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10 ways to attract followers on Pinterest

Here are ten ways that you can attract more followers on Pinterest without having to pay a penny. You do not need to download expensive apps, you do not need to upgrade your camera and you do not need to spend hours doing extensive research. This article gives you ten ways to increase your followers in both the long term and the short term. Here you will find advice that will help you to attract more followers and help you to keep those followers.


1 – Pin tutorials

This is such a good way to get more followers and more views because it has a very long-term appeal. A tutorial on something is going to be needed in five days, five months, five years, etc. There are some circumstances where this does not apply. For example you may find that your tutorial on how to program a personal CD player, A VHS video recorder or a Betamax has lost its appeal, but there are lots of things that people want to learn now, and that people will want to learn in the future. Create an annotated tutorial consisting of detailed pictures and you will be making an investment in the long-term success of your Pinterest profile.


2 – Do a pin exchange

This is where a few people concentrate their pins on one subject. You could create a little consortium and each person takes it in turn each week to have his or her choice of thing pinned. So for example the group could pin pictures of one person’s eBay products on one week. Next week when it is someone else’s turn, they may want a local event pinned, so everybody in the consortium group will pin pictures of the event.


3 – Make it a lot easier for people to pin your content

Put Pinterest buttons on your blog and article posts. Put them on your websites pages if you like. No doubt you have already integrated the buttons of other social media, so why not make it easier on yourself and add in the buttons for Pinterest. If you make it easier to pin your content then more people will.


4 – Use your existing social networks

They are already loaded with friends and followers. Tie your account into your Twitter and Facebook profiles. If you set your permissions correctly then every time you create a new post, a new announcement will come up on your other social media sites.


5 – Make a board to go with your post

You can create boards with Pinterest. You can create one that will go with your blog post. It can be a little like a board of highlights from your blog post, with the emphasis being more visual. This works especially well if your blog post holds some sort of narrative. You can use that narrative as a way of arranging and organizing your board.


6 – Name your boards something good

Something good involves names that are fun, intriguing, or poignant. It means adding a name that is not boring, predictable and overused. Your boards name is what is going to attract your users. If it is boring or uninteresting then you are going to get less traffic. Try to make your board name understandable. If you go a little too abstract then it will put people off. You need to give them some indication of what to expect.


7 – Curate your pins

This is an idea that is simply not used enough. You should curate your own pins as if they were someone else’s. You can even pretend that you have never seen them before if you like. You can create little collections of your own pins. A bit like the highlights from a sports match.


8 – Follow others

This is another piece of advice that works well with other social media such as Twitter. Follow other people on Pinterest. Not only will they probably follow you back, but also you will get some fantastic ideas for your next pins and for your future board titles.


9 – Pin on a regular occasion

This same rule applies to all the social media. You should pin regularly. This does not mean that you should pin and post things all the time, but it does mean that you have to dedicate a decent amount of your time per week so as to create your social media posts. Imagine that your Pinterest profile is a fire that you need to throw the occasional log onto.


10 – Don’t limit your boards

You are able to do boards on your job, business or marketing ideas if you like, but you should also do boards on hobbies, pastimes, beliefs and things you love. You will appeal to a wider audience if you have a set of boards that have a wider appeal.


Author bio: Korah Morrison is a specialist of context advertising,  social marketing and copywriter  on essay writing service She writes articles on various topics that deal with internet marketing, web design, branding and business promotion in the internet.

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