Reasons why RPG Games are more fun than the rest

Surprisingly, many fans of RPG games do not know the true origin of the role playing game genre. The characteristics of the RPG system that is so popular were born out of the living rooms of people who played a game that only required pen, paper, and an imagination: Dungeons and Dragons. The aspects of the game that made it so much fun are the same ones that make RPG games more fun than other video game formats.

Building the Character

The act of building the character from nothing to being a power in the game is something universally enjoyed. There is something special about keeping a low level character alive long enough for them to become powerful. This creates an investment in the character for the player, especially since their choices play a big factor in their success during the game.

Real Time Combat

When combat takes place in a real time environment, it adds a level of excitement to the game. It is thrilling to know a battle could go against you. The unpredictable element of any game is what makes it fun and makes the game something playable again and again.

Good Writing

Most RPG players are fans of fantasy and science fiction stories. They are looking to lose themselves in the fantasy aspects of a world, and this requires good plots and writing strong enough to create and populate a world that is different from others. RPG players are somewhat jaded and recognize ideas that are out of date very quickly.

Realistic Feel to the Game

Players want as much realism as possible in their gaming experience. These are a few ways RPG games do this.

1. The games are open-ended. The adventure does not just lead to a set ending and then it is over.

2. The actions of the players affect the outcome of the game. The prospect of failure is a strong motivator and makes the game more fun when you overcome the odds and win.

3. The games have surprise endings. It is realistic if no one knows what the future holds.

4. Players are a creative element in the game. Their actions effect the direction and outcome of the game.


Voice Acting

RPG games combine good voice acting with well-crafted plots containing multiple twists and turns to engage the players. Players appreciate this since it helps maintain the illusion and helps the realism of the game.


About the Author
Aileen Lopez is a writer and the Director of Content for the Morgan Law Firm. Please visit the Morgan Law Firm Blog for additional content.

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