Doom 3 BFG Review

Some games are immortal. Regardless of the number of titles making their way into the gaming market, certain games have a permanent spot reserved for them. One such game is Doom! A game that only children of the 90’s could cherish, is back to shower some instances of bliss to the children or the gamers of the new millennium. So, let’s check out if it retains the old flavors and offers the same fun or just enters the race to eclipse the feeling of being left out.

Right from the moment you purchase the disk, vibes of nostalgia begin to emanate as the disk ships with titles of Doom, Doom 2, the latest Doom 3 with the expansion pack and a whole new episode titled the Lost Mission. So pricewise, you’ve already got your dollar’s worth.

The entire game has been optimized and made ready to be played in 3D with a 5.1 surround sound system. The advanced rendering systems and video quality really give the title a revamp and makes you feel great about what you’re playing. This outing successfully does what Doom titles do best and hooks up the user to hours of non-stop spooky action. The atmosphere and the environment look intense than before with the 3D rendering and manage to deliver what it intends to.

The game includes certain new tweaks such as the checkpoint saving system that lets you come back from the most recently played checkpoint, finer controls and better game play. The game combines elements of uncertainty to offer the gamer, loads of surprises and spooks at the least expected instances. Zombies and creatures crawl out from the floor, hop out from ceilings, emerge from pipelines and stay behind walls and shadows to deliver the spookiness and take you down.

One of the gamers’ boons – health regeneration, is absent in the game play and there are minimum or no ammo shots to pick up and replenish your ammunition. So, you have to just manage your ammos and try killing the bosses and villains in a single shot or with minimal blows. But the game allows you to earn yourself all of these, if you have the courage to explore the hidden arenas, the unlit environment and spooky rooms. If you manage to traverse through, you will probably attain a health pack or an ammo pack. The game Lost Missions is a great inclusion as it brings in seven whole new levels of dooming. Packed with its own storyline and concept, the game recreates Doom’s magic.

The game may have all the essentials of a perfect entertainer, but lacks in certain places! For instance, the auto save feature does partial justice to its role as it poses a hurdle or rather inconvenience to the game play by cutting in some vital parts. Also, the game loads slow in consoles and there are no options to redefine controls. But, that’s ok as long it’s a Doom title. 

The Bottom Line:            

The Doom 3 BFG Edition rolls out as a perfect treat this season and manages to successfully bring back the old times and it seems like a walk into the Doom franchise’s Hall of Fame. With some minor flaws and major fun, the game emerges a winner as ever before! Go for it and cherish 10 years of Doom franchise.

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