PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Review

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, I guess, is the result of one of our weirdest gaming fantasies of all times. A fantasy of seeing our beloved PlayStation hunks and stars battling, punching and taking down each other over a single screen! Developed by SuperBot Entertainment in association with SCE Santa Monica Studios, the game rolls out for the PS3 and VITA consoles. So, let’s further checkout how ‘battlicious’ the game actually is.

Ready for Battle?

No, you’re not! At least not until you scroll through the entire roster and zero in on your favorite character. Now, this is the beginning of the tougher phases to come because the game boasts of an excellent array of characters in the roster. With many characters emerging out directly from Sony’s earlier original ventures, the game also includes some characters borrowed or rather adopted from other platforms and developers. This fusion of platform crossover is bound to offer some confusion as there are characters like Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Cole McGrath from Infamous, Kratos from God of War, Raiden from Metal Gear and other famous protagonists from various popular video games. Seeing Stars?!

Behind this bewilderment lies a great game and hasty-action-packed sequences. The game is comprised of some beautifully crafted arenas and battle zones, which add to the game’s overall excitement. The game is developed in such a way that it forces you to try out some furious battles with every playable character, before you select the final one. With distinction and uniqueness infused into each character, the game leaves you confused – block 2! The puzzle is fun too, as you are given a chance to play with almost every character included in the roster and learn their unique moves and combos. Even if you feel you’ve selected the one you are going to proceed with, it is suggested that you check out the game with every single superstar. It’s total fun!

The combat system and the representation of the game is what makes the title stand out from the rest. Ditching the traditional health bar system, which has been prevailing in fighting games from time unknown, comes the AP that stands for All Star Points. The game allows you to score points based on your combat skills and when you reach the maximum momentum, you are allowed to perform a super move. Wait – Are you going to use your super move for the current level or save them for forthcoming levels? Decide as you play!

Fighting ain’t easy, pal!

It sure isn’t because of the game’s complexities that surprisingly turn out as a favor. Apart from the regular punches, kicks and throws, the game offers several additional combat moves such as finishers, roll, crouch, dodge and throws. These moves can be performed with the help of the direction keys and the analog controller.

The game may even turn out to be a challenge for the gamers, thanks to its intense yet racy combating style. So keep aside your pride in winning other free-hand fighting style games as the game is challenging for a newbie and for a pro alike! But that’s what fun is in the entire title. All the effort that you put in mastering a particular character or the combat mechanics is really rewarding. Also, it is better not to skip that tutorial that plays on initiating game can take you miles. Skip it and you’ll end up losing every single time! The game also includes several engaging gaming modes that help in reducing the linearity of the game.

The Verdict:

This title is more of a fanfare, a celebration of the past years of PlayStationing than a regular fighting title. So, go for it and enjoy the great lineup of characters that fight for you to offer seamless fun!

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