Review: Canon EOS M

Canon offers a wide range of cameras. The EOS M is a completely different type of Canon camera – one that merges DSLR capabilities with the convenience and small size of a compact.

It has an APS-C size CMOS sensor – the same kind and size of sensor found in many DSLRs. Combined with a high-quality detachable lens (18-55 mm) and all the advanced control you need.

In fact, the EOS M is a fair bit smaller than even Micro Four Thirds cameras, which have smaller sensors. The box includes the camera body, lens, Speedlite flashgun , battery, charger, 4GB card, camera strap and cables. Additional lenses (like a thinner 22mm) and an adapter to use any Canon lenses are available.

Using the M is easy & the touchscreen provides a lot of guidance. Quality of photos & videos is top notch & you’ll enjoy the built in presets. You can easily shoot at upto 1600 ISO without any discernible loss in quality.

The only area of concern is the auto focus – it hunts for correct focus in low light – this is the one main area where it lets you down compared to a DSLR. It manages roughly 200 photos to a charge. The camera is very pricey.

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