Top New Features on the iPhone 5

Since the official release of iPhone 5 in the market last October 2012, Apple run out of stock due to its in-demand supply. On the first day of its pre-order in the market last September 14, 2012, it sold 24 million of licensed iPhone 5 for the first 24 hours, twenty times faster compare to the previous Apple Smartphones, thus it was referred as “the extraordinary iPhone sale.”  An iPhone 5 is a touch screen based Smartphone with new features that people will enjoy. It is the 6th generation of Apple Smartphones since the release of iPhone 4s.

The External Features of iPhone 5

The physical feature of iPhone 5 is much better as compared to its predecessor. It is lighter with its slimmer casing, with a higher resolution of 4 inches widescreen and a series of 16:9 aspect ratio supports. The back casing is made of aluminium so you can forget about leaving some fingerprint marks on glass. The design provides a more elegant look with its white and silver model.

The Internal Features of iPhone 5

iPhone 5 has a three built-in processor too. First is the custom design called ARMv7 (Advanced Risk Machine), which is a type of processor that only requires 35,000 transistors that will allow a low usage of power. Another built in processor in iPhone 5 is the dual core “Apple A6,” a systematic type of chip (SoC) which drives a faster graphical presentation. And the third processor is called “iOS” which is the latest operating system of Apple Inc. This helps in eliminating logs while downloading map applications such as Google map and other servers like YouTube. iOS also supports LTE or initialism of Long Term Evolution that allows for a high speed wireless communication and detailed mobile phone data terminals.

The iPhone 5’s operating system is based on a direct manipulation that allows continuous presentation of objects and a multimedia gesture that enables the system to recognize two or more tap of fingers as it contact to the surface. Its operating system is based on swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse pinch. An internal accelerator application is also used to respond while shaking the device.

Aside from its superb built in operating system, this phone can also accomplish “hotspot,” a site that offers free services of internet access over a wireless local area networking that shares internet connection through a WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB.

The New App Store


But the latest application that was added to iPhone 5 is its App store, an online application that gives you the access to buy stuff and to download digital applications from iTunes. The application is said to be free for some services while some may cost a bit, depending on the type of application that you ordered. The application can be downloaded through your mobile phone or straight right from your PC.

Downside of the New iPhone 5


Although Apple receives a positive feedback from the public, however problems were also reported with regards to its Map application. The built-in processor iOS receives a negative review as consumers were having a hard time downloading the Google map. Another problem reported is related to matters such as the resolution of the camera which the public expects to be of higher quality. Because of this issue, a new project to increase the megapixel of iPhone 5 is on the process of completion for usage.

The Will Am I+ Software for iPhone 5

With the release of this unsatisfactory rate by the consumers, as they expected more from its mobile camera since it is the latest from Apple, and when you say Apple Smartphones, it is something that people considered as “worth buying for.” Because of this incident, the singer and composer from the Black Eyed Peas William Am I proposed a project that everyone will surely love and enjoy this holiday season. His project was called “Will Am I+,” a software that will enhance the megapixel of Apple Smartphones. He said that the software is capable of upgrading the iPhone 5’s 8 megapixel to 14 megapixels which is high enough to capture each great moment. He added that the idea of the Will Am I + project started when a model took a picture through her iPhone and it became a hit on the social networking site when she posted it. Although there wasn’t any announcement with regards to the fix price of the software it is expected that it will be released before the holiday season.

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Mackenzie Salis is a professional writer for 3 years and a tech enthusiast advocating for technology awareness through online settings. She is proficient at finance, technology and business field. She is the author of the site: Netspy Softwarewhere you can get more valuable information about spy mobile phone .


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