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Click! Click! With the New Android Cloud Drive App by Amazon

If you are using an Android powered phone or you are a website development company building Android apps, then here’s something new and amazing for you. Amazon, the leading application developer, has announced a new app for Android user. This is the amazing Cloud Drive photos for Android. Starting from November 1st, this app is available for use on all major android devices.

This app has been specifically designed keeping in mind the convenience of users who are always on the go. The app facilitates the users to access their photographs on their hand held devices while they are on the go. They will get to avail the benefits of the free 5 GB storage space available in the Cloud Drive. In case the user requires additional storage space, it can be easily purchased by paying an additional fee of $10 per year. This fee will get users an access to 20 GB extra space for storing their photographs and images. The application, otherwise, comes free to use for all Android uses, along with a free storage space of 5 GB.

The director of Cloud Drive, Russell Dicker, observed that people mostly rely on their mobile phones and hand held devices to store memories that matter a lot to them. He said, “They are taking photos at birthday parties, soccer games, and kids’ recitals every day on their Android phones and tablets. The Cloud Drive Photos for Android app makes it simple to save these memories into Cloud Drive and have them automatically available on your Kindle Fire or Android Phone or Tablet.”

The working process of the app is very simplified. The users just have to select the album they want to upload at Cloud Drive. They have to hold click and hold on the album for the while and then select the option “Upload to Cloud Drive”. This will automatically add the pictures of that album to the drive.

There are several features that this app offers to the Google Android phone users. Some of these features are listed below:

  • Fast access to a large collection of photographs from a variety of devices including tablets, Android phones, Kindle Fire as well as the internet browser.
  • Sharing photographs with friends and acquaintances is also simple.
  • Users can view their photographs in various available layouts that are stunning.
  • Single touch and you can upload several photos and albums at one go.
  • Various sharing options available such as share via email, share on Facebook and several other apps.

The app offers different views that you can use while browsing your pictures. These include vertical grid and horizontal mosaic view. There is an option of optimizing the view according to the screen size as well.

This app can be very helpful for people who are having a flair for photography. A website development company can also make use of this app for storing the images that they usually utilize in their web designing projects. This app can prove to be a boon for offshore web development business owners if used in the right way. So, get set go! Download this app today and use it to the best of its potential.

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Amy Patix is a consultant at web development company. This is the most popular IT hub which provides web development outsourcing solutions to the outside world as well as in India also.


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