Windows Phone has 120k apps

We’ve heard early reports from Microsoft and its hardware partners that Windows Phone 8 has been growing much more rapidly than its predecessor, and now we may have some of our first definite numbers to quantify the growth. Speaking on Twitter, the platform’s Senior Direction Todd Brix stated that developer revenues and downloads have doubled since the November launch.

We’ve also got some news on the size of the Windows Phone Marketplace app store, which was 100,000 apps strong in June. Nokia has recently announced that the Windows Phone Marketplace is now home to 120,000 apps. Perhaps more importantly, 46 of the top 50 apps for iOS and Android are also available for Windows Phone – a vast improvement over the platform’s early days, which were marked by the notable omission of leading games and other apps.

Of course, the most critical piece of evaluating Windows Phone 8’s success is still missing – handset sales. With many consumers picking up new hardware from Nokia and HTC in the month since launch, Microsoft may be able to post some strong numbers here. One problem may be that the Samsung Ativ S, one of the five phones to launch with the new OS, has been delayed for several months for unknown reasons. HTC have also failed to bring the 8S to market in the United States, leaving just three Windows Phone 8 options for American consumers to choose between.

Still, the fact that Microsoft haven’t yet revealed handset numbers isn’t particularly telling – Like Apple, Microsoft do tend to save their biggest news items for press conferences and news events, rather than just announcing them off-hand.

Another point of interest will be the uptake of the Windows Phone 7.8 software upgrade, which is expected in early 2013. The update, which should include a number of mainly cosmetic features including upgrades to the core apps, a smaller tile size and additional theme colours, should paint a pretty clear picture of how many people are actually still using their last generation Windows Phone 7 devices since the Windows Phone 8 crowd have been released.

This article was written by William Judd. William writes for Mobile Fun, who’re getting some new HTC 8X cases in stock pretty soon. Check ’em out!


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  1. 4 to 7 million Windows Phones may have sold in Q4’2012 |

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