live NFL ticker
  • Great graphics

This article has been brought to you by Mark Bennett of, with comcast great savings and deals with current information on Comcast cable and internet are always available.

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Best Android Mobile Apps for Personal Branding

For every blogger, writer, branding expert, celebrity and other professionals into personal branding, you just can’t avoid that you’re always on-the-go. Whether you’re called at a meeting, seminar, or training, it’s important that you keep yourself updated in the Internet arena. Boosting your personal brand might be hard to manage alone, but here are some mobile apps for smart phones that you can use to keep in touch with your audience:


For Blog Management:



Automattic, Inc.

A new application for your Android phone where you can write new posts, comments and update your WordPress blog. It is free that a lot of people now are using this to show the world what they are up to, their likes and interests. You can also use this app to view stats and even write comments on several blogs.



Google Inc.

An easier and new way to start your blog! This app is quite popular now for those people who are into blogging because it allows the blogger to post pictures and local information faster and easier. It is so convenient that it allows you to view multiple blogs or accounts. Blogger app is simply helpful for having a blog that is always on the go.



Google Inc.

Browse the Internet with Chrome. It is a new web browser app for your Android phone that is much easier and faster. Chrome also allows you to sign in and sync to your personalized Chrome and enjoy it anywhere you go.


For Communication:


Facebook Messenger


A new evolution in sending messages. It is now faster and reliable that you can easily send messages to your friends and family with the new Facebook Messenger. It is like chatting with them as if they are in front of you. It can be used either through phone, web or tablet.


Skype – free IM & video calls


The most convenient way to communicate with your loved ones is through Skype. It allows the user to contact their loved ones anywhere in the world for free even using the android phone, tablet or computer. Phone calls, video calls, conference and IM are some of its features.



Google Inc.

An easier way to access all your emails and documents whenever you are on the go! Gmail is more reliable and efficient to use. It also allows you to reply or answer all your online of offline conversations right away and search and find emails. Gmail also allows you to manage all accounts, view attachments and other tasks.


For Note Taking:



Evernote Corp.

Evernote is an app where you can stay updated anywhere you go. It allows you to take notes, take photos, make to-do-list, and remind you in everything you need to do. In short, Evernote is the app best for all the people who are always on the go!


Catch Notes

The application that helps you to stay creative even during your busiest time. Catch Notes allows you to stay on the ideas that you had and even discover more. It also enables you to make your ideas into action together with your friends by just using your phone.


Voice Recorder

Mamoru Tokashiki

Fond of voice recorder? Well, Mamoru Tokashiki is the best app for you! It is very handy that you can use it everywhere. It allows you to send data thru Gmail, even set recordings as your ringtones, time recording and even allows you to search items by title and date.

For Productivity:


Business Calendar

Appgenix Software

It is synchronized to your Google calendars that enables you to remind you about everything that you have to do. It is so accessible and reliable app for the people who are always busy having different business meetings.



Fog Creek Software

This app allows you to stay on track. It will remind you about the surprise party you are planning for your friend, things to do for the weekend, tracking the items on sale of your favorite boutique or anything that you want to be reminded of. It is like an event alarm clock.



Dropbox, Inc.

You don’t have to save photos to your computer and your phone in different time. With Dropbox app, once you saved a photo, it automatically saves the photo to your computer as well. It is like an app connected to your computer. With Dropbox, you can bring or carry around your photos everywhere you go.


With these advanced applications for your phone, you can do tasks that you usually do with your laptops or computers. These apps will enable you to do the same things anywhere and everywhere you go. Multitasking is as easy as 1, 2, and 3 with the help of these apps.


Author Bio

Alexis Trinidad is a technology freak who owns an Asus Nexus 7 on Android JellyBean. She is inspired to create her own personal brand because of Martin Lindstrom, a branding consultant and author of bestselling Brandwashed and Buyology.

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From Angry Birds to Pirate Physics- 3 rankers in Android gaming apps market

Android mobile Apps market has gained tremendous recognition among tech lovers of all age groups. The most popular attitude that runs is its application wherein funny to strong, easy to thrilling games, applications, needful technologies and newbie software are fully packed for us to satisfy our curiosity waited for it. It is just a never ending process as whenever we have felt satisfied with the logical approach of Angry Birds; Pirate Physics the much awaited physics gaming application came into the spot and gained huge popularity within gamers of every age.

Android is a tremendously growing market to platform several games as android devices are becoming cheaper by receiving far greater reach than its rival platforms in the market. Newbie services, software and game developing companies are looking forward to this medium for using its in-app purchases and functional market interests performing better in gaining the revenues. Thus, it has become the decent gaming tool among technology geeks- gaming on android is primary to happen. So to ease the confusion let’s find 3 highly welcomed games in the Android Marketplace with havoc boom and you should definitely love them all to play pastime:

1)    Angry Birds by Rovio Entertainment:

One of the best addictive game featured with the Android Smartphones market and even just for free. With such popularity grants this game has never needed any introduction but with its quick start, it has always remained the best serve in satisfying game-love among all age groups. Whether you feel bored journeying by train, feeling lonely at home or holidays- Angry Birds at your Smartphone or Android mobile will surely keep you rejuvenated and entertained. Game-play matters itself in shooting the pigs sometimes behind brick walls, ice walls, in space or just at the beaches of Rio, by some of the angriest birds (taking revenge for their eggs been eaten by these pigs) in catapult. Free version of this game has 300 levels and is already available in the Android apps market; paid versions cost much little to engage satisfaction with this addictive game to choose. Versions available: Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds RIO, and Angry Birds Magic.

