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Incredible Photos of Sandy Hurricane’s Destruction

Residents and government agencies everywhere have been using cellphones and cameras to take photos and upload them to social sites. During the height of the storm, Instagram users were sharing 10 photos a second and the top Facebook status was, “We are OK.”

North Carolina

Via North Carolina Department of Public Transportation

South Ferry Station, Manhattan

A submerged escalator at the South Ferry subway station in Lower Manhattan.

Via MTA Photos

Battery Park

A truck is submerged in Battery Park, Manhattan.

Via Andrea Canning

Belmar, New Jersey

 Hurricane Sandy damage in Belmar, N.J. on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012.

Via Talk Radio News Service

White Hall subway station in NYC

Via Andrew Cuomo

North Wildwood, New Jersey

Via thejkinz


Long Island, New York

Via nikki_skye


Dumbo, Brooklyn

Via DumboNYC


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Gmail defeats Hotmail!

The data for October released by ComScore, Gmail saw 287.9 million unique worldwide visitors during the period, defeating out Microsoft’s Hotmail, which finished with 286.2 million unique visitors. The findings were first reported by GigaOM.

In third place was Yahoo, the once mighty e-mail power, with 281.7 million, according to ComScore. Yahoo, however, holds a comfortable lead in the United States with 76.7 million, compared to second-place Gmail with 69.1 million and third-place Hotmail with 35.5 million.


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