Top five accessories for the Google Nexus 10

In this article we’ll be looking at some of the best accessories on the market right now for the Google nexus 10 tablet. While we haven’t seen a massive flood of nexus 10 accessories yet, we’ve still got a good amount to chose from. Let’s get right into it!

5. MFX screen protector

Screen protectors are incredibly useful, particularly for well equipped tablets like the nexus 10. This mfx screen protector provides the basic functionality you’d expect, protecting the screen from scuffs and scratches, without breaking the bank. While normally I recommend going with the most well established brands, for screen protectors even the cheapest available can provide a significant advantage over no screen protector at all.

4. Cellular Line Crab Car Holder
This tablet sized car holder keeps your nexus 10 securely in place while you’re using it in the car. This means that whether you’re showing movies to your passengers in the back seat or satellite navigation for yourself, you’ll be able to safely and legally keep an eye on the tablet’s screen. The crab boasts expandable arms that will hold the nexus 10 with or without a case attached.

3. Avantree Dual USB Car Charger
Most car chargers on the market provide only 1 amp of power, which is enough for a smartphone but not a tablet like the nexus 10. This dual USB charger provides 2.1 amps in total, enough for full speed charging of the nexus 10 or two smartphones simultaneously.

2. SD Tablet Wear Stand and Type
This faux leather case isn’t the prettiest on the market, but it does provide the functionality you’ll want at a very competitive price. The case includes full protection of the tablet when it’s not in use, including complete coverage of the screen. It also includes an integrated stand, which props the tablet up for typing or media viewing.

1. Pad Pivot NST
This universal gallery stand is well suited for the nexus 10, and has proven invaluable for me over the past two weeks. The stand works in multiple ways, providing a slot for common orientations as well as a sticky ball joint mounting for less common ones. The pad pivot also works on your knee, with or without the detachable strap, which is ideal if you don’t have a surface in front of you.

So there we have it – five essential accessories for the Google nexus 10 tablet. I hope you find these suggestions useful – it’s a bit difficult to write an article like this as their aren’t as many options on the market as there are for iPad Mini accessories, but there’s definitely already enough to cover the most essentials and hopefully we’ll see more cool accessories in the future. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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