2)    Zombie Dash by Italy Games:

Welcome to the world of Zombies, wherein they are killing people being ruthless enough in taking out their brains. Feel yourself as the savior to finish those zombies and their terror from the town is your game-play in this sport. Graphics and controls in this game are quite simple in its outlook yet impressive and commendable with its nature to satisfy the gamers. Being an arcade game with striking graphics, you can simply work up your frustration from regularities in life to kill the zombies ruthlessly till it lasts.

3)    Pirate Physics by Lecagames:

It’s a superbly addictive game in its launch time at the Android Apps Market. First 12 levels are already there in the android marketplace to ensure game lover’s satisfaction with its strongest determination, skill and strategy being the mightiest roll ball in the den of notorious pirates. Solve all the obstacles designed within the path of Rollball (the best man in Captain Treasure’s rank) winning the game. More than Hundred levels are yet to release in the Android Apps market this season in order to gratify the demands for this game. Till then, just game-up 12 levels in this pirate world to exercise the best deals in winning the game.


Author Bio: Soma Dutta is a content developer and writing on newbie technologies in Smartphone, Android and tablet PC India is her sphere. In this piece, she is sharing reviews over top 3 games available and creating a havoc boom in the Androids Apps market.


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China’s Baidu enters mobile browser fight

China’s dominant search engine Baidu Inc rolled out a mobile browser on Monday to help secure its share in a mobile Internet market that surpasses the US population in size and to fend off smaller rivals such as Qihoo 360 Technology Co.

In China, the number of users who access the Internet from mobile phones has risen to 388 million, according to a government report in July, outstripping the number of users who access it from a desktop computer for the first time.

The Baidu Mobile Browser, which will compete with UCWeb Inc’s UC Browser, Google Inc’s Chrome and default Android browser, and Apple Inc’s Safari, is about 20 per cent faster than its rivals based on internal tests, Li Mingyuan, Baidu’s general manager of mobile and cloud computing, told reporters on Friday at a pre-launch briefing.

Baidu’s mobile browser also allows users to access a plethora of web-based mobile applications (apps) and run high-definition video through the browser without having to download apps or supporting software.

The browser, together with Baidu’s other mobile products such as its mobile operating system and cheap smartphones launched with partners, forms the core of what Baidu hopes will eventually become a source of revenue.

“Monetizing mobile is hugely important for Baidu,” said Michael Clendenin, managing director of RedTech Advisors, who added that the drive to monetize would be a medium-term concern for Baidu as its advertising clients still need to create mobile-friendly websites.

The shift to mobile could pose problems for Baidu if it can’t find a way to make money from search traffic. Baidu currently makes the bulk of its revenue from users searching from laptops and desktops.

Baidu’s goal is for 80 per cent of China’s Android handsets to have downloaded the Baidu Mobile Browser by the end of 2012, Li said.

The Baidu Mobile Browser also comes as Baidu is fending off threats on its home turf. Anti-virus software firm Qihoo 360 Technology’s entry last month into search caused Baidu’s shares to tumble 17 per cent to date.

Baidu is also moving into cloud computing, a term used to describe data storage or processing on the Web.

Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Li said on Monday the firm will invest more than 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) to set up its cloud computing centre.

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Play with words: Bubblis


Bubblis is video game developed by OnGame Creative. The game is currently released for Android and iOS. The game contains 44 languages:

English, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Malay, Thai, Swedish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Greek, Tagalog, Catalan, Czech, Hebrew, Danish, Finnish, Romanian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Slovak , Hindi, Bulgarian, Afrikaans, Croatian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Estonian, Macedonian, Maltese, Armenian, Basque, and Galician.


Each screen of the game has  new music, background. The game can be played by any age group. The objective is to construct words suggested by the game using letter-filled bubbles that fall from the top. The characters Bleeb and Bloob also form part of the game. Bleeb is an ally who at the beginning indicates with luminous circles where letters can be placed. Bleeb also provides wings to slow down falling letters, allowing for more time to finish the rounds.

The evil Bloob stalls game progress using bubbles filled with: vapor, smoke, ink, bombs, mines, or resonance. The language can be changed at any time by accessing the game’s configuration menu.


About OnGame Creative 

On Game Creative is a young Spanish company, recently established. Bubblis is its first project. The company is headquartered in Badajoz and operates through its Barcelona delegation. It is currently working on new projects and is finalizing the PC and Mac versions of Bubblis that should be launched before the end of the year.

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