Bloggabase: The New Directory Service for Bloggers

Bloggabase is a new directory service for Bloggers created by Richard Leigh and Andy Barr. The basic idea is that bloggers sign up and provide a few details about their blogs.

Once 2,000 bloggers have signed up, the service will open to marketers. Marketers will be able to see a number of metrics to help them choose which bloggers they would like to contact dependent upon the information they’d like to propose, including up-to-date unique visitor information and a unique Bloggabase secret algorithm that ranks blogs based on their prominence, search engine optimisation value and more.

With Bloggabase, the bloggers would be given an opportunity to monetize their blogs and even get free review offers by marketers. Each blogger would able to have a Bloggabase profile, giving the marketers an opportunity to see what had been most recently written about.

  So, don’t forget to register your blog on Bloggabase.


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