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Wii U update available now

A new firmware update is available now. “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience,” Nintendo notes. “The new system update may take an extended amount of time to download,” Nintendo says on its support site.

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An Xbox Surface Tablet for 2013?

Microsoft is barely escaping the headlines for a day as of late, which is of course to be expected with the likes of Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the company’s first tablet PC hitting the shelves. However, it is of course the third of these three that hold the most appeal for the hardcore gamer with an affinity for all-things Microsoft, as the Surface Tablet is expected to take Microsoft gaming in a whole new direction to say the least.

Having so far only received a lukewarm reception at best, the Microsoft RT Tablet has proved itself as something of a middleweight competitor, which although delivers the goods in some way still falls short in others. Its bigger brother in the form of the full-fat Windows 8 Surface Pro Tablet is expected to land in the next month or so, which has the potential to bring full-on Windows PC gaming to the tablet PC gamer like never before.

However, rumour has it that Microsoft’s ambition for the Surface Tablet range does not in fact come to an end with the elusive Surface Pro. Far from it in fact as over the course of recent weeks, stirring and whispers have grown into shouts about the prospect of a dedicated Xbox Surface Tablet arriving in the very near future.

The concept in its own right is far from a ludicrous one to say the least. According to those behind the stirrings, the Xbox Surface Tablet will make an appearing in the first half of next year and essentially bridge the gap between tablet and console gaming. The tablet itself is likely to be something of a lower-end model than the Surface Pro and perhaps even below the spec of the Surface RT Tablet, given the way in which it will in any case become one of the most expensive console accessories ever offered.

On the other hand, it may come to pass that the Xbox Surface Tablet arrives as a slightly modified version of the current Surface RT tablet, sporting tweaked and honed software as opposed to a full and frank redesign.

If any of the above proves to be accurate, Microsoft may be looking to take a leaf from the book of Nintendo following the so-far successful launch of the Wii U. Since its first appearance several months ago, the Wii U has been attracting both praise and curiosity for its tablet pc-style controllers which can enhance gameplay considerably.

If Microsoft goes one step further to offer an Xbox Surface Tablet which functions as an advanced gaming controller AND a tablet PC AND a mobile gaming device in its own right, the reception could be huge.

There is of course a big question mark hanging over the head of the idea as a whole, though it is entirely possible that the Xbox Surface Tablet may be being lined up to launch alongside the fabled Xbox 720 – also rumoured to be landing sometime during 2013. Now is clearly the time to make the most of the mobile gaming revolution and all signs are pointing to Microsoft doing exactly that.

Now may also be the time for me to prepare to sell my Xbox 360 and get ready for the next big thing.


This post was brought to you by Lisa Morton, who loves blogging about all things electronic and occasionally writes the odd food review.

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